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Maps HERE for ‘Samsung Galaxy, or how Koreans … –

Since Microsoft bought some Nokia mobile maps HERE become one of the key products in the portfolio of the “old” Nokia. It can be expected that the expansion of services will be quite fast and reaches the competing operating systems.

yesterday presented maps HERE Beta for Android, and actually so far only for devices Samsung Galaxy series. The company brings the best, that is, maps and navigation offline, after having download data for entire countries or continents. This is a significant advantage over solutions from Google, which has not proposed a real mapping offline, and save local fragments of maps is not working as it should. Searching the maps HERE we have a choice of transportation, public and pedestrians, and the system we propose three alternative routes. Being online, additionally get information about traffic, obstacles on the road and sync with our account HERE. The service will be available after the release of the Samsung smart watch Gear S, which also will use technology from HERE.

For more information about this solution can be found in the press release, but much more interesting phenomenon is the diversification of services by Samsung. Apple for quite some time trying to be decoupled from the application Google. Changed among other things, a base search on Bing and created their own maps, which replaced Google Maps. Samsung by playing with Tizen and strong interference in its overlay TouchWiz Android drew the wrath of the heads of Mountain View. The investment in the map HERE is another step towards independence. However, remains an open question – who needs whom more – Samsung Google or Google Samsung.


Google is working on drones that provide shipment. Meet the … – News 24

Google revealed Wings Project. The American giant from two years working on drones that will be able to deliver small consignments. Experiments are carried out in Australia by a team of Google X.

 / Fig. Screenshot / YouTube Google showed a short film about the project Wing (“Wing”). It’s about unmanned drones that will deliver small consignments. They would fly at a low height, would be able to avoid obstacles. Could take off vertically.

Clip presented by Google shows a man who ordered on the Australian outback food for the dog. Dron reaches the place of the contract and without landing dumps shipment. The tests were delivered to Australian farmers from Queensland first-aid kit, candy, water and dog treats. The project Wing by Google “faster, safer, and more efficient delivery of goods.”

 / Fig. Screenshot / YT Google is not the first company that wants to use drones deliveries. Project Prime Air also boasted Amazon. The goal is ambitious: to provide delivery in 30 minutes or less. Skeptical about the idea TechCrunch journalists who pay inter alia the potential problems with the legalization of drone flights.

In July occurred in New York for nine incidents in civil air traffic involving drones. Two times the pilots were forced to change course. The problem relates to devices used by civilians and not the military machine. According to experts the principles of movement drones in the air should be regulated. Own regulations is about to enter the European Union. This problem is the biggest challenge that also faces the creators of the project Wing.


BFS-Auto – This machine can scan an entire book in a minute – Interia

Today, Aug. 31 (5:42)

Many of the books published today also placed on the market in the form of e-books. And what about the older titles, existing only on paper? In the event of a problem, impeding the digital edition is the need for time-consuming scanning. However, there are solutions that scan the book takes a minute!

Robot BFS-Auto

/ press releases

Robot BFS-Auto was created for one purpose – is as soon as possible, and at the same exactly, scan paper book. The parameters of the machine are impressive – within a minute can scan up to 250 pages

BFS-Auto High Speed ​​Book Scanner at over 250 pages / min

To an amazing rate did not affect the quality of recorded material, BFS-Auto 500 times per second checks the position of the cards to make a picture of her in the most optimal time. By comparing two photos of the same cards – one made when it is stationary and the second while in motion, the algorithm of the device is able to convert the image so that the impression of perfectly upright scanned pages of the book. With such equipment, the digitization of knowledge, so far hidden in the depths of the libraries can be much simpler than it might seem.

Luke Michalik


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Project Wing – you will not believe what Google is testing two years –

Wing Project was disclosed by Google project, where for several years he has worked Laboratory X – department of the company, which is behind the glasses Google or self-tracking in cars.

The aim of the project is to create drone, which very soon will be able to reach a certain place and deliver a small charge. Google in its prospectus describing Wing Project highlights:

This has more to do with our autonomous cars than remotely piloted aircraft, which people play in the parks on weekends.

