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NATO Summit in Warsaw. Andrzej Duda: We must show unity in times of uncertainty [REPORT] – The Polish Times

17:53 – I am proud to Warsaw – a city symbolizing the vitality and creativity of the Polish nation is hosting the summit at an important time for the Alliance – said on Friday President Andrzej Duda during his speech inaugurating the first session of the North Atlantic Council.

-From the end of the cold war gone a long way in ensuring peace and stability within our transatlantic community – the president said. According to Andrzej Duda democracy, freedom and economic growth are the values ​​that are “once again challenged by the threats and challenges”.

– Armed conflicts lead to instability in the region and generate new threats – noted Duda. According to the president of the summit, NATO must “bring stability in times of uncertainty, manifest the unity, provide security in times of threat.” To meet these expectations, in the opinion Duda NATO needs to focus on its primary task of which is the “collective defense”. – Ensuring the security of allies is not a single act but a continuous process, he added Duda.

The president stressed that it to government leaders have a special responsibility towards the citizens. He expressed the hope that the efforts undertaken by the next two days will result in the decisions necessary for the implementation of this commitment.

At the end of Duda thanked the Secretary General of NATO Jens Soltenbergowi and the entire team for the NATO leadership and determination during the preparations for the summit.

17:44 Comments Rafal Ziemkiewicz for the NATO summit. You share his opinion?

17:33 Hmmm … It will be a heavy atmosphere in the corridors …

17:29 On the occasion of the NATO summit, Prime Minister Beata Szydło met with British Prime Minister David Cameron. The main topic of their talks was the situation of Poles in the UK, who after the announcement Brexitu become the victim of xenophobic attacks . The second issue was the British-Polish intergovernmental consultations.

David Cameron and Beata Szydło Visar Kryeziu

the details of the conversation representatives of the governments of both countries in the building of the Chancellery spokesman Polish government Rafał Bochenek. As noted, Cameron expressed his determination “to process the occurrence of Great Britain with the EU was not willing and too rapid.”

– British Prime Minister would like to see his country, even though it will remain outside the EU structures was as close to her – said Bochenek. According to his relations prime ministers expressed the view that the structure of the EU and Member States need to rethink the future of the EU after leaving the UK.

In addition to matters related to EU talks Szydło and Cameron also affected the social situation of Poles living in the UK and targeting these incidents which took place after the announcement of the British referendum on the UK.

– David Cameron expressed regret that such situations have occurred. He apologized for it and hopes that will not be repeated. Per week is to have an instance in this case – said the government spokesman. Prime Minister suggested to discuss details of cooperation at the intergovernmental consultations this fall – said Bochenek.

Beata Szydło will meet on Friday, yet the Prime Minister of Norway Erna Solberg and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzim.

17:06 President Andrzej Duda officially opened the meeting of the NATO summit:

17:02 Treatments diplomatic and announcements articulated by the Polish government for many months finally were confirmed by the facts. After talking and Polish presidents Barack Obama said that from next year will be stationed in Poland rotationally about 1,000 soldiers, and will be here the command of the American Armoured Brigade, designed to support the eastern flank of NATO. – We are allies. It’s not just words, it also acts – said the president of the United States.

– Five years ago I said that we strengthen the security of Polish and make it happen. Two years ago I promised joint training, which is now conducted. Now, I can promise you that the US will play a leading role in the NATO presence in Poland – said Barack Obama during a briefing summarizing less than an hour conversation with the Polish president. The politician, who for several weeks subsided after eight years of governing the United States asserted that Americans want to be present in Central and Eastern Europe. – We will strengthen its defensive posture and the possibility of deterrence. From next year, about a thousand American soldiers will be here on a rotating basis, serving alongside Polish soldiers – said Obama, confirming also that Poland will be located headquarters of the American Armoured Brigade delegated to support the eastern flank of NATO. US President reminded the military of the U.S. Army already stationed in Poland, and specifically at the air base in Lask. Obama stressed that our country is one of the pillars of the eastern flank of NATO, m. In. by supporting Ukraine or possession installations included in the missile defense system. – We are allies. It’s not just words, but deeds. We are committed to mutual defense – persuaded US President, stressing that his country noticeably increase its presence in the region.

