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Top 100 most valuable brands, Apple against Coca-Cola, promotion ... -

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  • Apple the most innovative company in 2013

  • Gmail on Android soon with ads

  • Google celebrates 15th anniversary and introduces changes to search engine

  • Facebook allows you to edit entries

  • also waives Chrome plugins

  • Gold iPad Mini 2 with a fingerprint reader in pictures

  • Google will also search by hashtag on Google+

  • Gmail for Android with a new conversation view

  • Facebook focuses on mobile ad


In this year’s ranking of the most valuable brands in the world on Apple’s leader was promoted ahead of Coca-Cola. Among them ranked in Google and a big jump up made Facebook.

compared with last year Apple reported an increase of about 28 percent., which gave him the order estimate 98.3 billion dollars. and first place in the ranking prepared by Interbrand. Larger, because 34-percent growth was runner-up – Google’s valuation of 93.3 billion dollars. Last year’s leader – Coca-Cola – away from second place $ 14 billion. Brand recorded only 2 percent increase, and its value amounted to 79.2 billion dollars. Apart from the podium was IBM, which results in improved compared to 2012 by 4 percent. giving a valuation of € 78.8 billion. Starting from the fifth place, the top ten are presented in the same way as the previous year. Toyota closes it.

highest growth with in the entire statement – 43 percent. – Facebook made that the current valuation of 7.7 billion is 52 position (up from 69). About 30 percent. increased while the value of the brand Prada, which allowed her to climb 84 at 72 position. Another year of high growth (27 percent.) Also records the Amazon.

Brand, who in the past year has lost the most, is Nokia. He had earlier served 19 position, resulting in a 65-percent drop landed on 57th site. Less than a year before the valuation also received such Morgan Stanley (21 per cent. Downwards), Nintendo (14 per cent. Downwards), MTV (12 per cent. Downwards), Avon (11 per cent. Downwards) and Dell (10 per cent. Down).

statement debuted three new brands. Highest measured (7.7 billion) Discovery was on the 70th place However, 85 Duracell place went to the valuation of 4.6 billion. Among the newcomers was the Chevrolet, which fell to 89th place

src=”” class=”c17″

Just like last year the highest value technology brands enjoy. The top ten is the total of six (one more than last year). Among these, only 5 percent of Intel reported. decline. Not a preferred brand electronic fare while, so closely associated with the technology. Decline in value this year was recorded by Sony, Canon, Nokia and Nintendo. The opposite trend than the previous year can be seen in the case of financial brands. The declines recorded here only Morgan Stanley and Santander.

src=”” class=”c18″

developers took into consideration the report as branded products of the brand are doing in the market, as well as how to influence consumer choice. Importance was also how important they are for the firms to which they belong.

Money for research in a new way. Scientists are rebelling -

It is important to remember that the commercialization of the results is not the primary task of universities either in Poland or in other civilized countries – says Damian Ku?niewski, director of the Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer University of Gdansk. And a spokeswoman at the Jagiellonian University, who has won more than 400 million grant from the OPIE adds that from the perspective of technology transfer center research and implementation projects implemented jointly by companies and researchers are most desirable, necessary and beneficial. – This, however, we know that basic research, which at this stage have the potential to market deployment, are the starting point for the development of technology, and therefore can not be ignored and resources allocated to them should be at least as high as Implementation research – a spokeswoman.

However, the Ministry of Science does not claim that there is no money for basic research only shows what the new priorities.

prepares a base for science and business contacts, so that operators know which institute can entrust their research interest. This should facilitate the cooperation of both parties.

first IT platform, which is to combine business with scientists, creates a Data Center. We are going to create a central database of projects undertaken by science, and universities create their regional base. They will be joined – says Barbara Kudrycka.

problem is that they add their own scientists platforms combine business and science has given rise to a great deal. All the money the EU. – There’s too much, and none of them is perfect – one of the scientists. For a few weeks it started to get brokers innovation, which is paid with money departmental trained employees who are to help scientists to collaborate with entrepreneurs.