Drones to reach ( flying at an altitude of approx. 60m over hurdles) at the programmed location coping with obstacles and variable weather conditions. Same flight would take place – as is the case with Google car – without human intervention.

Procect Wing

Fig. Google

Google believes, of course, that creates another revolution. Drones are ultimately “make the world a much better place” – said in an interview with The Atlantic Astro Teller, who is responsible for the design expert Google.

largest Internet company in the world comes to his next project in a way that we already know. No rush. First, long work on the first prototypes, later tests (just underway in Australia). The next step is – the longer the specific results that can be shown – reaching agreement with the authorities. Sure is, after all, that no institution supervisor airspace not agree that just like that found hundreds of drones fly without any supervision. So Google has plans to consult with representatives of the government. It’s something completely different from the joke , which Amazon successfully attracted the attention of the media.

Google wants to be a pioneer in another industry. Everyone else probably would not dare to spend lots of money on something that is ahead of our concept of a decade or more. It may, however, prove that it is still working on what Google in the near future will be the norm and standard. This is all the more possible that today in different parts of the world drones already provide shipping.


Russians distributing leaflets Nobody will be shot for no reason –

occupied by the Russian army Nowoazowsku, in the Donetsk region in eastern Ukraine, leaflets appeared likely to attest to the fact that Russia is preparing to introduce to the region peacekeeping contingent.

Illustrative photo


Forces of Ukraine passed the counter-terrorism operation to attack in the Luhansk region in the east of the country – said a spokesman for the National Security Council and Defense of Ukraine, Andriy Lysenko. He added that Ukrainian soldiers liquidated more than 40 terrorists. read more

the user’s information, “how to behave in dealing with peaceful contingent of Russian troops Federeacji.”

These Flyers published on the website of the National Security Council and Defense (NSDC) of Ukraine.

In the first two sections of this manual authors are calling to residents so. Przyazowia, namely land on the Sea of ​​Azov “in no way opposed to the movement of Russian troops” and provided them with assistance. Remember, they came (the army) to defend you against terrorists and illegal Ukrainian army – written.

In the following paragraphs residents are asked to “talk with the Russian military only in Russian “and to inform them of the locations of the Ukrainian army.

” Prepare a list of military Ukrainian army “

Prepare a list of military Ukrainian army, participants Maidan (protests Kyiv and other cities), activists of social organizations and leaders of national minorities in order to provide their employees with the Federal Security Service peacekeepers – say recommendations.

Further instructions indicate that soldiers from peacekeeping contingent should be “share living space,” and residents should follow the curfew. The eighth point states that “citizens who actually will assist in the detection of Ukrainian terrorists will receive extra food rations and relief.”

All instruction is composed of nine points. “Believe: Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation guarantees that none of you will be shot for no reason. Remember that the peacekeeping forces of the Russian Federation shall act in accordance with the Geneva Convention of 1949″ – the last words written in the leaflet.

The Russians entered the Novoazovsk on Thursday. NSDC said then that the Ukrainian forces had to withdraw from there to save the lives of soldiers. To the city entered two Russian columns, in which there were tanks, armored personnel carriers and other vehicles.



The September offer Games with Gold – Interia

Microsoft introduced another proposal of free games for holders of gold subscription to Xbox Live Gold. What we find in the offer? Read on.

the beginning of September, owners of Xbox 360 consoles will receive Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine, one of the most interesting independent games, which should hit a chord with fans skradanek. For some it will be a proposition too demanding, though others will treat a high level of difficulty as an advantage.

Title can be downloaded via page or directly from the store Xbox Games on Xbox 360 . The title will be available for Xbox Live Gold members from 1 to 15 September.

In the second half of the month, however, between 16 and 30, in the offer of Games with Gold users will receive no additional charge Halo: Reach, which probably needs no introduction to anyone.

As if that’s not enough, in conjunction with the launch of Xbox One in Poland, which is to take place on September 5, each buyer from the first moment will be able to log on through the whole month of free access to the game Super Time Force.


Plan on September 9th Apple: iPhone 6 and iWatch? – Business Pulse

Apple tycoon on the market new technologies sent out invitations to the conference, which will be held on Tuesday, September 9 at Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino, California, near the company’s headquarters.

