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Samsung loses in China – Puls Biznesu

According to data from research firm Strategy Analytics, Samsung’s share dwindled to about 10 percent. as a result, for the first time since 2011. company fell out of the top three.

At its head into a Chinese company Xiaomi, who provided the first three months of this year to 14 million units clients, which gave him 12.8 percent. market. Not much worse outcome, at 12.3 percent. (13.5 million) reported US giant, the company Apple with its flagship the iPhone. The last place on the “box” coincided with another Chinese manufacturer, Huawei Technologies company with a score of 10.2 percent.

Experts expect that by the end of this year, the Chinese market leader is Apple, which, thanks to models of the iPhone 6 and 6plus reported a 71-percent. sales growth in China to the level of 16.8 billion.

Globally, Samsung has provided a total of 83.2 million smartphones, which accounted for 24 percent. market. This represents an annual decrease of shares during the year of 31 per cent., But this is a better result than the biggest rival, American Apple. Manufacturer iPhones controlled because in the first quarter. 2015. “Only” 18 percent. the world market.

The mobile division’s operating profit in the first quarter amounted to 2.74 trillion won (2.56 billion US dollars) and was higher than expected, but compared with the same period of 2014. Fell as much as 57 percent.


Windows 10 will be able to hit apps developed for Android and … –

Microsoft has announced new features of Windows 10 and presented a set of packages to software development kit (SDK) to help developers in the transfer of web applications, .NET, Win32, Android and iOS to Windows 10.

Microsoft has ambitious plans for the platforms that create new opportunities for developers to Windows Azure and Office. Together we will create more personal and intelligent solutions that will help billions of people achieve more – said Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO

At the annual conference of Microsoft Build technology giant Microsoft introduced several new features of Windows 10, the scalability of the application interface across devices to new ways of building code for Windows 10. Due the huge potential of the new system, the company estimates that in fiscal year 2018 the world will be a billion active devices Windows 10. Microsoft explained
closer, as developers can create a single application that will run on all Windows 10 devices, automatically adapting to different screen sizes. With the Universal Windows Platform developers can customize applications to the unique capabilities of each device, integrate Cortana and Xbox Live with their applications, offer a secure financial transactions, display holograms and publish their programs in the Windows Store. The company also showed how applications can scale their interface with the use of solutions Continuum, also forming part of Universal Windows Platform, which allows you to use the phone for work or entertainment as PCs.

The Windows Store will offer the same experience to users on all devices, and Windows 10 make it easier to find interesting content including applications, games, music, videos and other materiałów2. Transactions will benefit from a number of popular payment options, including the largest settlement system operator, which owns 90 mobile network operators. USA Today, WeChat, Disney and Netflix Inc. it is only a few partners mentioned in his speech who already are building apps for Windows Store.

Microsoft welcomed all the developers on the Windows Platform Universal, announcing four new packages to create software that will facilitate the transfer of web applications. .NET, Win32, iOS and Android to the Windows Store with minimal code modifications. As a result, developers will be able to start from existing code for Android or iOS, integrate it with the features of Universal Windows Platform, and then distribute the new application via the Windows Store.

also presented new features of Microsoft Edge, web browser windows 10, which help users discover new applications and enable future expansion of software using JavaScript and HTML languages. Highlighting the potential of Windows 10, Microsoft discussed the progress that has made in less than 100 days from the first presentation of Microsoft HoloLens – the world’s first holographic standalone computer that is running Windows 10.

Azure and Visual Studio helps developers build intelligent applications for multiple platforms and devices

 Microsoft showed a prototype of a flexible SQL Azure database that allows independent software vendors and vendors’ software as a service “(SaaS) to combine the resources of thousands of databases, and thus benefit from the efficient consumption of resources, low price and high performance offered by public cloud. To help developers in managing large data sets, Microsoft introduced Azure SQL Data Warehouse, the industry’s first cloud data storage enterprise class offered as a service, which can increase, decrease or hold in a few seconds. The company also announced Azure Date Lake, open and highly scalable data repository that supports petabytes of files and ensures rapid integration with services HDInsight Azure, Azure Machine Learning, Cloudera and Hortonworks, allowing you to quickly draw conclusions from vast amounts of data.