Read more in Monday’s “Official Legal Gazette”.

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Orthodox vs. Catholic village bell tower. Because it is associated with ... -

Werbkowice the Lublin City is humus, most fertile soil in the country. The communist community thrived. Today this is no longer pink. As elsewhere in the country: the young are fleeing for work, the area is depopulated. That can be seen in education, where the government, in order to save the privileges under the Charter of the teacher, gave almost all elementary associations.

Five years ago, in Turkowice Orthodox Diocese of Lublin-Che?m purchased from neighboring county ha plot. Today he lives there nine sisters of Polish, but also Hungary and Slovakia. The plot is a small retreat house, farm buildings and church converted from an old kettle – farmhouse culture.

After the nuns returned to the buildings purchased by the diocese, indigenous people formed Society of Friends of the Earth Turkowickiej. His supporters have posted a letter to the then Prime Minister Donald Tusk: “Orthodox clergy are making ever new demands. (…) We can not agree with the trial seizure of the land by the Orthodox Church. (…) Historical Justice has asked us to this land.”

The text in “Gazeta Wyborcza”.

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The piston on the space station. Today we docked at the fifth ship ... - Gazeta Wyborcza

Deep Space Nine and five berth at the SHIP & # xf3, in

Space Station and five ships berthed at the (Photo: NASA)

Cygnus is an unmanned, carries supplies. Merged with the International Space Station (ISS) on Sunday after hours. 13 of our time. It’s his first arrival to the station. At this time, the space station docked until five ships – apart from Cygnus are: the European ATV-provider, the Russian manned Sojuzy (two) and the Progress cargo.

NASA in 2006 came to the conclusion that the provision of supplies to the International Space Station has become a routine activity and prevents it from exploring the far corners of the universe.

Agency has decided to give the role of space as supplies to private companies. She started the competition. The race for contracts billions of dollars stood the two companies. First, founded by Elon Musk SpaceX has proposed a system based on the Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon capsule. In December 2010 she became the first private company ever to enter the orbit of the spacecraft and bring it back to Earth. The second start was to end docking to the ISS – the company failed to do so in June 2012.

Today, your big day is the second company that won the contract – Orbital Sciences Corporation. After a successful test flight Antares rocket that was to orbit the ship Cygnus, on Wednesday of last week started a mission whose purpose was to have a connection to the ISS.

At a press conference before the start of commercial operations program manager Alan Lindenmoyer NASA said: – Before Cygnus ISS approach to perform a series of test maneuvers. We test trial interrupt approach, course correction, etc.. On this basis, we will take a closer agreement Cygnus to the station and optional docking. The ship is capable of delivering about 700 kg load. We put on the ISS crew needed clothes, food and some office supplies.

It turned out that at first it did not go smoothly. Due to a bug in the software Cygnus could not perform the approach to the station on time. GPS positioning failed. Service failed to rectify the fault, but the approach had to be postponed.

docked successfully just now – on Sunday. As was previously planned, the ship made a first test approach also tested emergency interrupt the procedure and finally a few minutes after the hour. 13 our time Cygnus successfully docked to the target. The crew of the station can no longer pick up a fresh supply of Cygnus their stuff.

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Dear Orange'u! Instead, dispose of telephone booths, do with them ... - Gadzeto Mania

What next phone booths? (Photo

No, I’m not sentimental – do not miss the view of yellow boxes or make me pleasant memories. Not the point. It’s about something else – the phone infrastructure, which state the company developed with public money . Today it is taken down. But is this really the best solution?

in New York back in 2003 realized that necessarily. Started the experimental design modification of the existing, ordinary telephone booths on the hotspots, which was a simple enough not require large investments in infrastructure.

Over the years, sought a suitable business model for this type of project, and in the end – a year ago – it was decided to free access to the Web in exchange for display ads from time to time.

