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Vehicles in the U.S.. Prior to 2020 cars will not be ... -

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cars in the U.S.. Prior to 2020 cars will be almost need a driver

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Concern General Motors estimates that by the end of this decade will produce cars that will be able to largely dispense with the driver.

GM engineers have developed a system called Super Cruise , which is used to control the car radar and cameras and lets you automatically keep the vehicle on the lane. In addition, maintains a safe distance from the car at the front and, if necessary, can completely stop the car.

Similar systems already offer the other producers, among others. Mercedes, BMW and Toyota owned Lexus. However, according to director of electronics and active safety technologies GM John Cappa, these systems do not allow for total control of a car with the help of computers.

On Wednesday, GM engineers presented the journalists of the system Super Cruise on the test track in Milford, near Detroit, Michigan. The system requires more – as admitted – some adjustments, but with the Cadillac SRX SUV held up pretty well.

Capp said that improvement requires, among others. cooperation system with a driver who still will exercise overall control of the vehicle and be able at any time to switch to manual. The system, which is useful especially during highway driving, it has to be first installed in Cadillacs (GM’s luxury brand), but in the future probably will go to the other remaining models.


engineers cars that will be able to completely do without the driver will appear for 20-30 years.

NASA discovered the grand canyon beneath the ice of Greenland -

id=”intertext_1″> Scientists from NASA through the years collected by the provided by satellites and aircraft, made a remarkable discovery. We managed to find a great canyon below the surface of the ice in Greenland.

id=”intertext_1″> Canyon has the characteristics of the river channel and is over 750 km long, making it longer than the U.S. Grand Canyon. Its depth is estimated at about 800 meters and a width of about 10 km. It is estimated that over the last few million years, the channel was covered ice cover.

id=”intertext_1″> Jonathan Bamber, a professor at Bristol University, UK, lead author of the study confessed to the media that, although many believe that the area of ??the planet has been carefully examined, it turns out that the maps are still there a lot of white spots, which are only now being completed.

id=”intertext_1″> important role in this discovery had a project called “IceBridge operation” run by NASA in 2009-2012, using such g??boko?ciowy radar research center operated by the Remote Sensing of the ice sheets at the University of Kansas. In this way, they could see what is hidden under layers of ice in places having more than 2 km thick.

id=”intertext_1″> Scientists believe that the canyon played an important role in the transport of meltwater from the inside edge of the Greenland ice sheet to the ocean. Evidence suggests that before the advent of the ice sheets, which is about 4 million years ago, the water running down the canyon to the coast and then served as a fairly important role in this area of ??the river system.

id=”intertext_1″> According to scientists, the existence of this canyon may be the answer to the question why in Greenland there are no large glacial lakes.

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The discovery of a huge canyon in Greenland Ice -

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The discovery of a huge canyon in Greenland ice

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below the ice of Greenland lies canyon, comparable with parts of the Grand Canyon in the USA. It has at least 750 km long and in places up to 800 m deep and 10 km wide. The discovery is described in the latest issue of the magazine.

true shape of the surface of the Greenland ice sheet, scientists know comparing with each other, like a puzzle, the results collected over several decades by various methods. Some data provided NASA, other aircraft were acquired. However, information on the terrain, under armor, ice obtained with radar, the microwave frequency signals penetrate the ice and bounce off the current underlying rocks.

Jonathan Bamber of the Bristol School of Geographical Sciences (UK) and his colleagues, after an analysis of the data obtained image of the surface of Greenland, now covered with ice cover, the average thickness of more than 2 km.

As the researchers say, in the central part of the island to the north-Krance (culminating in a deep fjord connected to the Arctic Ocean) stretches for almost 750 km large, single canyon.

time when using Google Street View, you can virtually walk through the many cities of the Earth, and when we digital maps showing the phenomena as diverse as the population density and distribution of happiness among the inhabitants of the earth – you would think that the whole landscape has long been well understood and illustrated by maps. But there is still a lot to discover – says the lead author of the study, Professor. Jonathan Bamber.