– We are grateful for the favor, the understanding that security is where it is present the strongest military in the world – thanked President Obama Andrzej Duda, stressing the importance for the Polish security is the presence of US troops. The president of our country expressed his joy at the fact that the United States supports expanding NATO’s military potential not only in the western part of Europe. – With joy greeted the American troops on exercises Anaconda, we also found that heavy brigade of the United States will operate on Polish territory – said Duda, convincing President Obama that Poles like Americans, and their presence on the Vistula always meant for us something positive .

Although the technical details of the deployment of US troops and NATO-narrow in Poland are yet to be determined, according to the latest information, the military will be in our country at the beginning of next year and will remain there as long as they are needed. – The Alliance sees how delicate is the situation on the eastern flank, and how big are your fears when it comes to the threat from Russia – said in an interview with AIP Michael Birnbaum, head of the Brussels and Moscow earlier editorial the Washington Post.

– They are afraid that something might happen here, so convincing, that the presence of NATO troops is to prevent conflict, and do not provoke him – says an American journalist. On Thursday, the head of the National Security Office, Paul Soloch confirmed that Alliance forces will be located in a place like Polish to how best to be able to defend the isthmus suwalski, an area that has been recognized by NATO as a neuralgic point on the map of Europe. According to military experts it was there that could lead to the start of a possible aggression of Russia in the Baltic States and Western Europe. Last week Defence Minister Antoni Macierewicz said that the command of the units constituting the strengthening of the eastern flank of the alliance is in Elblag. In return, the Polish soldiers to contribute international troops stationed in the Baltic countries and Bulgaria and Romania (the latter two countries will also be helping patrol the Polish fighters).

16:53 National Stadium prepared for the NATO summit:

15:49 Here’s Global Hawk – drones that can be enjoyed near the National Stadium:

14:52 At the National Stadium just before the NATO summit, a meeting was held by Andrzej Duda and Barack Obama. One of the topics of the meeting was the situation around the Polish Constitutional Court. The US president expressed his concern about what happens to the TK in Poland.

– Good morning! – Started the Polish Barack Obama. – I am very glad that I am here for the third time. We are here because of the NATO summit. In the US, we consider Poland as a proven ally. I thank Poland for its engagement in Afghanistan and the announcement of participation in the coalition against the so-called. Islamic state – said the US president.

– I congratulate Poland’s oldest written constitution. It was a long desire of Poles to independence. Democracy and pluralism are not limited culturally. The central policy of American diplomacy is to support these values ​​- said Obama. – In this spirit conveyed to President Duda its concern over the situation of the Constitutional Court – said Obama.

– I stressed that of course we respect the Polish sovereignty. I am also aware that the parliament is working on a law that has to settle the matter, but as a friend and ally, I call on all parties to support democratic institutions in Poland – said the US president.

– We had a very good conversation. We talked about Brexitu and that the United Kingdom retains its strength within NATO. We also talked about migration. I said that we support the Alliance. we talked about that before us hard work at the top. Poles like America and Americans, we are pleased with the presence of the president. We raised with President Obama all relevant issues. We are pleased that the US strongly support the strengthening of the eastern flank – said, in turn, Polish President Andrzej Duda.

US President reaffirmed the US commitment to defend Polish. – This commitment, in front of which will never go back. These are not just words – assured Obama. – Poland is a place where they will be deployed missiles interceptors. We put Poland in an American battalion, consisting of a thousand soldiers. We fully support the efforts of Germany and France to resolve the conflict in Ukraine through diplomatic channels. I thank Poland for supporting the efforts of Ukraine to Russia – said Obama.

14:48 Such materials concerning Smolensk disaster are distributed in the press center:

14:16 Customs comment:

14:10 – I feel like a veteran of the process of accession to NATO. Because it is today NATO enters the Poland- said Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski during the NATO Summit. He explained that Poland has ambitious plans for rearmament of the army and this will be a conversation with US President Barack Obama.

During the NATO Summit decisions are made that on Polish territory, in order to strengthen the security forces stationed in the Atlantic Alliance. – Then the security status of the eastern flank of the Polish will be aligned to the status of the security of Western Europe. And all of this to strengthen the eastern flank of the actions of Russia – explained Waszczykowski.