To increase the productivity of each developer, Microsoft has announced new tools and runtime environments for multiple platforms and devices. Visual Studio Code, available in Preview for Windows, Mac and Linux, is a free, focused on the code editor optimized for web applications and cloud. Strengthening the cooperation with open source communities and .NET, Microsoft introduced the version of Preview The .NET Core for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Microsoft released a version of Release Candidate Visual Studio 2015, which makes it easy to build and deploy applications on Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.

Office helps developers to reach new users and build intelligent solutions

 Microsoft showed a new solution that will allow developers to reach 1.2 billion users of Office, including the new Office Graph application programming interface, extensive support for add-ons for iPad and Outlook and unified API. Office Graph API allows customers and developers to read and complement the Office Graph, intelligent data storage for users, services and relationships Office 365 Unified API OneNote, Outlook, and onedrive, in conjunction with the Office Graph, will contribute to the creation of applications that help consumers and organizations to take advantage of their most valuable and most useful information.


NASA releases new, colorful images of Mercury –

The materials NASA Mercury looks like it was unevenly dyed. Why? The system on the spacecraft “Messenger” captures spectral data. These data are applied to monochrome photographs depicting the area of ​​the planet. Space agency visualizes frequencies of light, turning them into colors.

Charles Wojcicki of the Copernicus Science Centre, explains, that the “Messenger” is not only photographed the planet’s surface. He found a place where there is water in the form of ice. The researchers also found the organic compounds that were probably drawn there by comets.

Data were collected from March 2011, year. All this happened before the emergency landing of the probe. Now the “Messenger” used up almost all the fuel helium and his flight is subject to the forces of gravity of Mercury and the sun. The mission of the probe comes to an end.

After the impact, “Messenger” in the surface of Mercury will remain a 16-meter crater. But before that happens, the probe will perform a series of still images from a height of about 250 meters and send them to Earth.

People will not leave the planet in peace. Space agencies – the European and Japanese – are already planning new missions to Mercury. The first probe is to be launched in January 2017.



Progress M-27M lost – Interia

The Russians informed about the loss of mission unmanned supply vehicle Progress M-27M.

Two images of whirling Progressa M-27M.


A recent study of Austrian scientists have suggested that the universe needs less dimensions than originally thought. It turns out that this can be one of the fundamental properties of our universe. read more

April 28 at 9:09 CEST there was a Russian Soyuz rocket start-2.1az a supply vehicle unmanned Progress M-27M (Progress 59). Rocket launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The purpose of this Progressa was the International Space Station (ISS) – on board the ship there are more than 2 tons of cargo, including food, equipment, gas, water and fuel. The flight to the ISS was to last less than six hours. The total takeoff weight Progressa M-27M has exceeded 4700 kg.

The first minutes of the flight the rocket Soyuz-2.1a proceeds smoothly. After working third-degree Progress has been released and unfolded solar panels, though probably not all antennas spread rate system. Shortly after entering orbit, it turned out that the Progress M-27M is malfunctioning. Contact with the ship was limited, and video images could be seen rapid turnover of the vehicle (about 5 seconds per revolution). During the first two orbits Progress M-27M lost a large part of fuel, although it is not known why.

In the first hours after the start of the various sources reported that the Progress M-27M was on the orbit of abnormal parameters, the perigee height of about 123 km and apogee height of 306 km. This information was denied about 12 hours after launch, when it turned out that the Progress M-27M went into orbit with a height of 188 x 260 km. For comparison – the optimal initial orbit for the Progress vehicles is about 193 km plus or minus 2 km x 238 km plus or minus 5 km.

