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Samsung: The first intelligent Bio processor to monitor the state of health – Interia

Today, December 31 (14:38)

Samsung unveiled the industry’s first processor Bio created in response to needs associated with the growing popularity ubieralnych innovative devices for health monitoring. Bio processor has already been put into mass production, and devices for health monitoring, in which it will be used, will be available in the first half of 2016.

Intelligent Bio processor Samsung

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Scientists in Japan have developed a unique technology that can help restore sight to the blind. Experts plan to introduce artificial retinal cells that can stabilize vision problems. read more

– The market of smart devices to monitor the condition of the body very rapidly. There is a growing awareness of users and their need for health care, so more and more people are looking for ways to monitor their biological indicators or parameters concerning health, to have constant control over the state of his health – said Ben K. Hur with Samsung Electronics. The new Samsung processor that can process five different signals biometrics is the most versatile chip to monitor the health of the organism on the market today. We expect that it will create many new opportunities for health services.
By using not only the analog input circuits (Analog Front Ends, AFE), but also a microcontroller (MCU), IC-power management (PMIC), a digital signal processor (DSP) and memory eFlash Bio The processor can process the measured biosygnały without the need for external components. The small size of the device and its integrated structure makes it extremely innovative. Compared with the total surface of discrete components Bio processor is only about one-quarter of their total size. Thanks ideal for use in small devices ubieralnych, offering too many options for the design of new solutions.
Until recently the ability to monitor the heart rhythm was very attractive feature. Meanwhile today the devices ubieralnych expected ability to measure various parameters related to the condition of the body. In response to these expectations Samsung has developed the Bio processor in such a way as to combine five AFE, including bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), photoplethysmography (PPG), electrocardiogram (ECG) and measurement of skin temperature and galvanic skin-response (GSR). And all of this in a single solution in the form of a chip, respectively, allowing the measurement of fat and skeletal muscle mass, frequency of contractions and the heart rate, skin temperature and the level of the voltage. Use of a combination of the input data about the shape can be considered in addition to the various new use cases.
faster product development and better understanding of the new Organic Processor Samsung will be possible by providing reference platforms for ubieralnych devices that allow you to show different cases of use of the solution. Its potential is seen as an example of devices reference for such a small wraps and pads on hand to provide the ability to measure various indicators related to the condition of the body.

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Samsung improving services for Smart TV games –

Samsung Electronics announced the introduction of more than 400 games streamed and 100 games available for download on Samsung Smart TV 2016 that will enrich the offer Samsung Smart TV GAMES (Games Panel). Currently, the site used by players in 43 countries.

Samsung will present an improved service for downloading and streaming of games through Smart TV in 2016 at CES 2016. The latest offer includes Assassin’s Creed III, Batman: Arkham Origins and The LEGO Movie Videogame for PlayStation Now. These items will be available for players in streaming format directly through the Samsung Smart TV. The service will offer racing games, action games, sports games, role-playing (RPG) games of the genre “first person shooter” (FPS), as well as board games.
In 2016, the service will be improved PlayStationNow. The service is available in the United States and Canada offers subscribers almost 300 games, including news and popular PlayStation 3 games such as Mortal Kombat, The Last of Us: Left Behind, God of War III, BioShock 2 and Borderlands 2.

GameFly, one of the leading service games in the cloud, now available in 21 countries – from Brazil through Mexico, the United States and Canada, to continental Europe and Scandinavia – will provide the platform Samsung Smart TV 2016 more than 100 game titles known for their consoles.

In addition to the expanded offering streaming games Samsung Smart TV users will gain access to over 100 downloadable games, including titles such as Revolt3, Deer Hunter, or Eternity Warriors 3.


LG Nexus 5X – the most underrated smartphone of the year –

Industry wanted as soon as possible to verify whether Huawei as a new member of the Nexus clique up to the task and a bit forgotten about 5X. But what is worse, in many places it began with a comparison of both this year’s Nexus, and this is a big mistake. For they are two completely different smartphones and gulf divides them, both in terms of general assumptions (screen 5.2 “vs. 6″), and when it comes to the financial aspect (about 600 zł price difference in our market). It’s like comparing chocolate ice cream with strawberry – some will attack the former and will despise others, and the rest will do quite the opposite.