Our study is important for a better understanding of the past Greenland. The ice cover in the region involved because the processes that cause the rise in sea level. This work can help us put the current changes in the broader context – adds Professor. David Vaughan of the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge, the great EU project coordinator ice2sea , which aims to investigate the influence of glaciers on the sea level.


before the canyon was developed Greenland glacier, which – according to the authors of the publication – there might be some 3.5 million years ago. – Before covered Greenland glacier was the beginning of the canyon at an altitude of a thousand meters above sea level It could swim the river and rain water. The subsequent development of the ice sheet could preserve the canyon. Later, the canyon could be exacerbated by the flow of water under the ice – explains prof. Jacek Jania, head of the Department of Geomorphology at the University of Silesia.

Even today canyon probably discharged into the ocean water, which melted the glacier from the heat penetrating the Earth’s crust. If the water did not drain and gathered with time could be built more Ice water tanks under pressure, acting as Grease reduces the friction between the ice and the rock surface. This would facilitate faster movement of glaciers to the sea and the detachment of the greater number of icebergs. Hitting the top of the displace sea water and mechanically increase the level of the ocean.

However, if there is a drainage system, however, such as newly discovered canyon, the water can easily drain away, the force of friction between the glacier and the ground is maintained glacier hike slows and icebergs end up in the ocean much less – explains prof. Jania.

This finding may be of paramount importance for the consideration of future sea-level rise in the world. Who knows if there is good news for residents of low-lying areas of the Earth – adds the expert from the University of Silesia.

professor recalls that at the beginning of this century Greenland’s glaciers that flow into the sea, clearly accelerated their movement and began to produce large quantities of icebergs, especially in the southern part of the island and within the Petermann glacier – where the ends of the newly discovered canyon .

initially high rate of movement of glaciers slowed down since around 2008, though still high melting ice. Also slightly decreased the rate of calving, or detachment from them fragments that fall into the sea. You can now speculate that the current in Greenland continental glacier water is actually rapidly removed, thanks to an effective drainage system. This makes it difficult journey faster glaciers. Now we know how this mechanism can decide – said prof. Jania.

Identify the canyon to the conclusion why in Greenland – at least in one part, there is a large subglacial lakes – such as the Antarctic – added the scientist.

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What a thought, the other has done - Republic

Mózgi scientists were joined by Internet

brains scientists have been linked through the Internet

Source: University of Washington

The two American scientists were able to combine their brains, send and receive a signal transmitted electronically.

experiment was conducted Aug. 12 computer scientist Rajesh Rao and psychologist Andrea Stocco, professors at the University of Washington in Seattle.

experience was to stimulate traffic center in the cerebral cortex of one researcher (Rajesh Rao) and transfer the signal to the corresponding region in the brain of another researcher who was in the lab in another part of the university. Have been transmitted over the Internet.

Prof. Rajesh was wearing the electrodes used to study electroencephalograph, and in front of a computer screen with the cursor. Intense thought that the right hand moves the cursor. When the sensor excitation registered zawiaduj?cego movement activity center in the cerebral cortex, sent a signal to a remote laboratory where he was professor. Andrea Stocco dressed in head-TMS to the ? cranial magnetic stimulation (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation). This is a device for non-invasive stimulation of neurons. Electromagnetic induction produces low voltage using a rapidly changing magnetic field. It increases the activity of different brain regions.

When carried out in this way, experience has been activated in the cortex region prof. Stocco, zawiaduj?cy movement. As a result, prof. Stocco felt in his right hand “nervous tic” and inadvertently pressed the button on the keyboard.

obtained result is extremely simple. This was a one-way transmission from the brain to the other. But researchers have announced that they will continue to experiment. The next step is to create a two-way communication. The researchers expect to send more complex signals and obtain complex reactions. They plan to bring this technology to a level where it could be used outside the laboratory.


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The newly discovered predator of the Andes looks like a plush mascot -

The newly discovered predator of the Andes looks like a plush mascot

newly discovered predator of the Andes looks like a plush mascot (Photo Handout Reuters)

reminds crossing a domestic cat with a plush teddy bear. Alive in the Andes predatory olinguito is a newly understood by researchers family member szopowatych – says the “ZooKeys”.

Olinguito (Bassaricyon Neblina) is the first species of prey, which was discovered in the Western Hemisphere in 35 years.