What’s more, some booths was transformed into a multimedia kiosks, allowing you to use Twitter or Skype. It is worth noting that even before the acquisition of Skype by Microsoft, began to implement a pilot program in Tallinn skype’owych telephone booths equipped with a camera.

Skype Phone Booth

That does not make sense to liquidate telephone booths also decided recently in New Zealand. In this case – as in New York – booth will be changed in hotspots . From October 7 zostoanie running 700 access points, and the target is to be the about two thousand. Access to them will need to purchase a monthly subscription and daily shuttle service will be limited to 1 GB.

Does that make sense? According to the CEO of Telecom New Zealand, Chris Quin, absolutely. This is due to the fact that many members carries a smartphone, so fast and cheap access to the networks they need . And in this way the old technology is gaining a new face – evolving, adapting to the changing needs of residents over time.

in Poland? Is it really the only solution is to simply liquidation something, which in the past spent considerable money ? Orange asked to comment on the matter – will put it here as soon as I get a response.

That's for sure. There is water on Mars - On 24

Curiosity has discovered water on Mars (NASA photo) Curiosity discovered water on Mars (NASA photo)

Mars Curiosity rover discovered water on Mars – NASA announced.

Each sample of Martian soil collected by Curiosity measuring cubic foot [cube with sides of about 30 cm - ed] contained about two pints of water [less than a liter - ed]. Kick-Off, however, did not occur in the free state, but were associated with molecules of minerals.

According to NASA, the water is 2 percent of the Martian soil in terms of its mass. To determine the prevalence of water Curiosity used a special furnace, in which the sample warmed to a temperature of 835 degrees Celsius, and then analyze the results.

Jeep out of the water found in the soil. sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and oxygen

Curiosty landed on Mars in August 2012 at Gale crater near the planet’s equator.



2013-09-27 16:28

Each sample of Martian soil collected by Curiosity measuring cubic foot [cube with sides of about 30 cm - ed] contained about two pints of water [less than a liter - ed]. Kick-Off, however, did not occur in the free state, but were associated with molecules of minerals.

According to NASA, the water is 2 percent of the Martian soil in terms of its mass. To determine the prevalence of water Curiosity used a special furnace, in which the sample warmed to a temperature of 835 degrees Celsius, and then analyze the results.

Jeep out of the water found in the soil. sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and oxygen

Curiosty landed on Mars in August 2012 at Gale crater near the planet’s equator.


Controller eye Steam game developers -

service Gamasutra zebra opinions of game developers who had already the opportunity pobawiæ controller and Steam, thanks to which they meet?? us some new information about this unit.

Today, 11:01 • Highlander ( • all equipment and soft

yesterday and the place had the announcement? Valve’s controller. The device caused the alarm with mute the e stir in? Among the players, as the radically change the approach path to control when using a fall (no branch of the books analogue unusual solution Fail buttons, touch panels, etc.). Gamasutra will be released in the website of an interesting article in which canvassed the opinions of independent developers in May are already smokers the opportunity obcowaæ the new reptile ¿Etem.

Steam Controller will be deprived of books analogue ga. - Controller eye Steam game developers - you know? æ - 2013-09-28

Steam Controller will be deprived of books analogue ga.

Chosen One turned out to be Dan Tabar of Data Realms studies (creator of the game Asteroid Pioneers ). He finds the that the

? Valve really trying to all industries? leæ. (?) Ask the you whether you actually the shadow of books need ga analog? Why in the normal controller fingers placed on the rear of the of the? Actually doing nothing are? Why is not there this paddle?

controller according Tabara is very? flexible?. One of the most interesting features is the possibility can? æ configure the zones on the touch panels . An example of adowo You can assign a key combination Shift + W for the same number upwards, which will run as a first-person shooter. course, the shadow is just one of many options because the Equipment will? almost everything? .