LG Nexus 5X – a smartphone for exceptional people who do not want to radiate its uniqueness

Trend on the smartphone market, even among Chinese B-brands are glass and aluminum. Cool it looks pleasing to the eye, the brain gets a nice kick when he is convinced that stick in your pocket luxury product, and later heart falls on the attack when the phone slips out of your pocket while lacing shoes, and is then decorated with “spider veins” in the case of glass housing (Stories), or a tasteful indentation in the case of an aluminum finish (another story of real-life). Within a week on his FB wall I saw at least two friends grieving over the smashed “Es six of them.” Of course it is not so that you do not see the point in an elegant smartphones. It is a place for them, and not all will be broken immediately after the purchase, but at the moment the higher price segment it is of good quality material, not exclusive “alu” and glass are something special. That is why I also understand people who are looking for such solutions, because when it comes to the practical aspect, finishing such as the Nexus 5X may be a better choice.

I admit, front 5X is as thrilling as a sermon in church, but the back of the camera looks interesting shielded originally and tastefully. The quality of fit elements is high, and even the same material, in this case plastics, make a good impression. Back is matte and appears to be slightly rubberized. In general, a very positive effect on the grip of the smartphone. The only thing that is incomprehensible to me, is a stroke back cover facing slightly beyond the outline of the front. By this the sides are not entirely consistent, and little wrapper extends fractions of millimeters. This unfortunately feel 5X holding in your hand.

If I had to point out to whom most closely matches the LG Nexus 5X, probably darowałby myself a businesswoman and celebrities, and headed toward the skatepark and a man with a skateboard in his hand. Nexus style that fits me more for raw urban space than the salons. 5X is tasteful but modest … But most importantly, there is only modest in appearance.

Wszystkomający, if not for one small detail …

LG Nexus 5X was well-equipped. We have a 5.2-inch, bright and very well calibrated Full HD screen, Snapdragon 808 Six-system, 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal memory, support for LTE, NFC, a very well-functioning fingerprint reader located at the back for better comfort , a brilliant 12-megapixel main camera allows video recording in 4K quality, and for that 5-megapixel camera on the front. Of course, as in Nexusach, there is also the latest version of Android and guarantee rapid upgrade to the next views the system (sample pictures and rigorous testing process can be found in our colleagues from What, then, you are missing? Traditionally, as with all Nexus, we find there card slot micro-SD card. Thus, the version with 16 GB of memory is 32 GB and even a lot of people can quickly clog – just a few applications, some music from Spotify offline, photos and videos in 4K quality to quickly painfully feel the lack more space for data. Google may change its policy in the near future and adapt it to the current reality.

The victim premiere and the initial price

5X LG Nexus is a smartphone that is more a tool – and it very useful – than a trinket. For some it will be a disadvantage, others recognize the sober appearance and practical finish an advantage. Hailed by some journalists “the most boring smartphone of the year”, I was enchanted by his straightforwardness. Simply put, the others apparently prefer strawberry ice cream and do not understand that someone can order chocolate. And yet everything depends on individual preferences and needs. You have too admit that the initial starting price could actually kill the enthusiasm of many people. Now, however, things are quite different. The online stores LG Nexus 5X is available for about 2000 zł the only right 32-gigabyte version, and Allegro for 1700 zł. At such a price, it is a smartphone into consideration. The system works here very smoothly, the updates are guaranteed a fingerprint reader responds flawlessly, the screen is great, battery life quietly enough on a day of heavy use, and the camera is extremely fast, even when taking photos in HDR mode (you can do one thing after another without any downtime – you have to wait later on the record, but the shutter button is available all the time).

LG Nexus 5X is a highly successful smartphone. He goes a little different way than the rest of the higher-end, but a healthy diversity that is hard to pass to defects. Especially in the face of numerous and very strong advantages.


Ian Murdock – Debian founder died – Interia

Today, December 31 (14:57)

Ian Murdock, founder of Debian – one of the most popular Linux distribution, He was found dead at his home in San Francisco. He was 42 years old. The circumstances of his death are unclear.