Already on April 28 lost contact with the Progress and despite many attempts, which were also held on April 29 , failed to send any commands to the vehicle. It was decided to delay berthing to the ISS. Already on April 29 Russians confirmed that close to the ISS has been canceled and that there will be deorbitacji ship.

April 29 there was information that local Progressa M-27M identified 44 small objects. They are probably the remains of the upper stage rocket Soyuz-2.1a or Progress vehicle. Usually the separation of the upper stage of the vehicle to create a number of new objects (eg. Rejected guards), but this time there were many more. This suggests that some form of fragmentation, perhaps created by the collision of the upper level of the Progress M-27M. Some sources also suggest that operation at the end of the upper step has been to break the member for about 1.5 seconds before separation. This information was however not confirmed by any official source.

Currently, it is very likely that the Progress M-27M is no longer functioning – turn caused the exhaustion of on-board batteries. In early May should lead to uncontrolled deorbitacji this vehicle. Progressa rotary motion M-27M will certainly speed up the process of destruction of the vehicle during re-entry. It is therefore unlikely that any major elements have managed to penetrate the atmosphere and hit the ground. Deorbitacji exact date is not yet known, although it will probably be between 5 and 11 May.

The Russian Progress spacecraft in Trouble!

The Progress M-27M is staying in orbit much lower than the ISS – the astronauts no possibility of danger. On board the ISS there is enough supplies of all kinds, that the crew can work normally. It is now certain that another flight supply ship – or another Progressa or capsule Dragon – will be accelerated. Lot capsule Dragon CRS-7 was scheduled for June 19, and the vehicle Progress M-28M on August 6. On August 17th the ship scheduled start of the Japanese HTV. These dates are likely to change.

On May 26 scheduled start of a manned capsule Soyuz TMA-17M on board which will be three astronauts. This capsule will be raised into orbit by a Soyuz-FG rocket, the upper stage is different from that used during the flight Progressa M-27M on the rocket Soyuz-2.1a.

It is worth noting that a lot of information about Progressa able M-27M is conflicting with each other. And there is no official reports of technical detail, making it difficult to verify the available information.


Russian spaceship falls to Earth – Puls Biznesu

The ship had a problem with entering the orbit and eventually got out of control. The Russian space agency Roscosmos admitted that she tried in vain to establish contact with him and regain control. She assured that the risk to humans resulting from the shipwreck is small considering the small percentage of inhabited areas on the globe.

Progress 59, on board of which there are approx. 3 tons of food, spare parts, test equipment, oxygen and fuel, will enter the Earth’s atmosphere for approx. one week.


Microsoft is counting on Windows users 1 billion 10 – Puls Biznesu

Such a forecast presented by Terry Myerson, head of Windows at Microsoft Build conference in San Francisco. He also presented the tools that facilitate the conversion of applications originally programmed at system Android and iOS to Windows without having to write code.

Microsoft wants to make Windows 10, which is scheduled to go on sale in summer, a segment dominated by PCs, but also allowed the Company to increase presence in the segment of smartphones and tablets.


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Major failure of Russian spacecraft – Interia

Today , April 29 (19:29)

Serious failure and end the mission unmanned Progress 59 spacecraft. Information experts of the Russian space agency confirmed their partners at NASA who write on the blog that the planned docking of the Progress vessel to the International Space Station has been canceled.

Earlier, the head of Roskosmos agency, Igor Komarov, said that the ship does not have communication and mooring will not be possible. This was confirmed from the deck station astronaut Scott Kelly. “We learned from Russian and US flight control centers that this Progress arrive to us,” – he said.

Contact Progress was interrupted shortly after its takeoff from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan yesterday morning . The Russians “blind” tried to send a command to restore connectivity, but to no avail. For now, the Russians plans are not specified; most likely ship just burned up in Earth’s atmosphere.

