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What's next project after the sale Ara Motorola? - BBC News

After Google announced that Motorola sells Lenovo, many people began to wonder what will happen to the efforts made by U.S. corporations projects. For luck this matter has already been explained.

Does Google abandon modular phones? / press materials

Does Google abandon modular phones

/ press release

Project Ara - the module these phones Motorola

Motorola wants to launch smartphones modular – the portable device that can be put yourself further by replacing components like blocks. We decide whether we want a better camera, and maybe more RAM. read more

Doubts about Motorola smartphones were dispelled at the outset by Larry Page, who placed a blog post, Google explained that “Lenovo intends to maintain a distinct identity Motorola.” This means that we do not have what to expect major changes in the policy of the company and product line Moto certainly will continue to be developed.

More puzzling was the issue of Ara project, which involves the creation of a modular smartphone. It turns out that the agreement with Google includes only the department responsible for acquisition of Motorola devices. Meanwhile, Ara project is developed by a 100-strong group of Advanced Technology and Design, and the department is in the hands of wyszukiwarkowego giant.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that the work on this project will be continued. Although they are supposedly already very advanced, so abandoning this project at the moment seems to be meaningless, but on the other hand, the Mountain View company has just got rid of it belonging to a hardware partner, which in the future would take care of the production of modular smartphones. The company would therefore have to find another partner, but other producers to participate in the development of this type of device is unlikely to be on hand. Project Macaw presupposes the creation of a smartphone for years, and now all the giants of the mobile market – understandably – are committed to us your handset exchanged every few dozen months.

Can only hope that Google will not be silent on this issue forever and that will soon officially announce what will be the fate of the project Ara.

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Google sold Motorola. Chinese phone manufacturer bought -


step-by-step building its position in the IT world. Owner IBM bought from Google for 2.91 billion mobile division of Motorola. However, the Chinese do not lay hands on the patents of American companies – these are in the hands of Google.

According to analysts, the only plus acquisition of Motorola by Google were patents. Devices for not selling very well, the share of smartphones with the “M” in the logo was miserable. For this, Motorola has been treated with neglect – to avoid accusations of unfair play, construction of equipment with a pure Android Nexus, Google outsourced to other manufacturers.


on the transaction gained all – Google got rid of the loss-making division, Lenovo has a well-known brand, and Motorola source of funding and access to Asian markets.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Google sold Motorola - BBC News

Google quite unexpectedly announced that it has reached an agreement with Lenovo on the sale of Motorola. The amount of the transaction is to be for 2.91 billion dollars.

Lenovo si & # x119; armor / AFP

Lenovo armor


Here comes the end of the apparatus ; devices with the Nexus series
Eldar Murtazin

, known for his often proving leaks, posted on his Twitter quite controversial information. A series of Nexus devices from Google will end in 2015 and will no longer continue. What plans giant from Mountain View? read more


immediately have to pay 660 million dollars. cash and $ 750 million. in shares, and the remainder ($ 1.5 billion.) to be disbursed in installments, which will be repaid by the next three years.

Lenovo bought

department dedicated to the development and production of smartphones, as well as part of the company’s patents. Including them is to be more than 2000, and this manufacturer of the Middle Kingdom has licensed a number of other solutions from Google. The acquisition of Motorola is a clear confirmation that the Chinese are going with a vengeance this year to enter the U.S. market, as indeed confirmed several times by representatives of the company.

amount of the transaction itself may seem quite low – by purchasing Motorola, Google paid about 12.5 billion dollars. The lion’s share of this amount represented fees for patents and proprietary solutions, which in total was nearly 25 thousand. Lenovo bought their small part (which probably refers to the hardware). The vast majority of Motorola’s proprietary property still remains in Mountain View.

Somewhat confirmed the words of Larry Page, who argued that patents are mostly steady for the previous transaction. This is confirmed by the fact that Google stopped Advanced Technology division, responsible for the creation of new solutions. One of the last projects of the company is Ara, ie the modular concept of the smartphone.

reason for resale Lenovo Motorola are obviously the losses they incur this forum from month to month. The company did not help either introduce a refined and well-optimized Moto X, or launch the model Moto G, which is unquestionably one of the best Androids in this price segment.