Ian Murdock – the creator of Debian

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Windows 95 operating system Microsoft, which popularized the “Windows” celebrates its 20th birthday. It was a system that has revolutionized the windows. read more

The death of the founder of the Debian project announced on the official blog of distribution and a statement last employer American engineer, the company Docker. Murdock permanently etched in the history of the computer industry, and his death is a huge blow and loss.

In 1993., While studying at the University of Purda, Murdock Debian Manifesto published. Debian The name is a combination of the names of his ex-wife (then girlfriend) Debra and his own. Debian debuted on the market three years after the announcement and gained popularity in haste. Linux distribution came to millions of users worldwide, as well as many businesses and organizations. The Murdock also went to the International Space Station (ISS), where he replaced a legacy Windows XP. It may be recalled that several other Debian-based systems, for example. Mint and Ubuntu.

The impact of Murdock on the evolution of operating systems was undeniable. At the moment there is no information on the causes of death programmer. There are reasons to believe that Ian Murdock committed suicide, which could suggest his recent posts on Twitter.

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Malicious say, Apple discovered OLED. The new screen iPhone 7? –

ETNews Korean newspaper reports that Apple is finalizing talks with LG and Samsung on the production of OLED panels. This would suggest that in future versions of the iPhone will be the well-liked by some manufacturers screen.

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Information would not be surprising, because OLED He was already in the watch Apple Watch . Besides, both LG and Samsung are getting ready to produce at full capacity throughput of flexible OLED screens, traditional LCD high time to replace it with something innovative. Manufacturers must eventually make money on the products, the development of which spent millions thick. For us, this is good news – the more OLED screens that will be cheaper, the more they will drop the price of devices with traditional displays. This trend may also include televisions.

This means that the next generation of iPhones and other smartphones and gadgets will be perfect screens. As explained Apple Insider Korean manufacturers must invest in new factories nearly 13 billion dollars. So this does not happen next year. But the iPhone 8 will have an OLED screen. And what do you know?


Lumia 950 and 950 XL advertised with the docking station HD-500 (video) –

The spots are presented to the various functionalities of smartphones Lumia 950 and XL 950: Unlocking using an iris scan, fast charging and a camera. Moreover, there is the smartphone can connect to the monitor, keyboard and mouse and use it like a classical computer.

The campaign will last until mid-January. It is conducted nationwide TV channels.

Creation spots agency addressed the Embassy of BC Brand Communications director – Mikolaj Gorecki and production – SVG Studio. The campaign organized by the company Komsa Polish distributing smartphones Lumia.

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More information Lumia 950, Lumia Microsoft


The Samsung Smart TV 2016 Internet of Things technology –

Samsung announced that the entire line of TV Smart TV series in 2016 will be prepared to support the technologies that the Internet of Things (IoT) and combined with SmartThings – an open platform that allows users to connect smart devices and services IoT, and manage and control them. This is to ensure connectivity in a group of over 200 compatible devices.

The technology of the Internet of Things to be equipped with all Samsung TVs SUHD with 2016 acting as control devices for the entire smart home.

For SUHD series 2016 Samsung has developed its own technology hub of the Internet of Things SmartThings. TVs can be connected to control devices from Samsung and sensors SmartThings. They can also be connected to more than 200 compatible devices in the platform SmartThings, including lighting devices, locks, thermostats and cameras from other manufacturers. In order to ensure full support for connecting to compatible devices SmartThings will be required to use the USB adapter SmartThings Extend.

SmartThings gives users access to smart devices directly from the smartphone and TV SUHD. This allows you to connect intelligent devices and services and manage them through a single user interface.

On the other hand, the application of Cinema Mood is available in the platform SmartThings allows while watching the automatic adjustment of all parameters of the environment – from lighting the sound.

The ability to use technology SmartThings is to provide each television SUHD series in 2016, but this functionality will be activated at the level of individual regions, together with the expansion of the availability of the platform SmartThings.

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S7 galaxy like the iPhone? Two flagship in two sizes –

Reportedly, the Korean site ET News shows that, as in the case of the Galaxy series S6 devotees smartphones, Samsung will be able to choose between two flagship models of the device – a classic Galaxy S7 and version of “Edge” with a curved screen.

QUIZ: Do you know what a smartphone?

