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Moto Moto G4 and G4 Plus – the new Lenovo smartphone in Poland 1099 zł and 1299 zł (video) –

The fourth generation of Lenovo Moto G series consists of 3 models: G4, G4 G4 Plus and Play. The shops in Poland zawitały just the first two of the above.

Lenovo Moto G4 is equipped with a 5.5-inch Full HD screen with a density of 401 ppi covered entirely Corning Gorilla Glass 3, octa-processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 1.5 GHz GPU Adreno 405 and 2 GB of memory.

the smartphone also has an internal memory of pojemości 16 GB which can be expanded to 128 GB using a microSD card, the main camera 13 megapixel f / 2.0 front 5 megapixel camera with wide-angle lens, support for 4G LTE (cat.4), Bluetooth 4.1 LE and dual-band Wi-Fi.

Lenovo Moto G4 Plus has similar components as the model Moto G4, except that in addition it features a fingerprint reader, and the main camera has a resolution of 16 megapixels.

Both smartphones running operating system Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, whose functionality has been enhanced with improvements such as Moto Display (allows viewing notifications and messages without unlocking phone, and play and pause the music) and Moto actions (shares gestures – a function that responds to your movements and gestures of the user, allowing quickly start the camera and flashlight and switch mode “do not disturb” for calls and notifications).

Moreover, both devices were used hydrophobic nanocoating protects from inside and outside against flooding and splashes, Dual SIM, FM radio, rechargeable battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh (the day of active use without connecting to the charger) and technology TurboPower whereby after 15 minutes of charging you can use all the functions of the device for the next 6 hours. In addition, included with the model Lenovo Moto G4 Plus is a dedicated battery charger TurboPower.

Lenovo Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus are available in stores throughout the country in two colors (white and black), at prices respectively in 1099 zł and 1299 zł.

Author: km

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Sony – excellent financial results the department responsible for PlayStation –

The company Sony has published financial results for the period April 1 – June 30 of this year, or the first quarter of fiscal year 2016. Before we get to that, what interests us most, which is the department responsible for the PlayStation and games, first a few words about the general condition company. This is much worse than in the same period of the previous year, as it achieved a profit of about $ 540 million, and thus more than 40% worse. Revenues amounted to just over 15.5 billion dollars, which fell more than 10% . The company explained mainly deterioration of performance in the segment responsible for the production of semiconductors.

Results Sony in Q1 of fiscal year 2016,
  • 15.5 billion in revenue, $ 540 million profit;
  • Great results the department responsible for games and consoles ($ 427 million gain);
  • 3.5 million copies sold PlayStation 4.

Fortunately, if As for the division growy situation is quite different. In this case, because there was a 14.5% increase in revenue, to $ 3.2 billion and profit of $ 427 million . Such good results were achieved mainly thanks to higher sales of games in digital distribution or reduction of production cost of PlayStation 4. Shortly writing, for a long time, this segment is one of the main drivers Sony, and now further strengthened its position.


Finally, it is worth mentioning that in this period were sold about 3.5 million copies PlayStation 4, so the overall sale 43.5 million (this is the sale of the stores – to target customers less ) . In addition, by the end of fiscal year 2016 (31 March 2017), the company plans to sell 16.5 million copies yet, the samy tapping the total number of 60 million.

The  financial results of individual departments /  Source: Report Sony. - Sony - excellent financial  results the department responsible for PlayStation  - news - 2016-07-30

Wyniki respective financial departments / Source: Sony report.


The financial results of the department  growego and sales of the PlayStation 4 / Source:  Report Sony. - Sony - excellent financial results  the department responsible for PlayStation - news  - 2016-07- 30

financial results section growego and sales of the PlayStation 4 / Source: Sony report.



PlayStation VR will require a lot of space to play –

 One of the main problems in the case of gaming platforms, which they use to interact more than just a controller, is the need for a large amount of space in front of the TV. So it was with motor controllers, and so are the new technology of virtual reality, and to the network leaked photos of the PlayStation VR , which seem to confirm this theory.

 Admittedly equipment Sony requires the user to far less space than HTC Vive, but users console PS4 will need space of 3 m to 1.9 m, in which there will be no obstacles a player can sit anywhere in the designated area – the height of the room is, however, dependent on the setting webcam PlayStation.