Motorola Mobility and its fans can not be this bad news, however. In contrast to Google, the Chinese company in the first place depends on the devices and will certainly she had the idea to use the potential of unwanted Google. Lenovo now has an interesting smartphones, and when to make them even solutions Moto X may arise really good cells.

Lenovo is the largest PC manufacturer in the world (in the last month, the company has overtaken HP). The department took over the company at the end of IBM. So we can expect that announcement to restore its former glory Motorola Mobility is not just wishful thinking. Besides the Chinese for their chance in the global smartphone market waited for a long time, and last year it was loud about the intentions of buying a BlackBerry or HTC.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Angry Birds helps spying - The Voice of Russia

British and American special forces collect your personal information through smartphone applications – gives the New York Times, referring to the new documents Edward Snowden.

Starting from 2007, the National Security Agency and the British Government Communications Centre could hack dozens of applications. This allowed special services to obtain clearance to telephone books, friends lists on social networking sites, mobile data and geographical markers in mobile applications: Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even in the game Angry Birds and Google Maps.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Stephen Hawking: black holes do not have - Gazeta Wyborcza

This shocking statement in the mouth of the British physicist who studied lifelong black holes. But a few days ago published online job which warrants that there are no gravitational wells, of which nothing – not even light – can not escape.

This is an unexpected twist in the discussion about black holes – mysterious objects that are to be for the matter and radiation trap of no return.

Black holes aroused controversy from the start, as soon as it was realized that that may exist. The real dispute started, however, when 40 years ago, Stephen Hawking showed that these objects are not eternal, because “evaporate”, that emit thermal radiation, and sometimes do not stay after them. “Pairing” black holes eventually destroyed the peace of physicists, I broke one of the most basic principles of physics that information can not disappear without a trace.

It should be clarified that physicists do not worry about the fact that the black hole collapses and massacring what her fall. Bothers them is that if the black hole evaporates, it would disappear along with it without a trace any information about what fell to her earlier. In the normal world after things always is a distinctive and unique footprint – fragments, debris, ashes, atoms, which can be (at least in theory) to uniquely identify the original destroyed.

After evaporating black hole – there is nothing to identification. Thermal radiation carries only information about the temperature of the black hole and nothing more. It disappears so information about what was in it. Severed is continuity between the past and the future, which is guaranteed by the fundamental principle of physics (technically it is said that violate the unitarity of theory).

As has been shown, among others, Nobel Prize winner Gerard ‘t Hooft, breaking this rule violates the whole edifice of modern theories – eg leads to the disappearance of the information, and energy that can decrease. – Admission to the disappearance of information in black holes would be highly contagious – said John Preskill of Caltech in Pasadena. – You would have to admit that it may also die and arise out of nothing energy. And it is not only far away in space, but also in our laboratories.

For many years, physicists are trying to solve this – as it is called – “information paradox”, but so far without success.

radical step Hawking

Now, Stephen Hawking, who himself years ago helped to create this problem, proposing a radical step in to address it. He says that around a black hole is not formed an absolute horizon, and so they never formed a closed area, outside of which nothing can escape. “No event horizon means that there are no black holes – in the sense that light can not escape from them” – writes Hawking. In short, in his opinion, there are no such black holes, which itself so far imagined – objects that anything they release from the inside.

no event horizon means that there are no black holes – in the sense that light can not escape from them – Hawking writes

There are only a limited time horizon “apparent”, which – and this is the most important conclusion from the new hypothesis Hawking – to get out of the depths of the black hole information for its victims. You can imagine how Earth’s horizon, ie the border, where the sky descends to Earth – apparently it seems that you can walk to it, but it really does not exist.

So there is no paradox – the information is not lost no news comes out before the black hole has time to evaporate completely. But this is a Pyrrhic victory over nothingness, because – as further justifies Hawking – a black hole releases the victim from the inside in a position so distorted that they are virtually unrecognizable and play. This process is in fact inherently chaotic equation as the atmosphere. And just as you can not arrange forecasts for more than several days in advance, just as the radiation leaving the black hole, in practice, we can not conclude that fell to her (because of that Hawking’s work bears the title perverse “behavior information and weather forecasts for black holes. “Interestingly, among the nine works, which helped him reach that conclusion and cites in his paper Hawking, there is also an article by Polish physicists Peter and Andrew Bizon Rostworowski from the Institute of Physics, Jagiellonian University).