The Progress was carrying supplies for the International Space Station crew, but failure is not dangerous mission astronauts have food, oxygen, water and fuel for a few months.


Failed mission ship Progress. “Lot according to plan is … –

The failure of the mission, which was to provide astronauts two and a half tons of equipment, including food, oxygen and fuel. Unmanned transportation spacecraft Progress due to technical glitches will not be able to moor International Space Station.

He said the head of the Russian space agency Roskosmos. Igor Komarov and exchanged a list of serious problems that have arisen after take-off ship from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. “In this regard, the continued flight as planned, and docking to the International Space Station is impossible”, – added the head of Roskosmosu. This means that Progress will burn up in the atmosphere.

Yesterday, the media reported that scientists after the start they could not establish communication with the ship and even that he slipped them completely out of control.
> NASA assured earlier that if the mission ends in failure, the astronauts from the International Space Station that will not be affected. They still have enough food for four months.


Windows 10 – Microsoft Chairman presented a new strategy for the company … –

Microsoft recently takes the wind in its sails again – from the beginning of the year there are more and more information indicating that the new head of the company, Satya Nadella, set about making changes. And so we learned recently about HoloLens product over which the company has been working in secret for years.

In turn, the Spartan is the successor of Internet Explorer – once recognized, Today almost unused browser. Microsoft made sure to catch up the loss with respect to the leaders and the new program can mess up the market again.

The new Surface 3 , laptop computer and tablet Microsoft, it proved to be a really good equipment that can compete with the best in the market rivals.

And finally Windows 10 – system, which promises to be really good and not so good which can erase the impression from his predecessor.

Microsoft’s lots going on. See what Satya Nadella say on Build 2015 about the plans of his company.

Start – 17:30 Polish time.


Russia lost a Progress rocket ship –

This means that not rocket will take two and a half tons of supplies for the astronauts to International Space Station . “Progress” has already started the descent from orbit. As part of the rocket is expected to fall to the ground between 7 and 11 May. Russian specialists have to follow the falling rockets and inform in advance about the expected spot the emergence of debris.

READ MORE: Trouble in orbit. The Russian “Progress” can not dock to the space station & gt; & gt; & gt;

Launched yesterday morning rocket was derived the wrong orbit, quickly rotates around its own axis and she did not open all the antennas needed to communicate with the ground.


Russian ship probably burned up, may fall – Polish Radio

  The ship Progress transported to Baikonur Cosmodrome on April 26 , photo: PAP / EPA / Roscosmos / Handout

After take-off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan morning, Progressmiał reach the International Space Station for six hours. But along the way he had a failure; communication system did not work with the Earth and Russian experts unsuccessfully trying to connect to it.

If you have made contact, it eventually starts to decrease flight Progress and burned up in Earth’s atmosphere.

In the media are now served different dates as to when the ship would burn or possibly fall to the ground.

The ship is in the hold nearly three tons of supplies for the crew on the International Space Station. However, they are not urgently needed, so even if the Progress will be written off, according to NASA astronauts at the station this far will not be affected.

The US space agency NASA says that on board the ship Progress does not have anything like that what would now indispensable to the ISS and the same crew. On the ISS are now the Americans Terry Virts and Scott Kelly, the Russians Anton Szkaplerow, Mikhail Kornienko Gennady Padalka and Samantha Italian woman Cristoforetti. According to NASA, the crew has food for more than four months, and fuel for over a year.

Due to problems with Progress scheduled for May 26 launch of a manned spaceship Soyuz to the ISS TMA17M may be postponed – said on Wednesday, a source at Baikonur Baikonur.

Some elements Progresu is the same as the Soyuz, notably with the same approximation and mooring system called “Course” – explained TASS correspondent.

IAR / PAP / agkm


LG G4 officially. Leather back and very bright camera lens –

LG unveiled successor to the G3. Another flagship designated as G4 brings a camera equipped with a lens with F1.8 aperture, the new Quantum IPS display, a slightly curved profile Slim Arc and the rear housing covered with genuine grain leather in six different colors. Is it enough to compete with Samsung and other leading manufacturers of smartphones?