Control presented at the example games Portal 2 - Steam controller game developers eye - you know? æ - 2013-09-28 Control

presented on the example game Portal 2

Chris Remo, game designer and writer The Cave , the borderland of the new pad in the upcoming productions c the Broken Age , and determines the:

? Just under the the means?? we go and operates the. (?) Did not have? We ¿any special support or anything else. It operates the really very, very good. He was under a great impression I was inserting imitation mouse actions.??

betrayal of that the controller has of a small g? Score, spend the months of each other d? ringing similar to what you may hear a horse during the filming of the fortune I . When the touch panel is assigned to the mouse movement, during fast movements? Tiki? your are intensifying the frequency? æ and vice versa. This ensures that there is an impression that associating with? Mechanically to the unit?.

Roz Fail buttons on the controller Steam. - Controller eye Steam game developers - you know? æ - 2013-09-28

Roz Fail buttons on the controller Steam.

This year, some of users Steam will have been sent 300 copies of the test controller. If you want a Grip the the ranks of happy liwców is zastosujcie with the instructions that are published on the occasion of the disclosure Steam Machines. We do not know the accuracy of any hardware release date or its price. Further information May are gradually be disclosed in the nearest time.

  • Official Steam controller
all equipment and softSteam Steam Valve Controller PC

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord the first screenshots

MXGP: The Official Videogame Motocross – now announced the creators of the game MotoGP 13

reader comments

TR4N 2013-09-28 – 11:59

I am interested in this controller is going to be interesting, but a little scary and I ¿no branch of analog books, “simulated” the knobs never works were very well (such as games for mobile). I also hope I get to beta and I’ll Such use przetestowaæ controller and SteamOS at your own risk wrist strap.

Contributor 2013-09-28 – 12:04

“I also hope I get to beta (…)” Well, the store getting ready to save money to pay duty on machine :) If you won you will get for free, but the rest of the fees you will have to pay out of his own pocket.

Blown 2013-09-28 – 12:07

controller according Tabara is very? flexible?. One of the most interesting features is the possibility can? Æ configure the zones on the touch panels. An example of adowo You can assign a key combination Shift + W for the same number upwards, which will run as a first-person shooter. Because the analogue of this can not be attributed to the maximum deflection knobs

TR4N 2013-09-28 – 12:15

“Let’s get ready to save money supply to pay customs duties for machine :) If you won you will get for free, but the rest of the fees you will have to pay out of his own pocket.” Yes, I know. I reads the rules ;)

kaszanka9 2013-09-28 – 14:46

Contributor [2] Kind of like calculate the customs duty on your computer is free of charge, customs duty on the price, as also how much? % Of 0 is still 0, in the EU after that there are only valid customs duty on the desktop, and the valve may also have been from the EU to send, so also rather no one pays ignition. I just took out to me with g halfway Why in the normal controller fingers placed on the rear of the of the? Actually doing nothing are? Why is not there this paddle? For years, I ask myself the same question, the elderly valve It can, on the topic is not very serious, in all it’s not surprising there is no other way and not doing are still being the same for years.

jaalboja 2013-09-28 – 15:00

2 expression and it are these great reviews? As if their was to 20 then I understand. And here’s two opinions on the two sentences: D Kaszanka9 £ blades from back as there is not a? Hold the rains have steadily. at least two fingers have to go without moving obejmowaæ ¿Eby rest can flow trafiaæ the appropriate buttons. As imagined ck u ¿¿Using this paddle

Mattjas 2013-09-28 – 16:06

have no idea how this pad will operate and the. What worries me is friction. Smyranie on the membrane may not be burdensome the longer possible. And what if the fingers up the SPOC? A SPOC are up because there is no other option :) Already does not say that the camera is syfie which will cover on these membranes :)

tireless 2013-09-28 – 16:11

denounced the creator himself Super Meat Boy and the superlatives of the game in your the game (which requires great precision ¿yet raining). Other examples here:

Rammi 2013-09-28 – 17:09

assign a key combination to a single field is a slight exaggeration, because the example of adowo noobs with SFIV still continue the “produkowaæ” one-button combos. ? Great time-_-’So also the problem of macro never die …