 Instructions betrays the way that PS VR will use even if you wear glasses, and the option Social Screen will display 2D image with goggles on our TV to the person affected by any LIVE headset could watch our game.

 We remind you that the PlayStation VR debut on the market on October 13 and its price will be $ 399 (1,769 PLN). At the start, players will be able to choose from 50 games.



Saturday, July 30, 2016

Xiaomi refreshes model redmi Pro – Your PC

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Thursday July 28, 2016





Author: Wedelek | Source: SlashGear | 6:39
Xiaomi refreshed model redmi Pro equipping it with more powerful components, including a 5.5-inch OLED screen with 100% coverage range of NTSC, the battery capacity of 4050mAh, two 5MP webcam (Samsung) and 13MP (Sony IMX 258), and a completely new processor. It is the 10-core Helio dual-core A72, A53 eight and IGP Mali T880. Technical specifications include a USB Type C, built-in Home button fingerprint reader and hybrid slot for the SIM card and microSD. The whole is enclosed in an aluminum housing, and the sale will go to the two versions.

The first will be equipped with 3GB of RAM, processor Helio X20 and 64 built-in memory for data, and the second will receive 4GB of RAM, Helio X25 and 128GB SSD. The different varieties of SoC differ in timing.















  1. Mobile Xiaomi would be very cool (author: Grandfather Reaper | date: 28/07/16 | hr .: 9:35 )
    if not for that damned hybrid slot SIM / SD.
  2. How to redmi … (author: PiotrexP | date: 28/07/16 | hr .: 13:03 )
    … too expensive . And the fungus is 5.5. “One billion of such screens on the market. A good sub 5″ with a candle to look for.
  3. Note 2 (author: Toadstool | date: 28/07/16 | hr .: 14:22 )
    Because quinol they like, and they dictate the conditions here.
  4. (author: Deathraw | date: 28/07/16 | hr .: 15:13 )
    I bought redmi Note 3 pro 2 weeks ago and actually beyond memory and oled I do not see any advantage here, because the x25 has similar performance to my 6cio core Snap 650, and who he knows or does not receive more current.

     I wonder if redmi Pro 5.5 is how much note 4 will be?
  5. Deathraw surely as the previous 5.7 “ (author: Sławekpl | date: 07/28/16 | hr .: 20:24 )
    or a little more, more I do not think they gave for the Pro version should have a greater resolution than the FHD and maybe some lepsiejszy DAC on board headphone output as its predecessor

     were it not for the castrate Note Pro from the connector on the memory card and the price version of the 64GB was a lot bigger than 16GB it’d be him lured
  6. @ Sławekpl (author: Deathraw | date: 07/28/16 | hr .: 22:37 )
    Wrong is expressed, I mean a series redmi all the time, or if redmi note 4 will have. It’s a bit funny that the new redmi pro is actually oust pro redmi note.

    They also do not know how such a policy, the flagship does not have a slot for SD. For me, even with light sculpture can fire both dual sim and SD. Overall the phone good, a week ago I have uploaded cm13 and is fun, because the phone I do not wake up the calls, and I do not have to fear that hangs me a call and a call without my consciousness to another.

  7. I like it (author: Globi-wan | date: 29/07/16 | hr .: 11:52 )
    Also I redmi note 3 pro. Most of redmi Pro I like OLED and camera.

     The memory of and as 3 Gb quietly enough

    And since the wife is poisoning me with a note 3 may tempt about this.

    I am afraid only that Helio. Mediatek never did elaborate SOC. x20 apparently has a problem with the heat. (which is not strange as dumped the more cores in a similar architecture as the snap 810)

     We see in the tests. the battery is the same as in redminote3, but this does not necessarily mean the same will hold.