It is clear that LG has put special emphasis on the selection of materials. The LG G4 will be available with rear casing covered with genuine leather, which was subjected to plant tanning. Skin colors used on the back cover G4 distinguish the natural appearance and rich warm colors, which over time gently change their hue. Most importantly, while vegetable tanning does not apply aggressive chemicals, making the skin prepared in this way is environmentally friendly and can be recycled. It is worth noting that G4 will also be available with a different version of the material back cover in white ceramic – decorated spatial pattern and gray – titanium and shimmering gold.

The distinguishing feature of the new flagship is curved profile, further enhanced by the display. The concept of Slim Arc is not only for decoration – allows for convenient and reliable maintenance smartphone in hand, in the case of hitting the ground display provides 20% more stability than in smartphones with flat screens.

LG G4 001

Camera 16MP

LG equipped the smartphone LG G4 16 MP camera. The camera uses a lens with F1.8 aperture so that the matrix reaches 80% more light than the previous flagowcu. The quality of pictures taken in low light also affects OIS optical stabilization 2.0, which compensates for vibrations in three axes, making it twice as effective than the stabilization OIS +. New to the G4 model is the manual setting mode, which directly regulate the focus, shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, exposure compensation and white balance. Complementing the advanced camera in the LG G4 is the indicator of the color spectrum (Color Spectrum Sensor), which was first found use in this type of device. This ratio determines the content of the RGB primary colors in lighting the scene, and also records the infrared radiation reflected from objects. This allows you to fine-tune white balance and flash color in order to color the pictures were as close as possible to seen with the naked eye.

While working on a new flagship LG has also thought about lovers’ selfie “so G4 is equipped with 8 MP front camera. The new model has improved Gesture Interval Shot function allows a sequence of four photos “selfie” in two-second intervals, which increases the chances of execution perfect photos even under difficult conditions. Trigger the shutter is very easy: just double open and close the hand in front of the camera lens.

LG G4 002

Display IPS Quantum

G4 is the first smartphone, which uses a new, 5.5-inch IPS panel Quantum guarantees a 20% wider color gamut, 25% brighter picture , and 50% better contrast. It is also the first display Quad HD, made with AIT (Advanced In-Cell Touch) which connects the screen and the touch sensor in one layer, so that the colors are still closer to the real and smartphone more responsive to touch. The highest accuracy in color reproduction also provides calibration compliant with the standards of the DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives).

Power and Performance G4

LG’s flagship model for 2015 has a removable battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh, which is rare in modern smartphones in its class. STAMINA battery life, combined with the properties of fast, but energy-efficient processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 LTE modem X10 allows extensive use of smartphone LG G4 throughout the day. According to estimates by LG battery G4 model works about 20% more than in flagowcu from the previous year.

Inside we find 32GB of usable memory, LPDDR3 3GB of RAM, and a microSD card slot. The smartphone runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop, and its weight is 155 grams and measuring 148.9 x 76.1 x 6.3 – 9.8 mm.

User Interface UX 4.0

LG G4 is the first smartphone, which uses a new user interface UX 4.0 featuring not only simple and more intuitive operation, but also allows for easy adjustment of settings to individual needs. The improved interface limited the number of operations performed during the traditional use of the smartphone and the enhanced configuration options for experienced users.


Immediately after the world premiere of the LG G4 device is introduced to the offer about 180 operators around the world. Information on pricing and availability of new smartphone will be made locally in each country at the time of entry.

