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Weather forecast for Polish – 1.03 –

On Sunday, the first of March, Poland falls under the influence of a deep decline from above the Norwegian Sea. Along our western border will influence atmospheric front. In the afternoon, the front area of ​​rain or drizzle will cover the western province. Meanwhile, in the East generally remain fairly nice weather, and if something already weak sprinkle some, it is to the east of Malopolska. To our country will be flowed quite warm Atlantic air. Atmospheric pressure will drop quickly and Warsaw in the early afternoon will be 996 hPa. Watch out for enhancing the wind! Will blow the southern direction, to the east moderately, and besides, quite strongly, strongly. In Côte gusts of wind can reach 70 km / h. Fishermen warned against stormy weather! Biomet in western and eastern ends of unfavorable for, and besides indifferent.

The upcoming days will pass under the sign of rain, passing Tuesday sleet and snow. From this day you can expect a several five-level cool and frost in the morning.


128 GB on the phone – the new Samsung flash bones –

Radek nimal – Friday, 27 February 2015 23:29


Samsung announced the start of mass production of the world’s first ultra-very capacious memory and interface UFS 2.0 . New Flash for mobile devices have a capacity of up to 128 GB.


Universal Flash Storage (UFS) is a specification approved by the JEDEC ultrafast memory interface for mobile devices. The technology used command queuing allows you to increase the data rate through the serial interface. Samsung UFS memory has a capacity up to 19 000 IOPS – 2.7 times more than the eMMC 5.0 popularly modules currently installed in the top models of smartphones. Also, read and write speeds are higher. According to the assurances of Samsung transfers achieve results similar to SSD, while reducing by 50% of the demand for energy.  20150226_128gb_ufs_1_

The new bones are in capacities of 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. Thanks to the epic modules that can be mounted directly on the processor, saves space in the enclosure. Mass production of memory has already been started, so we can soon expect new models with even more comprehensive flagowców and faster data space.

Source: Samsung


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Scientists have discovered a huge black hole. Giant has a mass of 12 billion … – News 24

Gigantic black hole discovered a team of scientists from China, the United States, Chile and Australia. The object has a mass of 12 billion times greater than the sun. Designated as the SDSS J010013.02 + 280225.8. It is the largest black hole discovered in history.

 / Fig. Zhaoyu Li / Shanghai Astronomical Observatory Observed in a little romantic how a black hole is a record holder of discovered so far. SDSS J010013.02 + 280225.8 “weigh” as much as 12 billion solar masses. It was created at a time when the universe was less than 1 billion years – gives service

The gigantic black holes are at the heart of most galaxies. The biggest so far discovered have a mass of 10 billion greater than the mass of the sun. Extremely little entertainment presented in the statement of the black hole in the center of the Milky Way, which is larger than the mass of the sun “only” about 4 million times.

In addition to the great mass of the black hole has discovered a unique “brightness”. Of course, not in itself, because black holes, as the name implies, do not let even visible light. As for the so-called. accretion disk, which is a rotating structure consisting of gas and dust, which affects the gravitational pull. Thanks to SDSS J010013.02 + 280225.8 is 429 trillion times “brighter” than the sun.

discovered black hole is a kind of window into the past. Visible light from distant objects as needed to reach the Earth billions of years, so J0100 + 2802 (abbreviated because it refers to a building) provides scientists with an image of the “young” of the universe.

Read also: The early March, Dawn probe reaches orbit of Ceres. Is it possible to live on this planet dwarf?

Black holes are the result of core collapse of massive stars to the cold and the smallest volume. You can not see what is happening inside them because they do not transmit light. They can be seen when present in a binary system with the star. Then you can “see” how the gravitational field of the black hole consumes matter neighboring building.


Radziwinowicz Murder Nemtsov is a provocation? Mortality … –

Boris Nemtsov to murder, a well-known dissident, took place on Friday at approx. 23.40 on the big bridge Moskworeckim, adjacent to Wasiliewskiego Spusku, which is an extension of the Red Square. Was given to him at least seven shots from a passing car.

How is it possible that no one stopped?