Valve Steam is a controller - like no other? -

class=”image” src=””

Puzzle Company Valve has been made in the whole and, contrary to the expectations of some, the latest announcement is not related to either the Source engine 2 or Half-Life 3 Players will receive for a complete gaming platform, which consists of: the operating system SteamOS, PC Steam Machines and … Steam gamepad controller. What is the objective set itself, Valve? Move the game to the stores, which will be an unspecified period of 2014.

announcement Steam Machines

Many of us expected a few months ago announced by a team led by Gabe Newell console that would be able to compete on the market with devices coming generation of Sony and Microsoft, and yet, in spite presented a “normal” computer in the new Valve logo apparel signed with functionality will be similar to what they offer and what the current consoles offer great strides upcoming PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. But is it? It turns out that Gabe Newell and company are going to pull out (many a) an ace from his sleeve.

Announced Steam controller can provide (r) evolution of input devices. It has been designed in such a way as to satisfy the players sitting on the couch or in a chair watching TV, but at the same time expecting characterized by precision computer mouse. The greatest minds Valve experimented for years with solutions that allow to change the way the control. So as not to do any shortcuts, and provide players with the controller comparable in terms of sensitivity to “rodent”.

, which throws up immediately in your eyes after looking at the graphics presenting the preliminary version of the controller, it’s quite an unusual appearance, reminiscent of … speakers. These associations are not random at all, because, as you can read the description of experiences people are already consuming prototype controller, the device is mounted very small speaker. What’s more, Valve decided to use haptic technology and put two cylinders placed side by side resonance (strong electromagnets), “attached” to the touch panels. With these solutions, we will have to deal with a new level of interaction with the user. It will feel through tactile contact with the panel, to a large extent the impression of speed simulators and racing games, a collision with an obstruction, the texture of the materials or other events that occur while playing games.

traditional system of vibration is likely to go away into oblivion, and the interaction with dual touchpads replacing analogues in no way resembles trackpadów use. Could Steam controller was a remedy for the anguish players who want to sit back on the couch in front of a TV and play without any major glitches in dynamic shooting and strategies, in which most of you play on a traditional duo made up of mouse and keyboard? Speaking at this point for people less literate gamepads, after all, no shortage of users who spend time with these types of games, utilizing not necessarily the best when writing to the device display and the praise.

separate special mention must also touch screen with high resolution, which – as discussed earlier panels – is to serve as a separate button, but … more. His push open access to the menu where you assign additional actions in the game, depending on the needs. Thus, the limits are to be abolished binding to the limited number of available buttons. In addition, Valve intends to provide game developers the API to enable them to take advantage of the opportunities offered by featured Steam controller, and assign a “shield” to a destination (such as scrolling through menus or “recall” a map or screen). The display will also be used to control the Steam client.

first developers moderately appreciate this “imitation” computer mouse. Valve is still working on improving the technology and, moreover, allow others to modify even the electronics! In the future, will be made available for special tools, so that each of us will be able to improve their vision controller by Steam. DIY, where the fun is familiar, you will feel like in paradise.

Steam controller has to work not only with new or planned only titles. Valve has considered as the elderly, do not support this device, games in which the pad will pretend tandem consisting of keyboard and mouse, as it were illustrated in the attached graphic below presents the control system in Portal 2 Buttons that will be a total of sixteen, are fully customizable, and therefore – configure them according to their own whims.

As for Steam Machines, so in this case prepared 300 pieces gamepad prototype that will be distributed to the people according to the same principles as described for the previous model. It is worth mentioning that the test items I will not be equipped with a touch screen, which will replace the four auxiliary buttons, and will need to connect to your computer using the USB cable (the final release will be wireless). For further information on the new “toys” prepared by Valve will be announced in the near future – will be gradually revealed in the group Steam Universe.