Time and place of presentation, moreover, are not accidental. Apple showed last year, two models of the iPhone 5S and 5C which is also the second Tuesday in September. This date optimal, because you can set up delivery before Christmas crazy shopper, when technological innovations spread like hot cakes. In turn, Flint Center for lovers of Apple almost cult place. The facility, which can hold 2.3 thousand. of Steve Jobs showed in 1984, the Macintosh.

we know the date, other details, as usual, are shrouded in mystery. On the new Apple probably all waiting. The company since the death of the charismatic manager Steve Jobs is still waiting for a new, breakthrough products.

news agency Bloomberg says that a few days Apple will show two new models of the iPhone, the gadget that generates the most profit. The smartphone will be available in two sizes: one will have a 4.7-inch screen and the other slightly larger in size 5.5 inches. If you check the forecast, it will be Apple’s answer to the growing popularity of larger smartphones.

But that’s not all. The market lot of speculation about a possible presentation by President Tim Cook brand new gadget category devices suitable for dress and worn on the body of the user. Perhaps it will be a long-awaited and announced SmartWatch, a type of smart watch, which according to reports is to be called iWatch.

Samsung, Apple’s main competitor, as well as several other companies already have such products. Apple is still waiting for the debut, because it seems that consumers are not massively felt the need to have such equipment. Apple has not entered into a new product category from 2010., When he first unveiled the iPad. Well versed in the technological service Re / code confirms that “ubieralny gadget” will be part of the conference.

Fans of the brand watching for new products, and investors are a potential source of profit. As soon as Tim Cook and his colleagues will present their new ideas, analysts will watch the reaction of the market. In late August, Apple shares have cost more than $ 100, from the beginning of the year have gained nearly 30 percent.


Project New Warsaw, Warsaw or returns to the shows –

For nearly two years a group of enthusiasts in the capital of Lower Silesia working on a new version of the Warsaw 223 Referring to the iconic communist owski vehicle, they want to create a fully modern luxury car, designed to restore the good name of the Polish automotive industry. For now, they managed to finish the 1: 1 model, which until September 17 in Wroclaw, you can watch Sky Tower shopping center. Work on the prototype is still in progress. talking to the originator of the project New Warsaw Michael Koziołek. At what stage are you?

Michael Goat: The most important is over . We finished model 1: 1, which already looks like a real car. Compared to what we showed some time ago in Poznan, an amazing jump. To make the model look like, spent almost four months of acute work after twenty several hours a day, sometimes completely without sleep.

Some say it’s just a model that does not drive. But we also have to seventy, eighty percent of a finite target vehicle. It is already inserted into it pięciolitrowy V10 engine is done the whole body, suspension, brakes – exhaust remake yet.

We are constantly working on the interior. We finished model it on the computer, then print them in 3D, on a scale of 1: 5. In this material we will work to then do not make the mistake in real interior. I think that in a month we will start the construction. When we’re done, it’s hard for me to say. We operate on a little chain reaction – one company that cooperates with us, you must finish a stage, so the game could enter the second. It may take us half a year, maybe four months. Do not hurry. We prefer to extend the period of production, the car came to an even higher level, so that at the time of the official presentation was a real show of Polish possibilities.

What do you want to attract potential customers?

Among other things, luxurious finish. Leather, wood and so on. Firing and certain functions in the car will normally be controlled by voice, the technology we have developed. We also want to install a camera that will watch everything that happens in the middle. It is possible that we combine it with the capabilities of an autonomous vehicle. Iron Zbyszek of our team has created the first such car in Poland. We will not itself be moved, because it’s not that, but certainly some features of this car move.

In the trunk you want to do some curiosities, such as drawer for shirts, which will be put forward from the floor pneumatically trunk. There will also be a good place for alcohol, in this case can not champagne, but on a national vodka to even more emphasize the Polish character (laughs). To this place the glass, humidor for cigars. We would like it to be a class by itself.

also think about adding to the car electric scooter.

This is a plan that would stand up with the rear bumper . This is a larger wrinkle, but there is a chance it will work. Recently jointly developed a scooter, who won the event in Barcelona Smart Moto Challenge, so we have experience in these matters. We thought about inserting a small scooter from behind to businessman could at any moment to pull it out and drive up the piece to work. It all depends on how much effort it will require from us. Already working for twenty, twenty-four hours a day. Check unfortunately, no longer continues.