Weighing less than a kilogram olinguito has large eyes and woolly, reddish-brown fur. He lives in a misty forest of Colombia and Ecuador. Its name “Neblina” – borrowed from the Spanish term “fog”.

– Discovery olinguito shows that the world is not yet fully tested and met his deepest secrets – says head of the expedition, during which the discovery was made, Collection curator of mammals at the National Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian Institution, Kristofer Helgen.

Along with Miguel Pinto, a zoologist from Ecuador, scientists spotted olinguito in the forest on the western slopes of the Andes. As stated, this animal lives in trees, is active mainly at night and – even predatory – do not despise fruit. The researchers point out that the foggy forest inhabited by olinguito is threatened by human expansion. How To estimate has 42 percent. olinguito former habitat has been occupied by agricultural or absorbed in the city limits.

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Who wants to hurt Schrödinger's cat? - Gazeta Wyborcza

This cat physicists have a problem for nearly 80 years.

Let’s start with the fact that the universe is full of things that are hard to find – socks, umbrellas, keys to the car. Some in the end there, others do not, but it seems that they have to be somewhere at some one, though unknown to us, the place.

At least, we think, until we begin to study quantum mechanics. She does not give you assurance that you will find every thing in its place. Maybe it’s strange, but – according to this theory – the keys to the car can be both in the pocket and the newspaper on the desk, and socks – on foot or in a washing machine. At the same time. As they say, physicists, each object can be in superposition (deposit) of two states – either in one or the other, but both.

It’s one of the things that students learn in the early years of physics. – Initially, young people are surprised to say what’s going on? This is contrary to experience. But seeing that the lecturer says the m ost serious, with time getting used to the strange fact – says Roger Penrose of the University of Oxford.

Quants work, but how?

Of course, at the beginning of the quirks are accustomed to scientists. They had no choice – the quantum theory of the beginning of the triumphs of the saints themselves. Thanks to technical revolutions occurred twentieth century – the release of atomic energy, the use of lasers and computers, miniaturization of electronics. However strange conclusions follow from this theory – but it works. For example – so that the electron can simultaneously fly through two adjacent slots, or be in two places at once, I was able to construct an electron microscope.

The problem is only in the fact that quantum mechanics should also apply to the more scale than micro-world. Just how much larger than the electron billiard ball never behaves like an electron crazy? As the quantum laws that lead to a microscopic scale to a lot of weird for us paradoxes emerging normal world that we see around every day?

This question spent their dream with eyes already crea tors of quantum mechanics. “When someone says that he can think about quantum mechanics without dizziness, proves it’s just that it’s still not understood” – used to say, the famous Danish physicist Niels Bohr.

I see, so I’m

Physicists from the Copenhagen school explained that the observer and measuring instruments to evoke the quantum world order. Electrons caught on film does not ever leave the two tracks – he had to decide where he belongs.

However, the interpretation, in which everything depends on the observer, is clear. “The universe does not pay any attention, whether on a small planet evolution has led to the emergence of people who can trace its history. Keeps it in accordance with the laws of quantum matter what they do physicists” – notes Nobel laureate Murray Gell-Mann (discoverer of quarks) in the book “The Quark and the Jaguar”.

Gell-Mann also mentions, as Enrico Fermi, a famous nuclear physicist, asked him if quantum mechanics is correct, why Mars is moving at a certain orbit? According to quantum mechanics, electrons in the atom does not move like a planet – its location is “fuzzy”.

“We both knew the old answer, according to which Mars has a well-defined position, because people are watching it, but it seemed to both of us just stupid “- writes Gell-Mann.

Cat in Wonderland

As one of the first on the paradox pointed out in 1935 by Erwin Schrödinger, who was one of the pioneers of quantum mechanics. From planets prefer cats, so cat plays a major role in his thought experiment, which was published in 1935 in a review article “The present situation in quantum mechanics.”

Schrödinger cat locked in a box with a radioactive atom (closed only in my mind!). If the atom falls apart, it will release a poison that will kill a cat. But the atom – as befits the subject of the microworld – behaves ambiguously. According to the laws of quantum is the superposition of states. One already broke, so activated the poison, and the second – even a whole, and therefore not harmful to the cat.

So – if the cat lives in a box or not?