Which of the announcement

convince you the most? Is Valve is another recipe for success? Although much information has been further shaped and do not know the prices and specifications of equipment, then look to the future with hope. The SteamOS brings some interesting solutions, including the possibility streamowania games within the home network and use a computer as a game console. About Steam Machines we know too little to be deleted in advance this project – Valve is soon to reveal the specification of the prototype under the control of that system, so we are looking forward, and in this case the company is preparing a surprise. Steam Controller “on paper” looks very ambitious and although probably not fully replace the mouse and keyboard, it will be an interesting alternative, not only for the best gamepads. No analog knobs, custom deployment of specific buttons or as an unusual appearance – and innovative solutions will appeal to the users so far not benefit from this type of controllers in games?

Preview SteamOS

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smartphone in your pocket, tablet or laptop in the bag, “smart” TV on the wall, thousands of songs in a device smaller than a matchbox, movie rented from home, playing with a huge number of people from all over the world and Finally, a few clicks to information from all continents. First evil called computers, then called evil works gained internet. The era of digital media and the web began 20 years ago. What have we achieved? Today, a computer and a global network are no longer treated as two incarnations of evil. Their combination, however, has created new ones.

very possible that the next generation of gamers play through the touch screen is as natural as breathing. For now, however, the opinion as to whether it can be done easily without the use of mechanical keys are divided, and although many people have been shifting to a new, tactile way to control the game, a lot still remembers his first joystick and hold tightly to traditional solutions. Just the thought of them made SteelSeries Free controller that easily fits in your pocket and is compatible with Android and iOS-em.

Most desktop computers is a real breeding ground cables from the power supply of the monitor, the keyboard and mouse from the internet, from speakers … While some of them may be discarded relatively easily and cheaply by buying the wireless devices, whereas some do not seem to move it. Fortunately, with the help of computers come All-in-One, such as Toshiba LX830.

processor is the heart of your computer. When performance is not enough, not only complicated tasks are performed slowly, you can not wait any longer, for example, to open the program. Additionally, the graphics card has a decisive impact on the number of frames per second in games. Today – as the “end of the world” – present a great test of processors from AMD and Intel. Great, I were in the 200 models, each of which has been described 52 results. If added to the measurements in the settings cranked up, the total result is 15000! You will not find a larger test of processors. Which is the best for gaming? Which is the best value for its price? Which one should I buy in different price ranges

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Mantle replace DirectX'a? AMD prophetic revolution -

Onet today, 8:48

Battlefield_4_ - _E3_Multiplayer_Gameplay_ - _Best_Moments Battlefield_4_ – _E3_Multiplayer_Gameplay_ – _Best_Moments Photo: workflow-video

battle between Nvidia and AMD has been going on for years and so far, the market was dominated by greens. However, AMD is working on technology that will give him an edge over the competition and make the latest games are better to work just for their graphics cards.

Company today announced the next step of a program called “Operation: Make All The Graphics”, with the working title Mantle. This is a new, low-level API that provides game developers direct access to the GPU in the latest graphics cards from AMD.

Until now, manufacturers have used the current API DirectX libraries, but the idea of ??AMD is interesting because it offers more opportunities to provide such access to graphics memory. The first effect of the use of new technology seen in the game “Battlefield 4″, where systems will deal with AMD cards without using DirectX rendering.

This technology will work with just announced a new family of Hawaii card, designed specifically for use Graphic Core Next architecture, as well as technology support Mantle. Radeon series R7 and R9 have a new GPU that will provide players an even smoother graphics and better results, not to mention the higher resolution.


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new Nvidia graphics

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Forbes Magazine

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Lost Planet on PC


with NVIDIA graphics card manufacturer advertises the game Lost Planet ….

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service VR-Zone compared the latest graphics cards from ATI and Nvidia ….

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unlocks the power of NVIDIA GeForce GPU computing for applications beyond graphics ….