LG G4 003
Basic technical data:

  • Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 808 LTE modem X10

  • Display: IPS Quantum, 5.5 inch Quad HD (2560 x 1440 pixels, 538ppi)

  • Memory: 32GB eMMC ROM drive, 3GB RAM LPDDR3 / microSD card slot

  • Camera: 16MP rear lens with F1.8 brightness / OIS Optical Image Stabilizer 2.0

  • Front camera: 8MP lens with f2.0

  • Battery: 3000 mAh (convertible)

  • Operating System: Android 5.1 Lollipop

  • Dimensions: 148.9 x 76.1 x 6.3 – 9.8 mm

  • Weight: 155 g

  • Mobile Network: 4G / LTE / HSPA + 21 Mbit / s (3G)

  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 a, b, g, n, ac / 4.1LE Bluetooth / NFC / USB 2.0

Source: LG

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sales of iPhones in China higher than in the US –


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Reuters reports that sales of iPhones in China in the last quarter was higher than in the United States.

overtake the United States in the Apple smartphone sales for the Middle Kingdom was predicted by analysts. From quarter to quarter difference in favor of the United States decreased and this situation was only a matter of time. Following the publication of the financial report, Apple found that this time there was just now. Reuters writes:

Apple, for the first time in history, more iPhones sold in China than in the United States [...] in the last quarter iPhone sales in China increased by 71%, and income from this account was 16.8 billion dollars [...] probably helped very much in the celebration of Chinese New Year and buying gifts for the occasion

Tim Cook said recently that the majority of revenue the Apple phone sales generate China, but also noted that the amount sent there Mac is unbelievable and increased by 31% compared to the previous year. As for the distribution of products in other countries, the iPhone is made in China some kind of “bait” that convinces the client to the ecosystem, so that the latter decides to purchase other equipment marked with the logo brand of Cupertino.

Cook confessed that the company’s revenue from Chinese AppStore doubled in the past 12 months, and into the hands of developers in this country went $ 5 billion. Apple CEO confirmed that the company wants to expand retail network in China and, therefore, to the middle of next year there will be 40 stores Apple Store (at the moment there are 21).


 Dariusz Sztaba

Sympathizer and Apple technology you looking broadly and distance. Infects not only the “virus” brand of Coupertino but also a smile and cheerfulness. In her leisure time physical activity, family and powerful sound with his beloved music.



What images does the LG G4? [First Impressions] – Gadzeto Mania

When my hands got LG G4, I immediately went for a walk on the occasion of taking a photo of another smartphone. I was curious how much truth is in the manufacturer’s declarations on the camera.

In addition to the G4 I brought Huawei P8. LG’s flagship has a 16-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization and a 2.0 OIS lens aperture of f / 1.8. P8 while the camera 13 megapixels, which is also supported by the optical stabilizer, but the brightness of the aperture is f / 2.0.

In any case, both devices represent a higher shelf and in the case of both producers boasted above average photographic opportunities. Soon publish a full comparison, but first handful of observations on the G4 camera and photo gallery.


The day the camera flash blades. The transition between the near and distant plan takes a fraction of a second. But this is not a surprising result; in a good light many smartphones blades very quickly. A big plus is the fact that G4 performs very well in the dark . Yes, sharpening takes much longer, but it is usually accurate. Focus G4 was more effective than that in Huaweiu P8. I’m curious to see how they do on the Samsung Galaxy compared to S6.

Image quality daily

Almost all flagship doing good pictures in the day. On account of the accident, however, deserve G4 contrast and fine detail in dark and bright areas of the image . Look at the sky and space under the bridge in the pictures below. G4 has kept most of the details in both areas.

Approximately can also be seen that quite a lot of detail reinforces and perpetuates the correct color. Note the number plate block and a poster.

Night and low light

The less light, the greater the advantage G4 became P8. New flagship LG fairly easily done after dark blur-free images. Photos are also very clear. Sometimes even too bright. This merits a little bright optics, but most of the work is in the software that boosts the brightness and contrast. The effect is, however, more than satisfactory. The pictures are clear, details pretty well mapped, and the work does not change the algorithms odszumiających them in watercolors . Well you can see it in the picture pub with zapiekankami on Saska Kepa. Look for the signs and inscriptions on the umbrella. G4 able to resolve much more detail than P8. Personnel is also less noisy and more saturated colors.