Theoretically information leaves the black hole, but in practice is not to decipher, as what the weather will be for the month. It seems that the same Hawking in a Solomonic wants to reconcile the two factions of physicists that have wrangled about the “information paradox”.

Hawking’s opponents are not happy with this solution. They emphasize that the work not yet passed the sieve review. So you can be sure that the debate about black holes only gain momentum.

Let it briefly step by step.

What black holes are and where they even come from?

In 1939, two American physicists – Robert Oppenheimer (the same who later led the Manhattan Project, which built the atomic bomb in the U.S. ) and Hartland Snyder – the first time a mathematically describe the process of gravitational collapse of a star under its own weight. It implied that if the star is sufficiently massive, it will shrink … up to a mathematical point. So the result of Einstein’s equations.

This point – in which the density and temperature are rising to infinity – called a singularity. At a certain distance from the singularity will be the horizon, beyond which nothing is able to escape, not even light, as it will be too great gravity.

Hawking discovers that black holes are not eternal

In the early 70s for the study of black holes and singularities took a young graduate student from Cambridge – Stephen Hawking. With astonishment discovered that if you take into account quantum physics, black holes can send thermal radiation. They are not so completely black, as is apparent from the classical theory of Einstein. From his calculations showed that the smaller the black hole, the more violently “radiates”. Small black holes do not deserve to call them black – should be white-hot and can even explode! “Black holes explode?” – Hawking asked in the title of his work in 1974.

information paradox divides physicists

When Hawking discovered that black holes are not eternal and disappear along with all the information which fell to them, physicists is divided. Some of the reconciled (and for Hawking liked to say that “God not only plays dice, but sometimes it gets lost without a trace in a black hole”). Others claimed that it was impossible that somewhere there is an error.

Retractable fantastic hypothesis – that a black hole creates a new, child of the universe, and is separated from ours, so the information goes into a different world. Or that the black hole does not evaporate completely. It remains the “core”, so called. infanton, which is a kind of hologram located all memory of the black hole.

ring of fire

Before Two years ago, there was another breakthrough in the discussion about black holes. Joseph Polchinski and his PhD from the University of California, Santa Barbara have calculated that even if black holes “evaporate” the information in the form of Hawking radiation, a side effect of this “leak” must be “ring of fire” around the black hole horizon. Daredevil, who wanted to cross the horizon of a black hole, would be immediately incinerated by unimaginable heat.

It is only deepened the mystery. Einstein’s theory does not provide for any wall of fire around the black hole. Crossing the horizon, we should not notice anything suspicious. Only when the pit pulls us deeper, gravity will stretch our limbs as pie to spaghetti. Cells, molecules, atoms, quarks, each smallest component of matter, from which we are made, will be converted into noodles of infinite length, because according to the theory of relativity, a black hole is a bottomless pit. But on the threshold of the well there should be no ring of fire.

In this way, Joseph Polchinski transformed the riddle of loss of information in black holes in the more spectacular the question: what is the fate of daredevil who jumps into a black hole? Is the place burn to ashes or die as a result of rupture of members, as the victim MADEJOWEGO bed

If the information comes out of the black hole, the daredevil burn, but at the same time you have to say goodbye to Einstein’s theory and come up with new. If the information is lost, this daredevil does not burn to ashes, but then also are at odds with the current principles of physics (because it violated the principle of unitarity).

The current hypothesis Hawking also solves that problem – if there is no event horizon, it will not be also this strange fire wall around the black hole. The question remains whether the famous physicist who ended Jan. 8 72 years, has the right (the brilliant physicist was wrong many times).

Many of the scientists that he jumped into the black hole to see for himself what is True, but the closest candidate for a black hole is located at a distance of 1,600 years of light.

What is “information paradox” black holes, that is what physicists argue

Top gives it anecdotal history of fierce rivalry Zrz?dy professors and stews, told years ago by physicist Leonard Susskind.

dispute these fictional scientists crossed the boundaries of common sense. Driven by jealousy Stew blew up the time machine prof. Zrz?dy, in which the carrying mathematical model of direct inestimable value. The pattern so just evaporate – turned into a cloud of electrons, nucleons and photons.