  8. @ Globi-wan (author: Deathraw | date: 29/07/16 | hr .: 12:01 )
    Also somehow I do not have to convince the media library, the more that he is sneezes with custom roms. I was thinking I used redmi Note 3, but read a that with 6 cores instead of 8 and 1.8Ghz Snapdragon instead of 2, and so do with it what he wants, and for that eats less current choice was obvious, despite subsidies.
  9. @Deathraw (author: Globi-wan | date: 07/29/16 | hr .: 12:33 )
    plain redminote it heliox10
     or 8 cortexów A53

    in the snap 650 you have them to help (2xA72 and 4xA53własnie)

    So must be faster

    in helio x20 or x25 is

    2xA72 2,5Ghz (x25), 2,3 GHz (x20)

     4xA53 2,0Ghz

     4xA53 1.5GHz

    This can whisk Particular mentioning is the technological process at a lower than snap 650

    x25 is totally unprofitable terms of x20 (entered above differences)

    all depends on how it folded. They are already phones with these prockami little but a test

    how well put together it grinds Snap 650 without a problem. wydajnosciowo in antutu doing the 90k where snap in the range 76 – 78

    I do not know how it keeps the batteries and how to work outside benchami

  10. @ Globi-wan (author: Deathraw | date: 07/29/16 | hr .: 13:05 )
    the difference in the timing of what I see does not translate proportionally result in antutu. X20 in the Doge f7pro by a picture which I found no less than 94K. I am at home I was 77-79 on miui8 depending on who once ventured benchmark. In cm13 I managed to break through 81K.
  11. @ 10 (author: Globi-wan | date: 07/29/16 | hr .: 13:35 )
    As well the media library. It is bothering me more time and battery in the redmi and how fast to heat up. or not have any overhangs
  12. Deathraw any of the Chinese companies did slot (author: Sławekpl | date: 29/07/16 | hr .: 16:19 )
    hybrid where houses two SIM card + memory card, you do not have to forego anything

     may be two shallow drawers or one deep drawer double but actually should be in this case the post has triple;)

     still fast memory card even comes cheaper than the version fona with the capacious memory, easier or cheaper to buy fon and for some time buy something to him than immediately to put more money

     I hope that this idea will be duplicated by others, and you will not need more sacrifice from the second SIMA to have more memory on board
  13. @ 12 (author: Globi-wan | date: 29/07/16 | hr .: 16:42 )
    I fortunately the problem of memory is not affected. I have a 32gb and not used my 16GB in the previous tel.

    and whether to such dual sim slots do not need to carve in the cards sim?

  14. @ Sławekpl , Globi-wan (author: Deathraw | date: 07/29/16 | hr . 18:05 )
    Yes-you have to carve in the sim, stick a bit, but it works on a serial tray. I noticed a funny thing-to cm13 on antutu in power saving mode results can be better than the high-performance mode Oo.
  15. @ 14 (author: Globi-wan | date: 29/07/16 | hr .: 23:02 )
    trottling less is done. more evenly works. instead of moments has a max and then drastically disprove.

    of it among other buoys in the mediateku

    we have only two Cortex A72 and it 1,8ghz

    them there cores are twisted into space on 2.5 or 2.3

    also are still the four cores on 2,0ghz

    can be warm and can be trottling.

    it really is me, this is tempting oled. I had a starutkim SGS + AMOLED and say that today as I turned it shines prettier colors than redmi note 3

    oled displays doing the job. but maybe worth it to wait because knowing Xiaomi will release something immediately to snap

  16. @ Globi-wan (author: Deathraw | date: 30/07/16 | hr .: 14:45 )
    This trottling under the influence of temperature lowers performance?

    As for OLED is actually a cool thing, provided that it is good. I OLED in the HTC Desire and SGS2 and yes black is unbeatable, contrast too, actually this upcoming plasma presently dies. Anyway screen RN3 I think is very good, as ips has a great contrast and very deep blacks. I must admit that I really positively surprised me.

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& nbsp ;

& nbsp;

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How to register a pre-paid card – Republic

About two months ago they took off the first campaigns Polish mobile operators, encouraging consumers to register pre-paid telephone cards. But it was only last Monday, July 25, the law that makes it compulsory registration of SIM cards purchased after July 24. This applies to both the card acquirer and the operator and in practice, all of which are involved in the sale of services.

The user, if he wants to use the purchased with primer telephone number, he must register the card. Operator and until the registration card should not allow the user to use the services.