Quantum theory says that the cat at the same time and lives, and was dead. Nobody, of course, never a cat in this condition is not seen. We can not even imagine such a thing. You can be satisfied with the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics – only when we make the measurement, ie, look inside the box with the cat, they decide whether to materialize alive or dead. But it smells like bullshit, as the Gell-Mann.

Even worse they sound fantastic ideas “of many parallel universes” that if any superposition of states our universe is divided into two – one happens to be one story, and second – the second. In a world of cat dead, and the second – is dead.

It is known that cats they walk in their own ways, but whether it is essential to create new universes up to kill (or not!) One cat

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Skylon next space transportation system in Europe? - BBC News

British company designing a European unmanned system raised up cargo into orbit – Reaction Engines Ltd. – signed a contract with the European Space Agency for research on the use rakietoplanu Skylon.

When Skylon finally fly in space? / press release

When Skylon finally fly in space?

/ press release

atmospheric space shuttle flights Dream Chaser

New Space Conference, which ended on Saturday in Silicon Valley, new news on miniwahad?owca Dream Chaser. read more

contract worth 1 million euros was signed by representatives of Reaction Engines Ltd. and the European Space Agency in Paris. At present, work is already underway in the signed agreement, which relates to verify the possibility of using the ESA Skylon rakietoplanu when taking into account the cost, flexibility and availability of the system since the early years of the next decade.

Study will be completed later this year. Participation in the work will have many companies from the aerospace industry and others. Currently taking part in the work:

- Thales Alenia Space in Italy – responsible for the design platform called Skylon Upper Stage (SUS) to lift loads supplied by the Skylon in LEO on the GEO orbit.
- QinetiQ Space in Belgium – responsible for the development of the different platforms for goods that are being carried in the hold of the Skylon, providing maximum flexibility for mission.
- London Economics – responsible for the preparation of a business model that is well suited to the nature of the industry.
- Grafton Technology in the UK together with a construction company Jacobs – responsible for making the necessary infrastructure to support Skylon from the European spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana.
- 42 Technology Ltd. in the UK – responsible for the initial conceptual work on fixing cargo in the hold.

Few weeks ago, Reaction Engines Ltd. received a grant of £ 60 million for work on the SABRE engine that will be passed by the British government through national space agency.

Source of information (Reaction Engines)

Maciej Mickiewicz

48 starved horses in Posadowo. It proceedings - Polish Radio


Thomas Owsinski 11.08.2013

 48 starved horses in Posadowo. behavior is

class=”imgLead” id=”photo-desc”> starved horses from the stud in Posadowo , photo: screen youtube/honorowa88

  • Przemys?aw Podle?ny of Nowy Tomy?l police fasted horses (IAR) Add to playlist

On Saturday, police officers took part in the reception starved horses – Podle?ny sergeant said. At the time of intervention in the stud was 278 animals, as many as 48 had to be taken due to poor health.
At this time, the police carried out operations to determine who is responsible for the tremendous housing conditions. It is known that the owner of the stud is a citizen of Denmark. So far, police have not questioned him on the matter.
Sergeant Przemys?aw Podle?ny also said that the starving horses police learned only from the defense of animals. None of veterinary inspection did not report any comment earlier, although the checks carried out at the stables a few times.
Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer Christopher Je?d?ewski the whole thing learned from the media. He announced an intervention in the field. Je?d?ewski promised that the command is sent to the provincial inspection, and this check, as in the case of the field work.
Audit, which revealed the terrible living conditions of nearly 300 horses, last Friday held an “Animal Rescue” with Trzcianki. The inspectors immediately notified the police, and that on Saturday until midnight participated together with the defenders of animals and a veterinarian in action receive starved horses.



Surface RT vs iPad -

class=”image” src=””

Microsoft has not given up. Although subsequent reports on the withdrawal of a large manufacturer to partner with Microsoft for the production of tablets with Windows RT, the Redmond giant has posted ad: Surface RT comparison with the iPad. He won, of course …

Microsoft is fighting for survival Windows RT and although this fight for some it may seem hopeless, a de facto company led by Ballmer’s no way out. The shelves lie and chicken are thousands of devices with Windows RT. The market obviously does not want Windows RT, customers do not want to Surface RT, Microsoft goes zaparte and producing advertising which is intended to convince the doubters.