Later in court Grumpy Bandit complained about him: – That’s what this fool did was irreversible crime! The design was forever lost.

– Nonsense – defended the stew. – Information can never be destroyed. You’re just lazy. Just find every little piece remaining from the explosion and reverse its motion. The laws of nature are symmetric with respect to time, ie reversible, so you play back the document with his idiotic design.

Called to the witness physicists confirmed his words and Stew won.

But Grumpy Bandit cruelly avenged. He stole a computer opponent, which saved were his favorite recipes, i .. threw him into a black hole.

Stew In court he could not get over the loss. – There is no way to retrieve the recipe for my favorite steak. It’s gone forever in a black hole, where already there is no return …

– Objection, Your Honor! – Stood up for it Grumpy Bandit. – Stephen Hawking in the 70s proved that black holes evaporate, ie emit thermal radiation. As a consequence disappear over many billions of years, but the stew will be able to take radiation that remain after them, and he played all the lost once in the bowels of the black hole.

– Nonsense! – Said Stephen Hawking called as a witness (and supported him too many other physicists). – Actually, I discovered that black holes evaporate in this way, but their thermal radiation – in addition to information on the temperature of the black hole – does not reveal absolutely nothing more. Information about what falls into the interior of these creations, dies forever.

– That’s not true! – Countered another witness, Gerard ‘t Hooft, Nobel Prize winner from Utrecht (and supported by many other physicists). – Information can never perish without a trace.

Court has not yet ruled on the matter.

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Facebook has to lose 80 per cent. users by 2017 -

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Two scientists from Princeton University in their study suggest that over the next three years the popularity of Facebook very hard fall.

authors of the study are John Cannarella and Joshua Spechler of the faculty of mechanics and aeronautical engineering. They compared the popular social networking sites to outbreaks of infectious diseases such as the plague. According to this theory in the next three years 80 per cent. Facebook users would be immune to its effects and give up possession on the profile.

In its report, the researchers set forth to the process of growth and decline in popularity of MySpace. Based on data from Google Trends managed to identify peak of popularity platform, which fell in 2007. Then MySpace was valued at $ 1.2 billion and had a population of 300 million users. Ultimately, however, as a result of the decline in service was sold for $ 35 million in 2011.

According to the authors of the study so far analogous situation is Facebook, which is the peak of its popularity made in 2013 and since then regularly losing users. Finally, in 2020 on Zuckerberg to be only a few surfers.

Facebook on February 10 this year. will celebrate its 10th birthday. According to data currently available to investors is visited by 1.2 million users. This number actually falls, but it is translated increase in traffic on mobile devices. Monthly from smartphones and tablets logs in to the service 870 million people.

>>> 10 years on infographics Facebook

is also growing stock market value Facebok. Currently, for a single action service pay $ 56. However, a few days ago, the price reached a record $ 59.

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Rosetta space probe has resumed broadcasting - Gazeta Wyborcza

Launched in 2004 by the European Space Agency (ESA) Rosetta spacecraft, the lander has to settle the first such object on the surface of the comet, resumed on Monday broadcast signals after nearly three years of hibernation – ESA announced.

between the sending of the Earth and the receipt of an activation signal from the first response Rosetta passed about seven hours. Since its start March 2, 2004 probe has come a distance of 800 million kilometers. It is now in the zone where the intensity of the on-board battery power of the Sun is much smaller than Earth, which caused the need for ongoing 957 days of hibernation.

Rosetta has yet to cross 9 million kilometers before November 11 of this year its lander settles on having sizes 3 to 5 km rocky nucleus of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. It is anticipated that the study will last until March 2015.

Rosetta send to Earth thousands of images of the comet, will make measurements of its gravitational field, mass, shape, and immediate surroundings. One of the instruments, the lander Philae, a special hammer that bite into the nucleus of the comet, was built by Polish scientists from the Space Research Centre.

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Luke Berezaka Profile: many have heard of farms fans - Computer World (press release)

protagonist of one of the themes was Krystyna Pavlovich, the second – Caritas spending versus spending Medic, and the third – 10-year-old suffering from leukemia. While the statement Mrs each have to consider yourself, and rumors about the extravagance Medic been denied in the article, which was a hit at the Dig and Facebook, whereas the third topic is still ongoing cleaning and many people are still confused.