– It is under the Kremlin – commented on TOK FM Vaclav Radziwinowicz, a journalist of “Gazeta Wyborcza” writes about Russia. – He was shot in a place that should be under special supervision. There is constantly on duty security guards, there are plenty of police, undercover, on duty snipers. Strangely on the bridge for walking people fall a few shots, very customs and the perpetrators quietly leave – said the journalist. – Solar Powered is that the perpetrators of the shooting fled in such a place. Should be immediately stuck, caught, and they drove off and disappeared into thin – commented Radziwinowicz.

– Police – as always in political murders – giving conflicting signals that the car they found or not. I hear there are even three cars, but do not know if it can be linked with what happened – commented on TOK FM.

paranoid philosophy Kremlin

Vladimir Putin says that murder is a provocation. – In this paranoid philosophy that guided the hosts of the Kremlin, it is always the case that those who die, and there are opponents of the Kremlin, killed at his own request. Each case of political assassination, and there are a whole series, so it is translated – said the correspondent of “Gazeta Wyborcza”.

He stressed that “Putin’s opponents mortality is extremely high, but each time it was called on to someone else who wants to harm him. “

What message goes to the society? – Przykremlowska TV Live News tells the tale of the fact that the West gave Niemcowowi money on making the revolution in Russia, and he przehulał them and could not settle. Another is a thread about jealousy, because walking with a photo model from Ukraine and the perpetrator might have been her husband or partner. He still lay on the bridge, and they are already saying – emphasized journalist.

Precision shots

Nemtsov was hit by four bullets. They shot him in the back, but very precise – bullets hit the heart and stomach. And also in the head. He died almost immediately.

The perpetrators been caught. Witnesses claim that the bombers were moving white Ford. Citing a source in the police, Interfax reported that by the provisions of street surveillance cameras already established registration number of the vehicle.

The world leaders – including Barack Obama, Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel – are “shocked murder.”

Putin’s opposition leader accused of corruption. Recently said that the mother is afraid for his life [PROFILE]


Friday, February 27, 2015

Wankband – smartband that recharges pornofana smartphone (video) –

Fashion assumed gadgets on the market also reached adult film lovers in smartphones. Those who are “warmed up” movie Pornhub proposes wristband and innovative way to generate energy for your smartphone – through masturbation.

Wankband a wristband, which to a known function uses a man. Smartband as vigorous exercise movements converts kinetic energy into electricity. This is stored in the built-in battery for an undisclosed capacity. Then, when you need it, we can connect to it and to charge the smartphone.

 Of course Wankband will operate not only during masturbation. A special mechanism that during movement up and down the charges the battery can be used even while running, installing gadget on the ankle, but the first method may be more enjoyable.

For those interested in information – band for now exists only in the prototype stage, you can sign up for the beta-testing through the site Pornhub. The creators announced that they will be running the tests, which soon will be able to save the first eager.

Wankband – Gadget future ?, or rather part of a marketing campaign, calculated on a sense of humor and outrage some other . For now, we must settle for a film.

Source: Pornhub




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This is extremely popier..lone.



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Where can I sign up for beta testing this device?



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Finally …. For years I’ve been waiting for such an invention. Now, not only do I load my cell phone, but the whole house ….



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. “… Masturbation” Hmmmm …. if the author does not zagalopował in these movements, little tasty …



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I think I exaggerate, the weekend did not disappoint a little humor. Not every news must be serious. By the way it ties Creator probably did not expect what they used to serve


Everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy S6 two days before … –

We reviewed the report of the latest smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6, which will premiere on Sunday night, during the fair Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona. In some respects one of the most important flagowców the market will be much better than its predecessor, or to Samsung, however, manages to dazzle us? Let’s see what we know.


On the web there are many pictures showing the new model, but let’s start with the Koreans on how they describe it in the official promotional materials. In the disclosed a few days ago teaser hear about the “metal” and “screen with no frame”. We hear also ensure that suggest that the Galaxy S6 is extremely innovative phone.

