Friday, September 19, 2014

Privacy by Apple earlier leak of photos from iCloud, now … –

Accusing its competitors with excessive violations of the privacy of its clients, the boss of Apple took the opportunity to present how, in his opinion, the company respects the privacy of customers and their data. In an open letter Tim Cook stressed that the company’s business Apple does not rely on advertising revenue , so either they do not care, or can not even keep track of users.

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When the client does not pay for the service itself becomes a commodity

Apple itself, however, also uses private data – When I please use your data, this enhances the product on the basis of experience users.

– A few years ago – he writes Tim Cook – Internet users have figured out that when a service on the Internet is free, they are no longer customers. Are a commodity. But Apple – emphasizes the boss of Apple, whose product is the hero of the recent loud leak pictures celebrity – we believe that better service can not be at the expense of your privacy.

Apple Chief stated that his business is based on selling “great products”. He stressed that Apple does not build customer profiles based on the content of emails, browser history, do not derive profits from the information stored by customers in mobile or in the cloud (Cloud), the company has not read the text messages or e-mails for information that will be useful to advertisers .

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Criticism of competition as clever advertising Apple

Tim Cook does not mention the names of their competitors, but the practices described indicate with his sharp words excel on Google and Facebook. But then he admits that “a very small part of our business”, however, serves advertisers. Reserves, however, that the application iAd apply to the privacy policy of Apple.

– built a network of advertising, because some application developers rely on such a business model, and we want to support them as a free service to the radio iTunes – says Cook.

At the end of Cook stabbed competitors last pins. – Finally, I want to emphasize that I have never worked with any government agency from any country to create rear access to our products and services. We also never have given access to our servers. And never give.

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