Below are more photos taken with the LG G4.


G4 camera tests appropriate to tie in front of us. But now you can see that the LG G4 photo belongs to Premier League and I am curious what this device will take away a person with a slightly better eye than mine. Fortunately, we have at hand the crew, also in the near future, expect a solid review.
Author: Jan Blinstrub


Facebook video calling now – Polish Radio

The program is available for both Android devices and iOS.

The service is available in 15 countries, including Poland. To be able to talk, you just have a connection with the ordinary 3G cellular network or Wi-Fi. No need for a modern smartphone with good technical parameters.

With the new Messenger will compete with services such as Skype, FaceTime and Hangouts.

Facebook ensures that communications application will adjust the parameters interview (video, audio) to the quality of the network to which the user is connected. You can also turn off the video, to improve the quality of conversation.

It is estimated that the Messenger application uses the world’s 600 million people.

(ew / PAP)


Apple: surprisingly good balance –

2015-04-28 18:34

Author: Christopher Pasławski

Compared with other IT giants Apple improves financial performance in an impressive scale. In the first quarter. Br. net profit corporations increased by 33 percent. with revenues higher by 27 percent.

The company’s revenues in the first quarter. Br. (Second quarter. Financial in 2015, completed on 28 March.) Amounted to 58 billion dollars., And net profit – 13.6 billion dollars. Analysts do not expect it to be so good. Apple-scale business development in the past year demonstrates the fact that the results are better than in the fourth quarter. 2013. What is more, the growth rate is not slowed down compared to the previous quarter (the result was the 30 – 37 per cent. In the black).

For a very good balance contributed to the high demand for the iPhone. Apple’s recent financial success is based essentially on the sale of this one category of devices. Throughout the quarter, Apple sold 61.17 million iPhones in this respect by collecting 40.39 billion. (70 per cent. Of revenues across the enterprise). Compared with the prior year, this is an increase by 40 and 55 percent. Wall Street analysts predicted an average of 55.7 million iPhones sold in the first quarter.

Reliable business foundation also prove Apple computers that are a bright spot against the weakening of the global PC market. In the last quarter, customers bought 4.56 million Macs, is about 10 percent. more than a year earlier – when PC sales in the global market shrank by 6.7 percent. (According to Gartner). Revenues from the sale of equipment in the balance sheet of Apple’s Mac has already exceeded the proceeds generated by the iPad. These are melting at a rapid pace – in the first quarter. Amounted to 5.49 billion dollars., About 29 percent. less than a year ago. The number of units sold fell by 23 per cent., To 12.62 million. Clearly shows that the end of the fashion for tablets.

Apple also increased revenues from services such as shops iTunes, App Store, Mac App Store and Apple Pay and Apple Care. The total value of sales in these sectors amounted to nearly $ 5 billion. (9 per cent.).

The high revenues and profits are due primarily to the fact that Apple generates a gross margin of unattainable for many equipment manufacturers – in the first quarter. It amounted to an average of 40.8 percent.

The high sales in mionionych 3 months is associated especially with the high demand for Apple devices in China, where revenues increased by 71 per cent., already generating 29 percent. Group turnover. In Europe, however, sales were higher (17.21 billion dollars.). Here, too, the demand for Apple’s devices and services increased significantly (+12 per cent.).

In the coming months, Apple is counting on additional growth in turnover associated with the release of the watch Aple Watch. In June, he has offered to appear in other countries (in April went on sale on 9 major markets of the world).
In the second quarter. Br. Apple expects a 46 – 48 billion. revenues. Gross margin, however, should be less than the last (38.5 – 39.5 per cent.). A year earlier, revenues amounted to 37.4 billion dollars., And net profit – 7.7 billion.