– In the 17 years since I became a member of NATO, we tried to Poland was covered not only guarantees but also was covered by the presence of NATO in Poland. To branches allies not wizytowały with us on exercises, training courses, but also involved the mission of Polish defensive announced during the conference Waszczykowski.

According to Waszczykowski decisions taken at the NATO Summit will play a key role in the future Polish. From 2017 year will be in some cases more than 10 thousand. NATO troops in Poland – he explained. He added that for two years formation base American missile defense base, which will be stationed at least several hundred American soldiers. – It significantly changes, strengthens and improves the Polish defense system.

Waszczykowski told about the threat of the Atlantic Alliance, which flow both from the East and the South. – During the NATO summit, we will discuss about how to train forces fighting the Islamic state, as well as to help countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, which have a problem with the recruitment of SWAT – he explained.

He added that officials will discuss the so-called. open door “, ie the fact that some countries, including Western Balkans, Montenegro will first be admitted to the Alliance, with the other and will be conducted in this regard conversation.

According to Waszczykowski NATO summit it is an ideal opportunity to reflect together on how you would maintain dialogue with Russia, and peacefully resolve the dispute between Russia and the Ukraine.

13:32 Just before the official start of the NATO Summit in Warsaw, the European Union and the Alliance provide for closer relations. – You have to move our cooperation to a higher level, it will be closer than ever – said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, reminding about the dangers afflicting Europe.

Andrzej Duda and Jens Stoltenberg Czarek Sokolowski

Stoltenberg and the head of the European Council Donald Tusk and European Commission President Jean -Claude Juncker, signed in Warsaw on Friday in the early afternoon declaration on cooperation between the European Union and NATO. – We are now facing unprecedented challenges. The European Union and NATO are facing the same threats and the same is not able to answer them – said the secretary-general, replacing among others Russian aggression, terrorism or immigration crisis. As he said, “NATO is the greatest readiness” since the end of the Cold War.

Stolntenberg stressed that cooperation between the EU and NATO is the priority now. – Together we have a greater ability to protect our citizens, and the European Community and NATO have contributed to the peace and stability we enjoy in Europe for decades. We are good partners and we have common values, together we go forward – said at the National Stadium in Warsaw, Secretary General of NATO. He was seconded by Juncker, who added: “Our strength lies in unity, isolation is not an option.”

As said Donald Tusk, the strengthening of cooperation between NATO and the EU will consist of, inter alia, on the conduct of joint exercises and more intensive exchange of information. – Communication and coordination, defense, borders, energy security and cyber – Stoltenberg listed the main points of cooperation between the two organizations. – Key will also deal with illegal immigration and cooperation in the Mediterranean – said Stoltenberg and announced military exercises on the response of the hybrid war.

24:55 – Summit is organized in a particular place. This fearless. The city that never surrendered. We hope that the armed struggle will not need to not have to sacrifice the blood of our sons and daughters for the defense of the homeland. After that we participate in NATO – the most powerful alliance in the world – said defense minister Antoni Macierewicz just before the NATO summit in Warsaw.

Antoni Macierewicz michael dyjuk / Polish press

– the fall of the Polish Air Force will participate in Air Policing (code NATO operations). They will have a broader scope. They will concern military cooperation with Romania Polish and Polish in Romania. Details will be agreed at the summit, and passed on Saturday – said Macierewicz.

Four militant groups battalions that are stationed on the flank of the eastern and the heavy brigade of the US, which will also be in the area stationed, will have as its main point of reference, as its main command center, just space affluent in Poland – said Macierewicz.

24:45 – Anyone who attacks the EU harms America, whoever is attacking America harms Europe – said during the conference, the NATO Summit European Council President Donald Tusk. THIS IS ALL THE STATEMENT .

24:23 – can not be separated from the US and Europe – spoke at the conference before the summit, Barack Obama.

Barack Obama Susan Walsh

11:22 We understand the importance of challenges. We know how we should answer it – said president of Duda.

11:20 No one can guarantee complete safety at the Summit – interview with Robert Decykiem Colonel BOR provisions of the NATO Summit, which takes place in Warsaw.


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