This year the two flagship smartphones, Samsung dysponowały screen with the same diagonal screen of 5.1-inch. In the case of the model cyferką marked “7″ is, however, be different. The standard version of the phone will have a 5.2-inch screen, and its curved version a little more, because 5.5-inch display.

It would be a fundamental change in the strategy of Samsung, which resembles the path taken by competitors from Apple. The Cupertino company offers its customers a smaller iPhone 6S with a screen of 4.7-inch and larger “phabletowy” 6S + model with a diagonal of 5.5-inches.

It is possible that in this case the Koreans would give up put on the market an additional model Edge + with a larger 5.7-inch screen.

ET News Service reports also show that initially the Korean manufacturer wants to release 5 million copies of the new smartphone (3.3 million units of Galaxy model S7 and 1.7 million units of Galaxy model S7 Edge).

Source: ET News / The Verge


Price decisive factor in choice of mobile operator for Polish consumers –

Price decisive & # x105; CYM factor in choice of mobile operator & # XF3; rkowego for Polish consumers & # XF3; in > The basic criterion for 41 percent of the respondents is the price they bear in mobile services. The next place on the list is the call quality (37 percent). It often happens that at a given location is not satisfactory, each network has coverage. Almost one third of interviewed by Ericsson takes into account the customer service in a particular operator, and offered his service packages.

After 25 percent of the respondents claim that the choice of the operator draws attention to a specific offer or the quality of data transmission. The rarest criterion used by consumers is a positive opinion of friends, enjoying the Ulugh of the operator (16 percent).

Ericsson ConsumerLab report provides information on ways to use technology and mobile services in selected countries. The section on Poland was created based on 1,865 online surveys. The respondents are a group representative of the 21 million Poles aged 15-69 years use the internet at least once a week.



We know the results of the competition! Who won the Microsoft Surface 3 and Microsoft Lumia 640 XL? – Gadzeto Mania

The end of 2015 years has been extremely happy for the participants of our competition. Two people welcome the new year even happier than usual – will go to them for great rewards: Tablet Microsoft Surface 3 and phablet Microsoft Lumia 640 XL!

Before Readers month Gadżetomanii learned about an unusual challenge. Their task was opening our part in Microsoft Edge and rework Gadżetomanii so that it had more power (the details of the competition can read in the article “Update to Windows 10 and win a Microsoft Surface 3 or Microsoft Lumia 640 XL ‘).

Your response was a pleasant surprise for us. Thank you for these works and admire the extraordinary creativity , from which you used the tools provided by the latest browser from Microsoft.

gladly nagrodzilibyśmy all participants, but the rules of the competition are clear: sponsored by Microsoft award goes to the authors of two submitted works. The choice was not easy , and the decision of the emergence of the winners was made after lengthy debates.

The first place and tablet Microsoft Surface 3 wins Kamil, who prepared the following work:

The runner up and phabletu Microsoft Lumia 640 XL Charles:

Thanks to all for taking part – we always knew that Gadżetomanii Readers are exceptionally creative, and this competition only confirmed us in this. Congratulations to the winners!


E-cigarettes dangerous to health: they can accelerate cell death, cause cancer and lung disease –

Interestingly, a substance present in e-cigarettes, which aroused particular concern researchers were not nicotine (though its harmful effect and you have to remember), but formaldehyde. Contact with this substance has a toxic effect on the respiratory system, liver, immune system, can increase the risk of cancer. Dangerous diacetyl is also present in most e-cigarette taste, it is used also in the food industry (suitable products buttery flavor). While the use of diacetyl in food production is safe, then inhaling it for a long time can cause dangerous consequences lung disease – bronchiolitis obliterans (the only form of its ‘cure’ is a lung transplant.)

Scientists Veterans Affairs San Diego Healthcare System admit, too, that have not been identified yet all substances with potentially carcinogenic. Also emphasized the need for further detailed study to finally confirm the effect of the compounds of e-cigarettes to DNA damage cells and the occurrence of diseases.