Aurigidy in our evening sky – NEWSFix Magazine


In the coming days will begin its activity swarm Aurigidów that we will be able to watch up to 5 September – told PAP Assoc. Arkadiusz Olech Astronomical Center Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw.
Around August 25 dies known Perseid activity. “As a consolation for all observers meteor swarm remains Aurigidów, which starts its activity in the area on August 28 and ends September 5. This is not a swarm so well known and active as the Perseids, but he can show off explosions, where you can even see a few dozen meteors per hour, “- said the astronomer. Recent events of this type were observed in the years 1935, 1986, 1994 and 2007.

Maximum swarm activity usually falls around Sept. 1. It is no different this year, because I expected it exactly that day in the chair. 9 of our time. At this time in Poland is already the day, but at the same time it means that the second half of the night of August 31 to September 1 will be a very good time to observe.

To follow good layout encourages the phases of the moon. In the second half of the night, at the turn of August and September, Silver Globe is below the horizon and completely not interfere with the observations. What’s more, the radiant swarm shines above the horizon – the caller said the PAP.

Aurigidy at a maximum offer from 5 to 10 meteors per hour. This in itself is not a high value, but it is worth noting that they are part of the large swarms, which include the The September Perseids and Delta Epsilon Aurigidy, as well as a handful of weaker, less known or even waiting to be discovered swarms.

“In sum, in good conditions, we can expect that in this region of the sky dojrzymy up to 15 meteors per hour. Of course dojrzymy them only when well prepare to follow. We must choose a dark place, away from city lights, as well as adapted eyes to the darkness (time of about 10-15 minutes is enough, because our eyes + shifted + to night vision), “- said Dr. Olech. He added, trying to follow the strongly illuminated city will end the score at 1-2 meteors per hour.


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Neptune in opposition. It is worth watching! – Polish Radio

Opposition astronomers call an outer planet setting in which it shines exactly on the opposite side of the sky than the Sun. – This configuration always creates good conditions for observation of the body being in opposition – says dr hab. Arkadiusz Olech Astronomical Center Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. – It is located high above the horizon since around midnight, making his observations are the easiest. In addition, its distance from Earth is the lowest, and thus the greatest brilliance – adds astronomer.

August 29, in the chair. 16.33 our time in opposition to the Sun was the farthest planet in the Solar System – Neptune. The planet shines in the constellation of Aquarius and has a brightness of 7.8 magnitudes. – For the observation we have to use binoculars or a telescope. Around midnight, the planet will find less than 30 degrees above the southern horizon – advises Dr. Olech.

As the conditions for observation are now very good because the young moon does not bother even his light.

(ew / PAP-Science in Poland)


In Wroclaw, recharge your smartphone at the bus stop. Good idea … – Gadzeto Mania

Wheel at the bus stop in Wroclaw is the first investment of this type in Poland. And, unfortunately, immediately begs the adage: first plums robaczywki.

At several stops residents of Wroclaw can succor your electronic equipment

The idea of ​​the paper is actually great. He dropped the phone, and we have an important conversation? Kindle exhausted and want to finish chapter before reaching home? Just a minute form and for a few minutes the device will definitely come to life .

Standing at the bus stop does not have to be idle. And besides, slowly catching up with the world. In Boston they have a bench that can charge smartphones, with us, in Wroclaw, saving stops.
However, there are a few “buts”. One must wonder the same location chargers – why not in the middle of the bus? So down to earth, it seems that would be more convenient if we could do when charging just sit there – the benches would be ideal. And so we have to bother and such. During rain exposed to dampness.

Do not immediately charger built in Wroclaw

surprised by the fact that at hand no cables , for example. permanently mounted. At once there is a counter-argument that someone might snatch it. Agreed, but if we are afraid that something will be destroyed, theoretically, we should not create. Vandals unfortunately missing ..

In the absence of cables suffer users, yet is about our comfort comes . With hand on heart – how often do you have at the wire in the charging? I never, and I suspect that most of the no. Anyway, drew attention to one of the commenters video, so it is not exaggerated the problem.