So much theory. Before everything starts to run like clockwork, it will be probably a lot of time. For now, they not all know about the new rules. Introduced a long time ago to sell starters with prepaid cards often do not contain information about the need to register at all. Sellers (especially employees of stores other than showrooms operators) do not have sufficient knowledge and transmit it to buyers. Besides, as we mentioned in the stores still can buy SIM cards pre-paid, so the consumer can feel confused.

You should know that, contrary to information given by some media in the purchase of a new prepaid SIM card nothing changes. Cards still find in many places: from the living room operator website (this is especially important in the case of virtual operators who lounges rather not have), the gas stations, supermarkets and local shops on the kiosks. Easily we buy the recharge. However, to use either one or the other, you must first register the card. And here, once there is a problem.

Not every point of sale prepaid card will carry out such registration. The good news is that the operators are negotiating with distributors and over time, you can register the card almost everywhere where they are on sale. For now, however, the biggest mobile operators: Orange, Plus, T-Mobile and Play lead registration cards primarily in their showrooms: both in our own and partner. Orange also reports that can be done in Saturnach or Media Markt, but warns that specific.


Friday, July 29, 2016

T-Mobile: 800 million zł for the development of LTE. Mobile Internet will accelerate to 300 Mbps –

In the second half of T-Mobile will focus on intensive investments in LTE. Within high-speed mobile Internet is to find 98 percent. the country’s population. The operator also wants to gradually increase the speed of mobile internet up to 300 Mbps.

In the second half we put emphasis on accelerating the development of the LTE network. Important are the frequencies of the 800 MHz band, but also a 2.6 MHz. In this way, we want to provide our customers really fast data transfer – says Thomas Lips, director. Technology T-Mobile Poland. – Usually, we do not disclose financial details of the ongoing investment in our networks and technologies. But I can say that this year is the amount exceeding 800 million zł – adds.

At the end of June LTE accounted for almost two-thirds of data through T-Mobile. That’s about 30 percent. more than at the beginning of the year. Transmission by LTE is increasing at a rate of over 300 percent. per year.

In the first half of the year increased operator LTE coverage of 83 percent. to 95 percent. population. This is mainly the effect of investments made on the basis of frequency of 800 MHz band, which T-Mobile won in an auction conducted by UKE. From January to the end of June started 500 stations with LTE on these frequencies.

The resulting auction two blocks of frequencies that are adjacent to one (a total of 10 MHz), made it possible to work on higher speeds and parameters.

The range is one thing. The second is the speed of transmission, we want to increase. Our aim is therefore to ensure the rapid transfer where there is already coverage. This is a minimum of 70-73 megabits per second, but can reach 300 megabits per second – says Thomas Lips.

Achieving such speeds allow run carrier aggregation technology, using aggregation frequency bands.

T-Mobile also announced further investments in improving the quality of the network, and thus – call quality. This is carried out over two years, the project Zero Drop Network. It focuses on the most difficult and the most tear-off calls, or undertaken eg. When traveling by car. The project consists in monitoring and development of the network infrastructure expansions around the roads. It is covered by 16 thousand. km of national roads, expressways and highways.

We are focusing on improving the quality of calls when the customer is in the city, in the office or at home and when on the move – says Lips. – Today we can overcome 550 km without losing coverage. This is a great achievement that distinguishes us from other operators – he added.


The face of the devil? No, this is a new species of orchid – Gazeta Wyborcza

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                          The newly discovered species of  orchid - Telipogon diabolicus. Stamp your own  & # x105; unusual & # x105; name &  # x119; owed & # x119; connector similarities  & # x144; stwu the face & # x105; devil  & # x142; a.

The newly discovered species of orchid - Telipogon diabolicus. Its unusual name from the resemblance to the face of the devil. (fot. Monika Kolanowska)



Polish researcher from the University of Gdansk found a new species of orchid. Its unusual name - Telipogon diabolicus - flower owes prętosłupa structure, which resembles the face of the devil.





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The orchid should be around 25 thousand. perennial species, thereby forming one of the largest families in the world. There are 2 times as much as the known species of birds and more than four times the number of mammal species. Except Antarctica they can be found on every continent, except for areas covered with glaciers. The most species are found in tropical zones, including in South America.