The fact that e-cigarettes are not a safe form of struggle with tobacco addiction, doctors and scientists resemble a long time. In 2015. Dutch National Institute for Public Health (RIVM) pointed out that inhaling contained in e-cigarettes compounds (including nicotine, propylene glycol and glycerol, nitrosamines) can irritate and damage the respiratory system, cause palpitations and increase the risk of cancer. The World Health Organization and calls for the tightening of regulations related to e-cigarettes (including a complete ban on the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, and a complete ban on the use of electronic cigarettes in enclosed spaces). Poland also supports this position – the new Law on Tobacco Control to include provisions, among others, to ban the sale of e-cigarettes to persons under 18 years of age and limited in terms of their advertising and promotion.


CES 2016: LG Revolution? Koreans form a new luxury line of devices –

LG Signature cover has the most exclusive (and thus expensive) products branded by the company from Seoul. This category will include, among others, appliances, as well as widely understood electronics.

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The first devices branded logo “Signature” will be presented already at the upcoming CES 2016 in Las Vegas. Koreans are counting down the days to the start of the event on the official website.

The network also leaked a series of short companies promoting the LG Signature. We can see him among other things of ultra-thin TV, refrigerator, washing machine and air purifier.

It is not known whether the new product line will be expanded in the future of flagship smartphones and tablets Korean manufacturer would be a rather surprising move, given the the fact that devices of the series “LG G” have managed to form an appropriate brand name in the world of technology.

In its Communication LG ensures that a new series of products will be characterized by simplicity and streamlining, and on the creation of watch team the best designers of the company. In a few days we will find out whether these marketing slogans is a grain of truth.

Conference LG at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, held on 5 January 2016 at 20 local time.


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CES 2016: Samsung put on the Internet stuff – Interia

At CES 2016 Samsung outline a vision for the future of television and showcase how Smart TV will be a center of thriving ecosystem of the Internet of Things.

SmartThings – Samsung puts on the Internet of things, also in televisions

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The case, which itself follows the owner. Socks independently finding their pair. What for the generation of our grandparents, or even parents, it was unthinkable today becoming a reality. read more

All Samsung TVs SUHD of 2016 years will be equipped with technology for the Internet of Things, acting as control devices for the entire smart home. For SUHD series 2016 Samsung has developed its own technology for the Internet of Things hub with SmartThings. TVs can be connected to control devices from Samsung and sensors SmartThings. They can also be connected to more than 200 compatible devices in the platform SmartThings, including lighting devices, locks, thermostats and cameras of many other manufacturers. In order to ensure full support for connecting to compatible devices SmartThings will be required to use the USB adapter SmartThings Extend.

SmartThings provides users with access to all intelligent devices directly from the smartphone and TV SUHD, eliminating the need to control individual devices for A number of separate applications. You can easily connect all intelligent devices and services and manage them through a single, simple user interface.

Examples of applications SmartThings are many. Using the external camera connected to the Smart TV, you can check whether the guests have arrived and opened their doors, not getting up from the couch. On the television screen can also keep track of alarms displayed with a motion sensor located on the outside of the building – so you feel safer, both at home and abroad.

On the other hand, the application of Cinema Mood available on the platform SmartThings allows easier than ever to create the perfect home theater. It allows automatic adjustment of all parameters of the environment – from lighting the sound – allowing you to instantly get the best experience and comfort while watching movies.

Although each television SUHD series in 2016 will provide the opportunity to use technology SmartThings, this functionality will be activated at the level of individual regions, together with the expansion of the availability of the platform SmartThings.


CES 2016: LG introduces a new line of premium products LG Signature (video) –

Initially, the group LG Signature devices will include TV, refrigerator, washing machine and a series of air purifier. With time line has been expanded with new products.

According to the Korean company, the appearance of products with a new line, developed by a special team of experts LG in collaboration with designers in the industry, will be characterized by a streamlining and simplicity.

Spot promoting new products LG is currently displayed on billboards in Times Square in New York and Piccadilly Circus in London. Their official announcement and a clock counting down to the premiere at CES 2016, please visit

The first product line to LG Signature shortly after the premiere in Las Vegas, expected to begin shipping in key markets in North America , Europe and Asia.

Author: km

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CES 2016: Who will be part of the segment of household appliances? LG points to himself – Virtual Poland

  Who is going to shake up the segment of household appliances and home entertainment at CES 2016 or at all he will succeed? For nearly 50 years, this fair is the most important forum Prime Minister of the most innovative and breakthrough solutions. As a curiosity, it is worth noting that it was during CES presents devices such as a VCR (1970.), CD (1981.), DVD (1996.), HDTV (1998.) And Blu-ray (2003 r.). CES – simply put – a place premiere presentation of new technologies.