Yes, these are the details. We can be glad that the charger at all established (though not for long – it’s just advertising company, which will be liquidated on September 15), and for a moment we can enjoy the progress.

But I do not exaggerate in the other direction – Do not settle for just anything . If you have such a project is realized, let it be designed and manufactured so that any potential user will be happy with it and will use at any time. And not only when just at hand will be the cable. Progress so bungle – no

No, unless the idea is to promote a company. People will say, and that not everyone will use the charger? Well, what to try and take care of the details, once for two weeks, and so it disassembles


Goclever Insignia 1010 Business – tablet with a keyboard, Windows and … – Interia

Goclever Introduces its first tablet with Windows 8.1 – Insignia 1010 Business. The device is equipped with MS Office 365 Personal (with an annual license) Intel ATOM Z3740D and keyboard-case. It costs 999 zł.

Goclever Insignia 1010 Business

/ press releases

MSI has unveiled a new hybrid working under Windows 8.1. The device named S100 has nothing special, but probably its price will not be high. read more

The tablet uses 4-core mobile processor family, Intel Atom (replaces the older Celeron system N2805) and the Windows operating system 8.1 with MS Office, and the available disk space online service OneDrive. Goclever Insignia 1010 Business allows you to work with Word documents, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint, using e-mail, explore the Internet, teleconferencing (two webcams 2Mpix). An interesting solution is the Intel Wireless Display (Intel WiDi), which allows for wireless image transmission to external devices – monitor, TV or projector.

Note that the device uses the screen 10.1 ” (16:10, 1280×800 pixels, multi-touch for 10 points) with IPS technology. At its surface, in addition to said processor Intel Atom (Z3740D, 1.33GHz with the possibility of increasing the clock speed to 1.83 GHz with Turbo Boost), is integrated graphics Intel HD Graphics. The system is supported by 2GB of RAM (DDR3), and your data you can store in the built-in flash eMMC 32GB or on removable microSD cards (up to max. 64GB).

Specification complement, among others battery with a capacity of 8000mAh (sufficient for approx. 6 hours of work), microUSB 2.0 OTG interface, through which we connect peripheral devices or a 3G modem, and miniHDMI port, speakers, microphone and headphone output. The manufacturer also can not forget about the module Wi-Fi (b / g / n) and Bluetooth (4.0).
Limited quantity Goclever Insignia 1010 Business will go on sale August 27 in store at an introductory price of 999 zł. Tablet is covered by a 24 month warranty, including 12 months in the door-to-door.


Archos unveiled a new line of smartphones and tablets. – NEWSFix Magazine


At this year’s IFA Archos has unveiled a very interesting models for both smartphones based on Android and Windows 8.1. I wonder if the latest gadgets Windows box you will find takers. For sure technical specifications and the price is very tempting.

Here’s news that will be available from September / October in our market:

ARCHOS 40 Cesium – efficient and affordable smartphone running Windows Phone 8.1. The device operates on a 4-core Snapdragon processor in a series of 200 and is equipped with 4-inch display. The rear casing is available in three colors. 40 Cesium will go on sale in September for a suggested price of 329 zł.
ARCHOS 80 Cesium – tablet Windows 8.1, 8-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1280 × 800 and 4-core Intel processor. The device is recommended as a replacement handheld mobile computer at work. 80 Cesium will be available on the market since October at a suggested price of 619 zł.
 ARCHOS_50b Platinum_01

The latest model smartphone – ARCHOS 50b Platinum is based on a 4-core processor and features a 5-inch IPS display with a resolution of HD. The operating system 50b Platinum was upgraded to version Android KitKat. In addition, the smartphone supports two SIM cards, and 8MP camera with autofocus on the back of the device and a 2MP front of the built-in flash. Storage of data and multimedia files allows built-in microSD card with a capacity of 8GB. The rear housing 50b Platinum is available in three colors.

The company ARCHOS announces the introduction of smartphone 45c Platinum – a smaller version of the model 50b Platinum. Both models will be available as of September for a suggested retail price: 50b Platinum – 539 zł, 45c Platinum – 449 zł.