It was there, during fieldwork in southern Colombia, Polish researcher Dr. Marta Kolanowska from the Department of Plant Taxonomy and Nature Conservation at the Faculty of Biology of the University of Gdansk, with colleagues from the foundation Buenoy Yumartán Aldea Ecológica, has found a new species of orchid.

the team prepared the documents discovered orchids, during which carried pictures of selected specimens, reported location data, altitude, defined populations. Based on the analysis of the collected materials are described several previously unknown species of orchids, among others Telipogon diabolicus . This name refers to the construction of prętosłupa resulting from the fusion of the post and the rod, which resembles the face of the devil.

Due to the location of the only known population (near the main road linking the cities of Pasto and Mocoa) and the sensitivity of alpine formations plant on climate change orchid has been classified as critically endangered.

South Colombia has become in recent years the object of interest of these researchers because of the large diversity of Habitats of the region. The low degree of recognition of the flora of this area testifies to find so unusual species near the main road. This means that many more species of orchids can not wait to be discovered. In the past three years the staff and PhD students of the Department of Plant Taxonomy and Nature Conservation have described more than 50 species of orchid previously unknown to science, and occurring in the area of ​​Colombia.

The most intriguing question concerning the newly discovered orchid remains aspect of its pollination. Previous studies indicate that in orchids of the genus Telipogon pollinia are transmitted by insects during pseudokopulacji (pollinia are attached to the body male insect, when he tries to copulate with the flower reminded him of the female), but not published until now materials confirming this assumption. It would be extremely interesting to observe the insect, which "diabolical" prętosłup reminds his female species.

It is worth noting that many species of orchid looks like a variety of animals and characters. Good examples are the Dracula simia resembling a monkey, Ophrys bomybliflora resembling a bumblebee laughing or Habenaria radiata reminiscent of the white heron.



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Nokia T-Mobile. Today, this sentence has a completely different meaning – Spider’s Web

Yesterday in the Warsaw headquarters of T-Mobile had the opportunity to see the future LTE network. Representatives of the operator together with Nokia employees showed in practice equipment, allowing for 1.2-gigabit data transfer. T-Mobile and Nokia have very ambitious plans.

Internet LTE few years ago it was a novelty, and is now standard. Operators boldly develop its infrastructure, and in some locations already operates LTE-Advanced. This of course is not the end, and now tests are carried out even faster data transfer.

T-Mobile and Nokia

T-Mobile and Nokia present connection with a throughput of 1.2 Gbps in Warsaw.

the commercial implementation of the new technology is still plenty of time, but today Polish branch of T-Mobile with the help of technicians Nokia presented to representatives of the media equipment that was able to transmit data at over 1 gigabit per second. This is an order of magnitude more than LTE.

Newer LTE-Advanced is able to provide transfers up to 300 Mbps. the company T-Mobile, which represented CTIO of Thomas Lips, illustrated the how fast is tested by their connection. calculated as quickly pobierałoby data stored on optical media. the disc Blu Ray can be downloaded in less than 3 minutes, a CD … in 5 seconds.

T-Mobile and Nokia

This is very good news considering the growth of the Internet.

already global network is heavily loaded due to streaming video. Services VOD responsible for a significant amount consumed by mankind data transfer, and yet in the future will be needed it more and more.

The Internet connection has to be both fast and stable, to lead the wildly popular for live broadcasts . Soon you will want anyway stream not only video games, like today, but also virtual reality.

T-Mobile and Nokia

T-Mobile and Nokia are working on that operators were ready for it.

Brand Nokia Although the consumer market is broken, but the Finns do not They rolled up belongings and took up work on the infrastructure. the result of the work of engineers is the instrumentation, which, thanks to technology 4 × 4 MIMO was able to transfer data four times faster than the LTE-Advanced.

Getting transfers of 1.2 Gbps is not easy. to achieve such an effect was needed aggregation four frequency bands of 20 MHz each. this requires the use of four antennas on both devices that exchange among themselves the data, but thanks to finally transfer to four 300 Mbps.


LTE Advanced will see its successor.