 On 6-9 January 2016 r. There will be more fair Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas . It is an international exhibition of electronic equipment, which attracts the largest companies and industry professionals from around the world. We already know – more or less – what can we expect from Samsung ( read more: CES 2016: what will dominate trade shows and fun preparing Samsung? ). LG had time to show off the launch of its latest system for televisions SmartTV webOS 3.0 ( read more: CES 2016: News TV from LG system webOS 3.0, and in it … ), and now reveals his next plans the January fair. Of course we will also keep narrate straight from Las Vegas fun and notable presented by producers.

 LG wants to shine presenting at CES 2016 a new line of premium products under the name LG Signature . They hide under it – as reads the manufacturer – high-end LG products feature unique and innovative features . Shortly after its world premiere in Vegas, they are expected to begin shipping in key markets in North America, Europe and Asia. We check on what hardware in question.

 Signature line was developed by a special team of experts who make up creating her products worked “with the best designers in the industry.” Initially, the device group will include TV, refrigerator, washing machine and a series of air purifier, but with time it will be expanded with new elements.

 The company boasts that he wanted above all to emphasize “nature” of these products. They abandoned all the elements that would be “contrary to the idea of ​​the line” so that their appearance has fooled “streamlining and elegant simplicity”. They are supposed to be exclusive products which delight the highest quality.

 Nothing more on this topic is not yet known. we do not know whether we should expect a big wow or duplicating unnecessary ideology of the appliances usual. We can assume only the next stage of implementation by LG in the life of your project Smart Home and it quietly count ( read more: IFA2015 LG proves that the house may be even more intelligent. How much? ). LG not only washing machines and TV wants to “surprise” at CES-u. The company also announced that we can expect during the fair at the premiere of the new audio equipment, including new soundbary (SH8, SH7 and SH6) . To modlei SH8 and SH7 included wireless subwoofers, emphasizing bass sound. LG strip and SH6 was equipped with six independent speakers and an air channel, which enhances the bass – membrane system enclosed in one compact housing is capable – according to the manufacturer – play strong and distinct dźwięk.Nowe products are also sound control function ASC (Adaptive Sound Control) to enable automatic switching of settings so as to select the optimum parameters for specific media. All soundbary new line also have Bluetooth, and features Google Cast and Auto Music Play, Wi-Fi.

 CES 2016 LG is not just soundbary. At the fair the company is going to present three new The X-Boom – two models of the X-Boom Solo (OM7560 and OM5560) and CM9960 model. What are we talking about? Strong sound and wireless connectivity – that they have to stand out new speakers. Both the X-Boom Solo in one housing conceal your entire audio system with speakers, high-power and using the features Smapler Creator, you can record your smartphone any sound, wirelessly send it to the X-Boom, then add the digital library console so that the DJ he could with a single button to select a recording and share it with all participants have fun. The systems were also equipped with a lever Party Thruster, which allows you to create multicolored lighting effects that adapt to playing music.

 The last thing he has so far boasted the Korean manufacturer is new monitors ultrapanoramiczne (format 21: 9) and monitors 4K . Wide, 34-inch curved monitor (34UC98) is equipped with a slot Thunderbolt 2, an IPS panel with a resolution of 3440 x 1440 QHD and enhanced image control functions. 34UC88 in turn huge, rounded and ultrapanoramiczny panel with 21: 9, which is the same as the model UC98 displays the image in the quality of QHD. In contrast, the LG Ultra HD 4K (model 27UD68), as the name suggests, the monitor displays content in 4K resolution. Both use AMD FreeSync, through which computer games will run smoothly and be free from artifacts or slowdowns graphic image. In addition, the complicated family letters and digits during the CES has joined equipped with a USB-C, 27-inch LG Ultra HD 4K. (27UD88).

  We can be confident that that is not all. To CES 2016 in Las Vegas remains only a week.

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Students from Lodz in the final of the competition for the capsule Hyperloop – Interia

Students from the Technical University of Lodz HyperLodz group got to the finals of the competition for the capsule Hyperloop, whose aim is to build ultra-fast means of transport. The organizer of the competition is the founder of PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla Motors Elon Musk.