It’s about the “official” profiles Luke Berezaka that abound on Facebook. Most of them, more than a million fans gathered profile named “Luke Berezak – we beat the record polubie? for you.’re With you.” Perhaps also one of your friends recommended it via Facebook, by not checking and not being aware that it is the most ordinary farm fans, perhaps created for later sale.

This profile has been removed from Facebook, however, has several other (not necessarily created in bad faith) and it raises confusion for many people who would like to like fanpage most popular kwestuj?cego for GOCC, transfer 1 percent., transfer money and show your solidarity with an unusual boy.


Maybe through this confusion and distrust of Facebook users who have given time to cheat, official profile Luke Berezaka, which is located at / LukaszBerezakSzczecin, has just over 100,000 fans. However, there are chances that this can be changed.


popular profile Get More Social released a letter, which shows that with the help of Facebook offices in Dublin aforementioned profile of over a million fans managed to remove from service and was automatically delete all links that lead to him on Facebook. Work is also underway on the transfer to his fans on the official fanpage Luke Berezaka. But it is a difficult undertaking and may fail.

Maybe what is happening on the spo?eczno?ciówce around a terminally ill boy will be a lesson for its users to disseminate their Laiki prudent. Because of the many articles on the farm fans, which appeared in the network, many a person has learned that there is such a phenomenon, and that they may be for the liking of someone commodity.

You gave that fool for unofficial profiles Berezaka Luke? Do you wonder before you fall in love with a profile or recommendation enough friends, you may become a fan

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Scientists in shock. The human brain works faster than thought - On 24

(fot. (photo:

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have shown that our brains already in just 13 milliseconds is able to determine what we see . This is nearly 10 times faster than previously thought.

The study is published in the “Attention, Perception, and Psychophysics.” Measured the time that elapses from when the light falls on the retina of the eye to the time when the information about the shape, color and set the sighted object reaches our brain.

Neurologists have shown the test images for up to 80 milliseconds. During this time, subjects had to catch the characteristics of images. Their brains were able to read the image and realize what the eyes can see in just 13 milliseconds.

Professor Mary Potter from MIT explained that the brain interprets the image quickly, but keeps it and develop a longer, so that respondents could correctly answer questions about specific images.

Memories of avian formation "V" solved! [Video] - Gazeta Wyborcza

Fig. Markus Markus unsold unsold

flock of birds in the sky forming a formation in the shape of the letter “V” is a common sight. Until now, scientists have wondered, with this formation is apparent. Solving the puzzle, as often happens in science, came by accident, when the project for completely different purposes.

all started with ibises maned. These migratory birds once lived in Europe, but were out of it due to excessive hunting. Group of Austrian naturalists decided to bring back ibises.

Case was not simple, because migrating birds have to re-learn how to navigate the respective routes. To achieve this, the Austrians podczepili group brought ibises flight monitoring equipment, including measuring the frequency of wing beats, heartbeat rate etc.. Birds have to fly to the set route, following the drone equipped with a light.

readings from the apparatus shown that flying flock in formation, birds wings hit less often, and their hearts beat slower than when flying alone. Formation “V” so I had to have something to do with saving energy. I had – turned out to be a very complex system.

– Birds apparently are aware of the position of his companions in the herd and on the basis set out in the best possible position – says Dr. Steven Portugal, one of the scientists conducting the study. Where is the best possible position? Just behind the leading bird flock around the end of its wings.

– This is how to retain the air swirling past a flying bird. Position in the line leading bird is disadvantageous because the movement of the wings there sloping generates an airflow which ?ci?ga?by another bird down. At the end of the wing, however, the air flow is rising, because his companions on the right and on the left side may benefit from it, putting in flight less effort – explains Dr. Portugal.

Readings also showed that in order to achieve maximum economy flight birds are able to synchronize the shock wings.

Intelligent Lens Google came up with ... Microsoft? -


on Friday wrote about the new project, which involved Google, specifically his “Laboratory X” responsible, inter alia, for Google Glass and cruise missiles to cars. It’s about contact lenses with built-in sensors that can also display simple information. They could, for example, to help people with diabetes.

begin to provide: in this text, it is not us is to accuse Google of dishonesty. We have noted, however, that just such a smart lenses were invented by the Internet giant competitor.