As in previous advertising messages promoting Microsoft’s tablet, we learn about all the advantages of Surface RT, we know well – what else – defects iPad. For those who do not want to wait for the completion of the advertising comparison, we suggest, of course, wins the Surface RT, but that customers do not see it

not just customers. Also, corporations and big producers. Ads are not convinced Samsung, HTC, HP, and Lenovo. Recently their charms and beliefs Microsoft also has not Asus, who also retired from Microsoft’s support for the production of managed devices running Windows RT. At present, only Dell and Microsoft themselves are the only companies that continue to produce devices with Windows RT. The question is whether you have to produce that you’ve built tablets arrears shelves and gather dust deposits.

Why? Why Surface RT lost on the market with the iPad? The key to answering this question is one word applications.


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smartphone in your pocket, tablet or laptop in the bag, “smart” TV on the wall, thousands of songs in a device smaller than a matchbox, movie rented from home, playing with a huge number of people from all over the world and Finally, a few clicks to information from all continents. First evil called computers, then called evil works gained internet. The era of digital media and the web began 20 years ago. What have we achieved? Today, a computer and a global network are no longer treated as two incarnations of evil. Their combination, however, has created new ones.

He was born February 24, 1955 year. Steven Paul Jobs did not inherit the names of the biological parents. You gave him up for adoption, the real mother Jobs has set a condition: he must go to college. Steve attended Reed College in Oregon, but … was eliminated in the first semester. School education was clearly not for him. After all appeared, quite informally, for some classes, such as calligraphy, which is extremely interested in it.

It’s hard to believe, but today celebrates its tenth birthday, exactly ten years ago, on 1 September 2002, on Sunday, our service officially began broadcasting in the Internet ether. A lot has changed over tenczas, but many still change! In this material, we would like to unveil the mystery about our next plans.

processor is the heart of your computer. When performance is not enough, not only complicated tasks are performed slowly, you can not wait any longer, for example, to open the program. Additionally, the graphics card has a decisive impact on the number of frames per second in games. Today – as the “end of the world” – present a great test of processors from AMD and Intel. Great, I were in the 160 models, each of which has been described 52 results. If added to the measurements in the settings cranked up, the total result is 12000! You will not find a larger test of processors. Which is the best for gaming? Which is the best value for its price? Which one should I buy in different price ranges

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Popularity of Pirates of precious Emmy - say ... - Gadzeto Mania

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This feature Xbox They will only be available for a fee - Virtual Poland

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This feature will be available Xbox One Only the price


You could not wait for the day where finally share some cinematics recorded on the Xbox One? Unfortunately, we have bad news for you – this feature (and many others) will be available only to users who have purchased the Gold package to shop on Xbox Live.

Especially it does not surprise us, as Microsoft has always had a tendency to collect fees for additional functions available on their consoles (Netflix,, etc..). It turns out that there really no package Gold Xbox networking opportunities will be limited to buying games, download “demos” and watch trailers.

Ok, the message is not the best, but remember that most of these functions, and so would not be available in Polish.


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LG G2 officially unveiled - Virtual Poland

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LG G2 officially unveiled


In recent weeks, much has been said about the upcoming smartphone from LG. The company finally officially unveiled its new phone at a conference in New York.

In fact, we did not learn anything new. All information is leaked to the network much earlier.

confirmed the reports on unusual design G2. The phone will have buttons to change the volume and switch not on the edge, and on the back cover.

The new smartphone will have a 5.2-inch screen Full HD 800 czterordzeniwoy Snapdragon processor clocked at 2.26 GHz and 2 GB of RAM. The unit is in possession of 16 or 32 GB of internal memory, 4G LTE connectivity and a battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh.

LG will start selling the new phone in over 130 countries over the next eight weeks, from South Korea, followed by North America and Europe. The smartphone will be more expensive than the Galaxy S4, but only slightly.

We recommend the site SmartWatch will be called the Samsung Galaxy Gear

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Amazon is working on its own Android console -

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Amazon is working on your console with Android

Author: Sylvia class=”autor”>

This year

Runner consoles are growing like mushrooms after the rain – Ouya, Project Shield, MOJO Mad Catz Gamestick. Bad reviews circulating on the former will not bode well for the future of this segment of gaming. But developers do not disappear. Their group was joined by Amazon.