Users who lives near modernized recently base stations not accustomed yet to LTE Advanced and transfers above 300 Mbps, and the network of throughput of 1.2 Gbps in the T-Mobile can be started already, even in the next year.

Transfers of 1.2 Gbps are by no means the peak capabilities. Engineers already have an idea of ​​how the future using a bandwidth of 640 Mhz to create a wireless network LTE Advanced Pro bandwidth … 25 Gbps.

T-Mobile and Nokia

Time for a network 5G?

T-Mobile Poland is not the only operator who is working on such a solution, and transfers the order of 1 Gbps presented earlier Orange whose partner is not Nokia, and another giant of the telecommunications market – Huawei.

Representatives of the Chinese company, moreover, they drew no longer visions of a world in which the current transfer speeds will arouse the same smile of pity that today evokes the memory of the first deployments GPRS and Edge.


We already know, when you get VoLTE and VoWiFi in T-Mobile Poland – Spider’s Web

After the presentation, providing a link bandwidth of 1.2 Gbps Polish branch of T-Mobile has used organized their conference to show off its LTE network. We also know when T-Mobile Poland is about to launch VoLTE services and VoWiFi.

Meeting T-Mobile Poland with the media led Thomas Lips, who is a member of the board of the company and also holds the position of CTIO. He presented a lot of data on the habits of our fellow citizens in the use of mobile Internet, discussed the latest research network quality and betrayed, when can we expect the debut of new services.


network T-Mobile guarantees 92 percent. coverage of our country.

T-Mobile Poland boasts that already 95 per cent. of the population is within their LTE network. depending from the base station, near which there are consumers, their devices will be able to develop a different maximum speed. not everywhere is still working at the end of LTE Advanced, and are offered four speed ranges:

  • LTE800 – up to 73 Mbps (an increase of 36 Mbps thanks to the frequency of 800 Mhz);
  • LTE1800 – up to 113 Mbps;
  • LTE2CA – up to 220 Mbps;
  • LTE3CA – up to 300 Mbps.

plans for the second half of 2016 assume that the end of this year, T-Mobile Poland wants to ensure coverage of 99 per cent. of LTE, and it has to translate to cover 98 per cent. of the population. Running will also be more than 500 base stations providing transfers with a much higher bandwidth.

the operator is developing a network, and also recorded all the time increases in the use of mobile Internet.

year-to-year by 21 percent. increased use of 2G network, and about 47 per cent. intensive customers use 3G connectivity. It is, however, nothing at the same time that the increase in the deployment of LTE is a huge 348 percent. Data transfer using the network already responsible for 62 percent. transfer at all.


Interestingly, users are less call using the network of the second generation. T-Mobile Poland noticed a decrease in the use of 2G network to make voice calls by 21 percent. At the same time the use of the 3G network for the same purpose has increased by 12 percent. We do not know how to change the data introduce VoLTE.

the network boasts whereas what is already known. Checking interrupting connections required traveling a distance of more than 15 thousand. km on Polish roads, more than in recent years. T -Mobile Poland at the same time points out that managed to ride this year up to 550 km without interrupting the call.

VoLTE and VoWiFi in T-Mobile Poland

When the VoLTE and VoWiFi in T-Mobile Poland?

the ability to make voice calls carried out directly by the operator using LTE and Wi-Fi will appear later this year .

Currently being tested VoLTE technology and VoWiFi and employees of T-Mobile Poland verify how it works throughout the country. Work is also testing the movement of vehicles.

VoLTE and VoWiFi in T-Mobile Poland

Interesting fact – where Poles are using smartphones?

I am surprised that only 60 per cent. of our fellow citizens use mobile just before bedtime, and as much use the phone … in the toilet . wonder I am also, as statistics phones spoiled by flooding is influenced by the fact that as much as 10 percent. uses smartphones in the shower – and most of them are, I assume, smartphones niewodoodporne.

T-Mobile also introduced details of where and to what extent, still are used in smartphones. it turns out that up to 17 percent. Poles use them in churches. a little less esteem apparently we have for the theater – where the phone starts 22 per cent. of people and, unfortunately, cinema. Seans other viewers interferes with a glowing telephone every three of us.