According to unofficial reports, we know that the Galaxy S6 can be metal, and the screen should be deprived of the frame. It is not entirely clear whether this feature will affect S6 or curved Galaxy S Edge. The screen of the smartphone – even the pictures published probably by Samsung – it looks like he was bent on both sides. Digital Trends reports that Samsung may show some models S6 – the “normal” screen and curved on one side and on both sides. Divergent information may be a simple reason – the stage of prototype testing and Samsung could test different variations of the latest flagship. It is not known which came finally to production.

Is the Galaxy and Galaxy S S6 Edge?

Fig. for

Latest photos Galaxy S6, disclosed by XDA Developers, you will find in our gallery.

Display Full HD no longer

Galaxy S6 will probably be equipped with a screen resolution of Quad HD (2560 × 1440 pixels). Screen size is expected to be 5.2 or 5.3 inches. The display is made in the technology Super AMOLED Gorilla Glass is secure 4.

Processor or parting with Snapdragon

Another source confirmed that Samsung has resigned from the purchase of Qualcomm processor, and instead of the Galaxy S6 Snapdragon Exynos will. This is to allow for savings (Koreans themselves produce the processor) without compromising performance. By Sammobile portal Exynos 7420, made in 20nm technology, is more efficient than the Snapdragon 810.

The Exynos 7420 is a system of ośmiordzeniowy – four cores are responsible for the processing of demanding operations, four for plain ordinary activities. Each of the cores can be turned on or off as needed.

The layout of the latest smartphones from Samsung is probably the Mali-T760 MP8.

We also know that the Galaxy S6 will be equipped with 3GB memory RAM, the Galaxy S Edge 4GB of RAM.


In this case, further leaks confirm previous reports. The Galaxy S6 find the camera based on IMX240 sensor (16 megapixels), produced by Sony. Is similar in Note 4. Koreans reportedly upgraded optics and software. This is to improve the quality of photos and videos taken in poor lighting conditions.

System, which is a breakthrough

Samsung accustomed its users to a huge amount of pre-installed applications on smartphones. The S6 Glaxy it has radically changed. According to the website the latest flagowcu Sammobile will only … two applications Samsung. Not only that – the Galaxy S6 are also found three Microsoft applications! With a long list of applications that duplicate the Google solution is low position: S Voice, S Health, Facebook, WhatsApp, Microsoft One Drive, Microsoft One Note, Skype. For this application, and the standard Galaxy Google Apps.

In addition, the TouchWiz overlay Samsung Google system, it has to be very close to the pure Android Lollipop.

Additional data and information

Samsung Galaxy S6 is to be equipped with a battery with a capacity of 2600mAh. When ośmiordzeniowym processor using battery savings mode can therefore be necessary. This is supposed to compensate for high-speed wireless charging.

The Samsung smartphone will cooperate with glasses Gear VR.

Galaxy S6 will be available in four colors, the stores will probably in April (early Asian markets).

Are all these reports are confirmed? What surprised us the Korean giant? You will find out that thanks to our relationship with the premiere. Enjoy Sunday night.


YouTube barely earns on each other – CHIP

Few sites in the world can boast a number of over a billion users. Four billion revenue is also sumka round, which many services can dream of. But the general statement of YouTube does not cope well. On the contrary – practically earns just enough to cover the cost of expenses.

The problem is not only the infrastructure itself, which absorbs enormous financial resources, but also a small revenue from ads. As it turns out, despite the ubiquitous Web videos Service is responsible only for 6% ad sales by Google. More and more people are not watching a video on the main page, but uses the content embedded on the likes of social networks. Additional statistics are not optimistic – for 85% of the total viewing of the service accounts for only 9% of users , most of which are teenagers. Thus, while YouTube is no longer attractive to advertisers.

It is not surprising that Google is trying to make money in a different way by introducing, among others, subscription service . Despite the problems described is hard to imagine, however, that the service had to fall. Though it lacks the strong competition, many websites offering similar services such as Vimeo, Facebook and Twitter can YouTube’owi firmly step on any toes.