Schematic diagram of the lens

Friday, January 17, 2014

Google X and intelligent ... Lens -

Google is a corporation associated primarily of commonly used worldwide Internet browser. Scale projects, the search giant is much larger and increasingly associated with the equipment and infrastructure. There is a special group of projects called Google X. Within this group developed technological ideas are completely different to the things we use on a daily basis. Recently on the blog Google appeared to be an interesting entry for smart contact lenses.

All those who at this moment think of a more personal equivalent of Google Glass combines the features of this gadget and typically corrective contact lenses, we are unfortunately disappoint. The basic task that realize they have smart contact lenses will be quite different from the Google Glass, but it does not mean that the equipment will be less interesting, and given the scale of the problem, the project concerns – certainly more needed to millions of people in the world.

main objective lenses on project Google X is a non-invasive (in terms of damage to the outer shell of the flesh) measurement of glucose. Inside the contact lens is hidden miniature wireless transmitter and a sensor measuring the glucose through chemical analysis of tears user accessing the device. Naturally, you will not be forced to cry :) The eyes are constantly moisturized.

Google hopes that this less invasive than blood testing method for measuring blood glucose levels make life easier for diabetics. Measurement with only a higher frequency (sensor built into the lens provides information on the level of glucose per second) will allow a much better monitor patients with diabetes sugar level and depending on the results optimally selected diet and dosing medications or insulin. Moreover, in addition to the same measurements of the lens can alert the user when the sugar level begins to change rapidly, but still will have a more normal value. It will react ahead of time without incurring the risk arising from hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia.

Intelligent Motion

lenses, in addition to the usability of an interesting experiment is in charge of constructing the technical capabilities of the wireless interface are so small that they can transmit information in a virtually imperceptible (in the sense of not interfering) for the user.

The idea of ??lenses

warning before any major changes to the life values ??is not new, and certainly we all know a few examples of sci-fi movies. Below also offer a short film. Except that it’s not SF, it is science that has once again caught the human imagination.


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the last day of the previous month, Google officially presented the latest version of its incredibly popular mobile operating system, namely Android 4.4 KitKat. It was originally available only to the chosen few who live in countries where the Nexus smartphone sales hit 5, but now the taste of the new version of “robotic” can enjoy the holders of the tablet Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 What’s new Android 4.4 brings KitKat and which devices will get the update?

Tabletom Android was hard to get through to the awareness of users as a full alternative to the iPad, to hit stores Nexuses 7 Invented by Google and Asus recipe for success turned out to be simple: enough to create a small, neat and well-made equipment and offer it at a reasonable price. In other words, to create something that did not would seek to compete with the Apple gadgets, but excelled in a completely different destination. The result was so good that the Nexus 7 has so far been one of the best and most cost effective tablet with Android. He was, he just lived to see better in every respect successor.

is easy to see that now almost anyone can create their own tablet (though not everyone should). Every moment of the depths of nothingness market emerge previously unknown brand, and there have been reports that the tablets take a company known for something completely different phones and smartphones. For the latter group is undoubtedly iriver – known manufacturer of portable music player. What stands out for its tablet, ITQ701, against the background of the sea “Chinese”? Mainly the fact that it is not another cheap equipment Rockchip processor, and only … another with Tegra 3

Battlefield 4 is important not only because it is one of the most popular online FPS type games. It is important first of all by the fact that it uses modern engine Frostbite 3, which surprisingly does well with support for multi-core processors and new graphics cards extensions such as DirectX 11.2. That’s why today’s test cards and processors is an important indication for those who intend to buy in the near future new equipment for the upcoming games. After a long wait and the battles in the trial version of the beta, players from many countries of today can play in the final, complete edition.

The lens can help diabetics to measure blood glucose - Virtual Poland

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Google is working on a smart contact lenses - Virtual Poland


class=”c3″ id=”podpis”


Google does not cease to amaze. This time, the company boasted that it is working on contact lenses for diabetics that monitor glucose levels and display simple information.

In today’s world, diabetes is a growing problem. According to estimates, Google’s worldwide one in 19 people have a daily struggle with the disease. Obviously can live with it, and it requires constant monitoring of blood sugar levels. While some wear on the body special monitors glucose sensor placed under the skin, it’s all people affected by diabetes need to puncture the finger several times a day to get the necessary result of a drop of blood. And this is, unfortunately, tedious and painful.

