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War on ad-Siri vs Cortana? – NEWSFix Magazine

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War in the ad-Siri vs Cortana?

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Companies producing electronics very often use very sophisticated form of advertising and for any price they want to discredit the nearest competition.

Samsung first laughed at the iPhone and its battery life. Now the time has come for Microsoft, which compares Apple’s Siri to its a windows invention called Cortana.

In the latest advertising spot Microsoft, compares the nokia 635 with Windows 8.1 on board with the iPhone 5s. If you do not know the difference between the two models is very large, especially for the price. Nokia is several times cheaper than the iPhone 5s.

According to the film can be deduced that the iPhone 5s with Siri on board can not recognize colloquial speech and perform on the basis of their commands. What is the truth, it is difficult to judge, and probably requires more than 31 seconds (duration of advertising). You have to even ask the question. From the sudden craze began to assistant in a mobile phone.

War on ad-Siri vs Cortana?


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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Onion – a new generation of extortive –

2014-07-25 9:51

Author: Maciej Gajewski

Employees Kaspersky Lab detected a new malicious program named ‘Onion’, which uses anonymous network Tor to hide their dangerous nature and difficult to identify the creators of ongoing operations extort money from users.

Technical improvements have made the new representative of the category of ransomware is very dangerous – this is one of the most advanced encryption programs known malicious user data in order to extract from them a ransom for restoring the normal functioning of the computer.

Onion is a successor to other dangerous applications of this type, such as Cryptolocker, CryptoDefence / CryptoWall, ACCDFISA or GpCode. worm shall be deducted mechanism to further scare users – one of the messages displayed on the infected computer it states, that encrypted data will be irreversibly destroyed after the expiration of 72 hours, if you do not pay for cybercriminals for decryption.

Onion is controlled by cybercriminals using użyciuserwerów located wanonimowej Tor network. Researchers at Kaspersky Lab have already dealt with a similar approach, but so far it has been applied in the case of banking risks, such as the 64-bit variant of ZeuS.

, It seems that the Tor network has become proven communication system for malware authors. Onion uses, however, many technical improvements wporównaniu to what we saw earlier. Hiding in the Tor network servers used to control the malicious program significantly impedes the identification of criminals and their unconventional use of encryption mechanism that makes the locked files can not be recovered, even after the interception of data sent between the Trojan and its control server. All this means that we are dealing with a very dangerous threat and one of the most advanced malware ransomware in history , “said Fiedor Szinicyn, a senior malware analyst at Kaspersky Lab.

three layers infection

By Onion able to reach the victim’s computer, cybercriminals use at the beginning of the malicious program distributed via botnet Andromeda (Backdoor.Win32.Androm.) This worm is instructed to download and run another dangerous application belonging to the family Joleee. At the end of the Onion is taken alone. This method of infection, however, may vary depending on the version of the threats – Kaspersky Lab experts have observed a great deal of flexibility in the construction of the pest.

Geography infection

most harmful infections Onion program was observed in the Commonwealth of Independent States, but individual attacks also appeared in Germany, Bulgaria, Israel, Libya and the United Arab Emirates area.

Recent samples pest intercepted by Kaspersky Lab include the ability to display the interface in Russian. This fact and the numerous comments in the code can attest to the fact that the creators of onion speak the language.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Polish research project, scientists have discovered a land of two suns – Polish Radio

  photo: NASA / vision of the artist.

Information about the discovery was published in the prestigious American journal “Science”.

A new planetary system bears the OGLE-2013-BLG-0341LB. The distance of the planet from the star is comparable to the distance Earth-Sun. The second of the stars of the binary system is 15 times farther while.

mass of the planet is small – exceeds the mass of the planet only twice. As the astronomers of the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Warsaw, the two stars of a binary system have very little mass. They are in turn smaller than the Sun – have only about 10-15 percent. the mass of the star, which means that they emit much less energy.

On a newly discovered planet, not the conditions are similar to Earth’s. It is extremely cold. It is likely to prevail on the temperature not exceeding minus 200 degrees Celsius. The body is not therefore called. area of ​​life.

planetary system OGLE-2013-BLG-0341LB is located about 3500 light years from Earth. Its existence was discovered by microlensing observations by 1.3-meter Telescope of Warsaw in the Las Campanas Observatory in Chile.

The discovery is important for the very important issues of modern astronomy for the existence of terrestrial planets in binary systems of stars. It turns out that their existence in such unusual circumstances, it is possible.

Gravitational microlensing occurs when near the line between the observer on Earth and a distant star, will be another object, such as another star or planet. Its gravitational field bends the light of a distant star, acting like a lens. As a result, we observe changes in brightness of distant stars.

– Observations of newly discovered planetary system OGLE-2013-BLG-0341LB, contain visible eye and not doubting the effects of the presence in the system of the planet and two stars. That’s why this discovery is very reliable and used for the detection of gravitational microlensing technique is becoming a new technique for exploration of planets in binary systems “- says team leader Professor OGLE. Andrzej Udalski.

Polish OGLE project has been operating since 1992 and is run by the Warsaw University Astronomical Observatory. Team leader is prof. Andrzej Udalski. So far, the OGLE team has published more than 350 scientific papers that have been used in over a thousand works of other scientists and cited about 14,000 times.

(ew / PAP)

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