Charge your phone with the power of masturbation. Wankband is a new … –

Each sometimes doing a dirty mind, but if we are willing to turn them into the dirty energy that is credited to our gadgets? Pornhub wants us to have in mind the good of our planet and offers us a novel way of generating energy – through masturbation.

Wankband – ekogadżet future?

The principle is simple – we assume that little band on hand and if we perform vigorous movements, it converts kinetic energy into electricity. Then, when you need it, we can connect to the tablet, smartphone or other gadget to charge it. In short Wankband allows us to “love the planet, when we love each other.”

Of course Wankband will operate not only during masturbation. We might as well wear it on the ankle and go for a run in the park. I will say more, in the latter case the effect will be even better, because in this way faster recharge the battery Wankband.

This is not the first such project

Wankband can be first kinetic charger advertised as an accessory to masturbate, but in any case is not the first such invention on the market. These gadgets are many, including recently funded on Kickstarterze amplifiers afterwards .

These are all very good ideas, but still battery chargers, each of these has a small capacity. With ever increasing energożerności our phones it is not good. It is true that none of the producers in no hurry to feed specifics, but the developers amplifiers afterwards say that the energy of the invention will power the iPhone 5 for 3 hours. Considering the average life of the phone on a single charge (data resultant Apple and my experience) it suggests to us about 100-120 mAh battery capacity . With flagship smartphone batteries exceeding 3000 mAh it is not too much …


Woolet – smart wallet with Polish – Interia

Poles designed a portfolio that can not be lost. The project has collected the sum of 15 Kickstarterze assumed $ 000 in less than two days

Woolet, or smart wallet

/ press releases

The creators of fabric softener called Sofft promise a revolution. Their invention, which introduced a new technology to one of the most basic household tasks – washing – will allow us to say goodbye to dirt and stains on the clothes, which proves to be beneficial not only for our … read more

So far, the campaign has supported more than 180 people, nearly 20 the amount of $ 000, and the end of the collection of the remaining 34 days. This means that soon introduce Woolet update in the form of support for Windows Phone. The project can follow and support on this page.

Smart, slim wallet idea three Poles – was presented at the largest site in the world crowdfundingowym: Equipped with energy-efficient, the latest Bluetooth 4.0 module, Woolet communicates with the application available for iOS and Android, alerting you when you are outside the pocket member. Thus it with the loss of valuable content is almost impossible. Over the next 35 days you can follow the campaign and support on the official website of the project on the site

– We live very soon. Almost every one of us in a hurry about something forgotten or lost items. Anyone who has lost his wallet knows how unpleasant the consequences: the reservation of cards, the hours spent at the windows in the offices, the specter of identity theft. We thought that you can easily minimize the risk of this nightmare. With the help of latest technology for the future, which is combined with an extraordinary, elegant design – Cold Bart said, one of the founders and designer Wooleta.

Inside the hidden Wooleta Bluetooth 4.0 module. The signal emitted by paired with an application portfolio is received on the user’s smartphone or tablet. Dedicated application turns on when the owner moves away from the portfolio at a distance of 6 to 25 meters. In addition to voice notification doom the app allows you to locate and has the function of inducing sound. Also, forgetful friends can help you in finding a lost wallet thanks to the crowd detection.

The prototypes were created from high quality Wooleta calf skins coming from Polish farmers. The portfolio is distinguished by an extremely slender shapes (just 125 x 87 mm and less than 10 mm thick).

Although Woolet is extremely thin, maintains high functionality characteristic of modern portfolios. Available to the user are 4 pockets for credit cards, one larger pocket for other documents, compartment for banknotes and a special, hidden pocket in which you can keep both coins and precious objects. All Woolety will be handmade by Polish purse makers with years of experience in the industry.

Woolet has a chance to get to supporting the project in May this year. Will be available in two colors: brown and black.

According to a report by Raconteur ubieralnych technology market (ang. Wearables), on which the Woolet, in 2019 years is projected to reach $ 50 billion, which is five times faster growth of the market of smartphones and tablets.