ARCHOS 101 Oxygen is powered by quad-core processor ARM Cortex – A17 offers 1.5 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory, so check out the intensive work and provide a lot of space for storing files. The device is equipped with a screen resolution of Full HD, which – along with the built-in application for video playback – allow the use of a wide range of multimedia. In addition, the tablet has a thin body and light weight, so it can be carried in a backpack and purse.

ARCHOS 101 Oxygen will be available for sale from October at a suggested retail price of 909 zł.

Recently, we described a model Goclever tablet with Windows, it seems that the price 999PLN seems a bit too high . Archos will sell your tablet by about 300PLN cheaper (difference such that it will not have a keyboard and will be reduced by 2 inches).

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No need to say anything more – the premiere iPhone 6 will be held on 9 … –

In fact, for some time, most people in the industry betted that the new iPhone will be unveiled just 9 September. And if so, can confirm also another rumor. Because according to them this time Apple has very present not one, but two new smartphones. One is to have a screen diagonal of 4.7 “and 5.5 second”. In both models to be used sapphire glass – extremely resistant to scratches and accidents. It is known that the device will operate under the control of the new iOS 8 .

iOS 8 is what & # x15B; wi & # x119; more than & # x17C; cosmetic update Fig. Apple

Rumor has it that Apple can now show your smart watch. It would be high time – Samsung had so far already present 3 and LG two generations of such devices.

All cards will be revealed on September 9. Be with us then!


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IFA 2014: LG G Watch R and Samsung Gear S – two different ideas for … –

LG G Watch R Gear S and Samsung have announced today, although their official launch will take place at the IFA in Berlin, which begin Sept. 4 (there will be a strong team – expect many relationship). This, of course, competitive products, although very different approach to the concept of a smart watch.

Lg G Watch R Fig. LG

LG G Watch R

The new LG G Watch R is the successor shown in June WATCH G Watch. It’s the “R” in the name probably means “round” or round. Because – at first glance – the main difference between these models. While the first SmartWatch LG looked a bit blocky, with so many new “R” is a watch that you can confidently wear a jacket and a shirt.

The screen is a circular OLED display with a resolution of 320×320 pixels. What does it mean when a round screen? Probably the wheel diameter in inches of 1.3. The screen is placed in a stainless steel housing, which is attached to a typical strip. Whole meets IP67 or is completely resistant to dust and can be submerged to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes.

Watch LG is based on Android and the Bluetooth connects to the smartphone. Then becomes his “extension” – informs about incoming calls or messages and connects to the network using the phone.

LG G Watch R is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 400, has 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB data storage. It is equipped with a position sensor, barometer and gauge the pulse. The whole is powered by a battery with a capacity of 410 mAh.

Illustrations that are presented are not photographs and images wyrenderowanymi watch. It can be expected that the face of the watch will not look as good as it is presented – the screen resolution may not be sufficient, so to accurately show details. How will, in fact we will see next week.

Samsung Gear S Fig. Samsung

Samsung Gear S

The watch shown by Samsung based on a different idea. While the LG G Watch R is almost entirely dependent on the phone so much and Samsung Gear S is the unit yourself connecting to the network. On the back wall is a slot for a SIM card, which allows the watch is practically independent phone. Of course, can still work with your smartphone, but it is not from him hooked.

Is this a good idea? In some situations, for sure. SmartWatch Gear from the beginning they were made with a view to practicing a sport. Gear S is ideal for running – no need to take along a large phone and we can stay in touch with the world (if anyone has such a need). Gear S allows both voice and messaging.

Samsung Gear S has 2-inch rectangular, curved Super AMOLED display. It works not based on Android, and Samsung’s own system – Tizen. What is interesting to pedestrian navigation using Nokia maps here, which is another departure from the Google system. It is equipped with an accelerometer, barometer and gauge the pulse. Processor with two cores clocked 1 GHz, memory is 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of data. 300 mAh battery having a watch to keep alive for two days.

Samsung introduced a very interesting handset – Gear Circle. This wireless headset connects to your phone or watch via Bluetooth. Headphones like a necklace or – as some prefer – collar. When not in use, they can be joined by magnets so that encircled his neck. We must also admit that Samsung’s Circle Gear as shown vividly recall a few months ago like handset released by LG.