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presents opportunities NVIDIA DX10

known manufacturer of graphics chips released a demo showing the capabilities of graphics cards running in Direct X 10 …

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ASUS presents the dual-core GTX 590 graphics card

ASUS presents a dual-core graphics card GTX 590

most powerful NVIDIA graphics card with two GPUs offers the highest performance for gaming enthusiasts ….

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equipment podkr?caczy cards

Zotac announced a special module for easy overclocking graphics cards ….

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giant market of graphics cards released one of its technology users Playstation 3 …

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Nvidia enters the gaming market

Nvidia is entering the gaming market

The company Nvidia has long been present in the gaming market, but so far it has been indirect, ie through the production of graphics cards. Now Nvidia is entering him directly ….

One of the largest manufacturers announced work on … new console

One of the biggest manufacturers announced work on a new console ...

Nvidia, a company that for years has provided us with swanky graphics cards revealed draft shield (Shield), a portable gaming console ….

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Playstation 3 and Nvidia

Nvidia – well known in the world of PCs graphics card manufacturer “attack” on another front! …

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faulty card series GeForce 8800 GTX

graphics card manufacturer Nvidia admit to the error and repair malfunctioning part entrant the GeForce 8800 GTX ….

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How to squeeze moisture from Mars - The Republic

Self-Portrait Curiosity. This photo montage 55-camera images taken with the rover

by nasa

source: NASA

class=”author”> Krzysztof Urbanski 27-09-2013

Although Mars has no running water, the astronauts will not have to take it out of the earth.

– We now know that Mars is an abundance of readily available water – said prof. Laurie Leshin of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. – People who get there, will be able to dig up some ground at any point on the planet’s surface, heat it i .. will have water.

Prof. Leshin is the co-author of one of the five articles in today’s issue of the journal “Science”, which reveal the results of experiments conducted by the rover Curiosity. About 2 percent. land on the Martian surface consists of water. Also significant is the amount of carbon dioxide, oxygen and sulfur compounds.

– excellent result has already resulted in the first portion of land that Curiosity took a spoon scoop and placed in the ship’s laboratory – explains prof. Leshin. – But this is only the beginning of the story, we reconstruct the distant planet.

Curiosity landed in Gale Crater 6 August 2012 year. The main task of the rover is to answer the question of whether Mars could ever be home to living organisms. Therefore, the primary instruments are equipped Curiosity to identify chemical compounds and elements essential for life.

team, which is working prof. Leshin, analyzed the results, which provided a SAM (Sample Analysis at Mars), an integrated set of tools including a gas chromatograph, and spectrometers: mass and laser.

Bucket Curiosity deep into the ground five times. The researchers wanted to collect dust and slightly coarser granules the size of grains of sand and larger pieces of rock. The samples went to a special tray inside the SAM laboratory where they are heated to a temperature of 835 degrees Celsius. The determination of the chemical composition of samples allowed the analysis of released gases.

Researchers also found the isotope ratios of hydrogen and carbon in the Martian water and carbon dioxide. Isotopes are variants of the same element that differ only in the number of neutrons.

– The proportion in which they appear isotopes confirms that the dust moves around the planet and reacts with atmospheric gases – explains Professor. Leshin.

SAM instruments also recorded small amounts of simple organic compounds. Scientists are not sure if they are Martian origin. May have occurred during the experiment. Land of the Martian surface can react with organic compounds brought from Earth.

– Trade organic rather not have the space – says prof. Leshin. – Is exposed to intense radiation and oxidation. We will look for them when Curiosity wwierci deeper under the surface of the planet.

researchers do not hide the belief that if the surface will be found organic compounds, it will be a breakthrough that will set a new direction of research.

– but today we comprehensive information on the surface of Mars – says Dr. Paul Mahaffy, principal scientist experiment SAM Goddard Space Flight Center of NASA in Maryland. – Data obtained by Curiosity deepened our understanding of the processes occurring on the surface and the role of water on Mars. This was achieved through a combination of analyzes of data from instruments, SAM and compare them with the results obtained by other devices rover.