Hyperloop can become a real rewolucą transport

/ press releases

Elon Musk – founder of PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla Motors – revealed details of a new high-speed means of transport called Hyperloop. read more

an innovative vehicle concept future Hyperloop was born in 2013. According to it, the innovative solution company SpaceX provide no alternative to aircraft, being a combination of train, car and hovercraft. The construction would move in a special tube, initially numbering 550 km from Los Angeles to San Francisco. According to Muska, too long for the car and for a short aircraft. Hyperloop, racing at a speed of over 1000 km / h, would overcome it in about half an hour.

To work on a project that in the future would revolutionize public transport in other parts of the world, at the end of August., Elon Musk invited scientists and students, organizing for them the aforementioned competition. It aims to help in refining the idea Muska and emerge the best and most effective version of the capsule Hyperloop. According to the assumptions of the competition, to reduce friction capsule, while increasing its speed of movement, it should not touch the ground.

HyperLodz, or Hyperloop in Lodz edition of

The competition Musk joined teams from all over the world. Among the participants there was also a 11-person group of students from Lodz, who formed the band HyperLodz. In its draft, they used the so-called. magnetic levitation, taking place under the influence of forces and interactions of magnetic fields and electromagnetic that balance the force resulting from gravity or other factors.

The idea of ​​Poles assumes that thanks to magnetic levitation and a specially designed magnetic motors, their vehicle will be able to float above the ground composed of layers of different metals. With this solution, the only source of energy for the levitation is the energy stored in batteries capsule, which will significantly reduce the cost of building the tunnel, and the entire system.

According to the concept by the Lodz team, used to disperse the capsule electromagnetic motors, arranged would be in the tunnel in such a way as to be able to ensure that the vehicle does not develop excessive speed. Resistance to adverse air resistance would be guaranteed while the developed shape of the vehicle, and also a special compressor, which is located on the front of the vehicle, pumping the air before the capsule behind her.

According to the project developers, thanks to the air compressor is not also undermine the capsule and not slowed her, because the device would allow its aspiration to its interior, and then move to the back of the narrow channel. Compressor enable further avoid the phenomenon referred to commonly as a “plug in the tube,” or build-up of pressure before the capsule due to the small surface of airflow around it.

“air compression allows to increase its density, thereby maintaining the same -speed air can be transported in a much smaller passage than the inlet channel of the compressor. Suitable shaping channel (to provide the nozzle Laval) through which will be carried out air will provide additional recoil, which will also propel the capsule. This can be useful hotspots route “- explained on its side of the authors of.

mechanism levitation used by students support the special wheels, useful in particular for stopping the capsule at the time of boarding passengers, which would give the possibility of energy saving situations where levitation is not required.

The team members HyperLodz much space in his work have also directed numerous systems projects, ensure the safety of passengers. They included, among others, Sensors monitor the transport conditions and the condition of travelers, solutions responsible for the stabilization and protection of the skull and spine, the system of emergency braking, as well as a system of fire extinguishing based on the latest solutions used in the International Space Station.

I could not have without crowdfundingu

The concept of students Lodz polytechnic met with high praise representatives of Elon Musk, as evidenced by the invitation to participate in the finals of the competition, which at the end of January 2016 will be held in Texas .

The team of Lodz will fly to the United States with the help of Polish Internet users, who through the portal crowdfundingowego supported them financially, allowing students to travel to the United States. The collection beyond the expectations of members HypeLodz who initially wanted to collect 12 thousand. zł, enabling flight to Texas two representatives of the team, as a condition of participation in this stage of the competition.

At this point, 22 days before the end of the collection, they have in your account already close to 25 thousand. zł, through which the US will fly two more people. All this, to present the concept Lodz best and perhaps be among the winners.

If that happened, their solution doczekałoby be scheduled for a summer 2016 years practical tests in special prepared for the occasion of the tunnel. Elon Musk definitely does not throw words to the wind because, therefore, it is possible that his vision of an innovative means of transport, the future is looking forward to implementation. Do your part in this transport revolution will have students from Lodz? May.

Matthew Drożdżal