This site is 10 years old and governs the video market, but … still does not make money –

This site has received numerous recordings reveal the unbelievable amount. For example, Gangnam Style has been accessed two billion times. Examples could be multiplied, and all could be proof that YouTube is a service of the incumbents. And because almost with every film we see advertising we could be confident that YouTube is a gold mine, machine for making money.

Journalists Wall Street Journal have discovered, however, that Google .. . does not make money on YouTube. The main reason? YouTube works by gigantic infrastructure that requires an equally enormous costs. The second reason is weak profits the way YouTube works. Users benefit primarily from the links, relatively few people open service by the homepage where you could put some profitable advertising.

The Wall Street Journal also stresses that YouTube is still less attractive to advertisers than traditional television.

Since the 3-4 billion dollars, which brings YouTube does not allow to fully cover the cost of the service, just think if anyone is able to create an alternative service operating on a similar scale. Google does not close so YouTube, because the service is part of a larger whole, thanks to which, however, Google achieves extremely great income.


Stylish watch from LG or Watch Urbane –

Author: Krzysztof Tomcats (Nickey)



In a few days at the fair in Barcelona (Mobile World Congress) will premiere a new smartwatch’a from LG called Watch Urbane. This watch will be available in two versions: with and without LTE connectivity. However, there is something interesting, what distinguishes different from the proposals SmartWatch LG.

If you believe the words Watch Urbane LTE will allow phone calls without having to use a smartphone. In addition, services such as GPS navigation, voice translator, voice chat, tools for fitness will also be acting alone. A useful option may be SOS button which will send an alarm signal to your friends in your contacts.

In contrast to other solutions, including LG has not applied the WebOS system. On the plus side should also include the design, who is not conspicuous, yet is stylish. Variant without LTE module is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 410 mAh, while the LTE version – 700 mAh. Unknown is, unfortunately, the final price and date of availability.

stylish watch from LG or Watch Urbane
Source: Techspot


Thursday, February 26, 2015

The black hole of attracting 12 billion suns – Polish Radio

  photo: Auth. NASA

Researchers from Peking University could not examine the same hole, therefore, focused on the surrounding disk. Hole sucks in surrounding matter with such force that the latter heats up and emits radiation. The brightness of the disk indicates that the black hole that is hidden in it, is extremely powerful.

Fortunately, the object is 12.8 billion light-years from Earth. The distance, however, mean that the hole we have seen from Earth, was formed shortly after the Big Bang, and that it had already reached its capacity. The object that we see in the universe was only 900 million years.

The huge mass of existing holes in the early universe is surprising. This means that such objects appeared in the beginning of our cosmos and very quickly took on weight – which is rare because black holes usually develop quite slowly.

(ew / PopSci)


MWC 2015: LG Watch Urbane SmartWatch LTE from LG –

Several days ago LG announced that it will show in Barcelona SmartWatch LG Watch Urbane LTE. Now announced the model LG Watch Urbane LTE will differ from him some important details.

First of all – as the name suggests – will include a 4G LTE connectivity. This happens functionality push-to-talk (PPT), NFC module, its own operating system LG Wearable Platform, as well as more RAM (1 GB to 512 MB) and a larger capacity battery (700 mAh to 410 mAh).

In addition, the LG Watch Urbane LTE, like the LG Watch Urbane, equipped with a 1.3-inch round P-OLED display, Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 400 at 1.2 GHz and 4 GB built-in memory.

We do not know when and what price SmartWatch LTE LG Watch Urbane hits the market.

LG Watch Urbane LTE – Specifications:

 - Processor: 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 400

 - System: LG Wearable Platform

 - Screen: 1.3 “P-OLED (320 x 320/245 ppi)

 - Network: LTE

 - Memory: 4 GB eMMC / 1GB LPDDR3

 - Battery: 700 mAh

 - Sensors: 9-Axis / barometer / PPG / GPS

 - Connectivity: WiFi 802.11 b, g, n / Bluetooth 4.0L / NFC

 - Color: silver

 - Resistance to water and dust (IP67)

 - Speaker

 - In microphone.

Author: km

More information: SmartWatch, LG Watch Urbane LTE