Which approach is better – watch depends on your phone or yourself connecting to the network? It must be remembered that the latter requires a separate SIM card, so a second subscription or prepaid. Sure convenient to have a separate unit, but if the future of the Internet of Things is to rely on buying countless SIM cards, I see it in black.


IFA 2014: new smartphones and tablets from Archos –

Archos show in Berlin smartphones and tablets based on Android systems (Platinum 50b, 45c Platinum, 101 Oxygen) and Windows (40 and 80 Cesium Cesium), as well as the devices in the Smart Home – weather station, Music Light and Music Beany .

Archos 50b Platinum is a smartphone equipped with Android operating system KitKat, 5-inch IPS HD screen, quad-core processor, support for two SIM cards, dual cameras (rear 8 MP with autofocus, front 2 MP with built-in flash) and a built-in microSD card with a capacity of 8 GB. The back cover of this model will be available in three color options.

The manufacturer has also announced the introduction of the smartphone 45c Platinum – a smaller version of the model 50b Platinum. Both smartphones will be available from September. a suggested retail price of 539 zł for model 50b Platinum and 449 zł for 45c Platinum.

Tablets Archos 101 Oxygen has a Full HD screen, quad-core ARM Cortex-A17, 1.5 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory. The sale will be available from October. for a suggested retail price of 909 zł.

Archos 40 Cesium is a smartphone running Windows Phone 8.1, 4-inch screen, quad-core processor Snapdragon Series 200 and back cover in three colors. The device will go on sale in September. at a suggested price of 329 zł.

Tablet Archos 80 Cesium offers Windows 8.1, 8-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels and Intel quad-core processor. This model will be available on the market since October. at a suggested price of 619 zł.

Weather Station from Archos is compatible with Android and iOS systems. The device measures the temperature, humidity, air quality, atmospheric pressure and the noise. It also has a sensor product which allows you to monitor their condition. The weather station will be available for sale in September. at a suggested price of 409 zł.

Archos Music Light is energy saving LED lamp with a built-in speaker, which reproduces via Bluetooth to associate with your smartphone or tablet music. Works with devices with Android and iOS systems, and the market is available at a price 199 zł.

Archos Music Beany this plush cap, which are embedded in the handset. Music is sent via Bluetooth to devices with Android and iOS. Music Beany will be available at a suggested price of 109 zł.

Author: km

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LG G Watch R display P-OLED officially unveiled –

LG G Watch R has a 1.3-inch, round P-OLED display with a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels, which offers a wide viewing angle and high image quality, even on sunny days. The manufacturer decided to use Qualcomm Snapdragon processor clocked at 400 with 1.2 GHz processor, 512-megabytes of RAM, 4 GB of internal memory and battery with a capacity of 410 mAh. SmartWatch has a barometer, digital compass, heart rate monitor, accelerometer and the sensor position. The whole is running Android Wear. In addition, thanks to the protection Ingress Protection Rating of IP67 indicator, LG G Watch R is designed for trouble-free operation for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter under water.

G Watch R by LG is designed so that alluded to the traditional, iconic watches. It also features a rounded shield, reinforced stainless steel, making it ideal to wear every day. Appearance shield can choose and change to your liking with a single swipe. 22-millimeter leather strap is fully removable and adds an entirely stylish aesthetics with modern decor.

LG G Watch R 1.jpg

LG G Watch R / fot. manufacturer

,, In the era of the growing popularity of devices “wearables” can not compare this to smartphones and tablets, “said Dr. Jong-seok Park, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “Creating new Android device Wear ™, we wanted to combine modern design LG G Watch and the new version of LG G Watch R. Our clients will not be disappointed, no matter which model they choose.”

G Watch R by LG is designed so that alluded to the traditional, iconic watches. It also features a rounded shield, reinforced stainless steel, making it ideal to wear every day. Appearance shield can choose and change to your liking with a single swipe. 22-millimeter leather strap is fully removable and adds an entirely stylish aesthetics with modern decor.

LG G Watch R will go on sale in the fourth quarter of this year. Manufacturer’s Suggested price was set at 299 euros.

source: press release