Therefore, researchers began to look into other bodily fluids – such as, for example, the tears – for their suitability for the determination of glucose. But the tears quite difficult to collect for research. I think that the study will be conducted in a device that is still immersed in the lachrymal fluid. Yes, Google X Lab also thought about contact lenses.

Over the past eighteen months in the laboratory Google X Lab works on the special contact lenses, in which a miniature wireless system comprising an antenna and a chip measuring glucose level, was placed between two layers of the lens.

currently evaluating contact lens, which is built to measure the glucose level using a small wireless chip and a miniaturized glucose sensor, placed between two layers of soft material, which is composed of glass. We test prototypes that read data once per second. We study also how the glass could be checked as an early warning system for the person wearing them. We use miniature LEDs that light up to inform about the too high or low sugar level. This is just the early stage of the project, however, a number of clinical trials help us improve the prototype. We hope that someday we bring to create a new method by which people affected by diabetes will be able to cope with the disease – read the official Google blog.

developed by Google X Lab lenses are far prototype, but the company estimates that within five years, you can turn them into a product available on the market. To this end, Google plans to collaborate with entities that have experience in implementing similar products on the market.

prospect of contact lenses that measure glucose levels and warn the user is of course exciting, but a prelude to something much bigger – a few years of this type of lens could collect much more information, and above all display them directly in the field of view of the user.

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Google: lenses for diabetics - Republic

This is a prototype for now, but Google alliance to introduce lenses for sale.

source: google

Soft lenses with built-in sensor glucose was would more convenient than ig?ai meter.

source: google

Colorful LEDs can warn against too low or a high level of glucose.

source: google

Peter Ko?cielniak 17-01-2014

Contact Lenses with an electronic sensor that measures glucose level engineers have developed a laboratory Google. The company is searching for partners who will help in the implementation of this gadget on the market.

It could be a revolution in the techniques of control of diabetes. Today patients to measure blood glucose levels, must puncture stab of a finger and use special strips and glucometers. Sometimes they do it irregularly and forget about the drugs, which makes their diabetes is poorly controlled.

Contact Lenses created in the laboratory for special tasks – Google X have to change it. “We wondered whether the miniaturization of electronics – we’re talking about systems and sensors so small they look like specks of glitter and the air thinner than a human hair – can be a way to unravel the mystery of glucose in tears and measure it more accurately” – writes Brian Otis and Babak Parviz on the company’s blog.

arose device equipped with glucose sensor positioned between two layers of a soft lens-forming material applied to the eye. How to write the representatives of Google’s prototype measures glucose levels once per second. Today diabetics using conventional equipment can measure only a few times a day. I always associated it unpleasant pricking a finger. The lenses are not only more accurate and safer, but also more comfortable for patients.

This is not the end. Built-in LED device can warn against too high or too low glucose levels.

“This is just the early stage of the project, however, a number of clinical trials help us improve the prototype” – emphasize Otis and Parviz. Google is already working with the American administration for food and drugs to the FDA in order to prepare the device to market. in the final , a commercial version of the sensors would be built, for example, optical lenses prescribed by an ophthalmologist. probably help the company specializing in home medical devices or optical lenses.

Information about the smart contact lenses can be found at the Google Blog Poland.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Today's Google doodle in honor of specialists from monkeys Dian Fossey -

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surprised you today’s Google logo? Today Google Doodle – the startup image – created in honor of Dian Fossey, a prominent zoologist who became famous for research on gorillas

Immortalised in Google doodle Dian Fossey was born 16 January 1932 American zoologist who specialized in the study of mountain gorillas . This specialization and consistent dedication to your work life and animals brought her international fame.

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For many years, Dian Fossey lived in Rwanda , where studied mountain gorillas. In the area of ??Volcanoes National Park, established a research center Karisoke Research Center , where she worked on the mountain gorillas.

Rwanda ended a life. She was brutally murdered in a mountain home in the province of Ruhengeri. Suspected of her murder ordered the governor of the province Protais Zigiranyirazo . It’s criminal that led to the massacre 800,000 inhabitants of Rwanda murdered by death squads.

Dian Fossey

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Do you like going to the zoo?