Ouya or Project Shield? Which way to go Amazon?

Ouya or Project Shield? Which way to go Amazon

According reached by Game Informer magazine Runner console work on Amazon are in full swing, and the release should be expected later this year – probably around Black Friday, the U.S. holiday shopping, which account for 29 November.

The device itself has not much is known, but it can be assumed that if the console is to have a dedicated controller, it will not be a portable device such as Nvidia’s Project Shield. Although Ouya sells badly, and even the users themselves do not express about it too effusively, but paradoxically Amazon in this field can earn well. It has a huge customer base, experience in selling their electronic devices (eg Kindle Fire), and over it also offers access to its existing applications in exciting promotions (one free app every day). Until that is continually expanding its offer VOD available including on the other consoles, tablets and TVs. There would be nothing you wonder if Amazon through its console more attractive TV offer and at the same time satisfied the “Sunday” players.

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SourceForge is a free site and a system to manage and publish open source projects. The service was launched in 1999 and became the most popular of this type of service on the Web.
One of the core developers of Android resigns
Jean-Baptiste Queru is one of the main developers working on Android, which is still two weeks ago to explain to us why the Android version 4.3 is released at the same time on all smartphones Nexus series.

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NASA: any minute twist the poles. Protect the Earth disappears - On 24

None of these things. Scientists … breathed a sigh of relief. Replacement of the Sun’s magnetic poles marks the return of the star to its natural cycle. This means that the reports in recent years about the unusual solar activity will go into oblivion. As “Gazeta Wyborcza”, predicted such the 11-year cycle of the sun can disappear. This was done for example in the second half of the seventeenth century. This period is not without reason called the Little Ice Age – the disappearance of the solar cycle to cool the planet.

Result in reversal of the Sun’s poles will be a temporary loss of the Earth’s protective barrier of the planet, which is the magnetic field, which will be weakened. – Reverse polarity will feel the effects of the solar system. It seems that separates us from it no more than 3-4 months – said as quoted by “Gazeta Wyborcza” Todd Hoeksema, Director of the Solar Observatory at Stanford University. Scientists assure us, however, that nothing threatens us.

sjk, “Gazeta Wyborcza”,

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Joe Chal - "The End of the killing - the meat from the lab!" - Salon 24

Photo: Professor Mark Post holds the world’s first laboratory-grown beef. Tasting was held yesterday in London,

scientists presented the world’s first laboratory-reared pork, beef, served for volunteers in London in the hope that the beginning of a food revolution.

lang=”en”> 140 grams minced that cost more than 250,000 euros (more than 1 million PLN). To produce this meat was used and cultured muscle cells taken from a live cow.

lang=”en”> the addition of salt, egg and bread crumbs and to improve the taste of the red beetroot juice and saffron szczypki – researchers say that it will taste like the normal hamburger.

lang=”en”> Professor Mark Post of Maastricht University in the Netherlands, whose lab developed a technique of production of MSM says the burger is safe and has the potential to replace normal meat in the diet of millions of people.

lang=”en”> brought the meat to a press conference for the TV studio on a tray under a metal cover.

lang=”en”> Ground volunteers were given two of them, an American expert and author Josh Schonwaldowi dishes and Austrian researcher to eat Hanni Ruetzlerowi.

lang=”en”> After the first bite, he said: “I expected it to be softer texture … I know, there is no fat in it, so I do not know how juicy it be?”.

lang=”en”> “is comparable to the meat, but not so juicy. consistency is ideal, although the lack of salt and pepper!”

lang=”en”> Sergey Brin, one of the founders of Google, has been described as one of the financial supporters of this project.

lang=”en”> said in his video message .. “Sometimes, when new technology comes in, it has the capability to transform how we perceive our world. I like to look at the technological possibilities. As technology seems to be on the brink of profitability or if it succeeds, it can be very transforming for the world.”

lang=”en”> There are fears that the growing demand for meat is great pressure on our planet, both through the food we need animals and methane that they produce, contributing to global warming.

lang=”en”> “What we want to achieve is important because I hope it will beef herd in response to the major issues facing the world,” said Prof. post before Monday’s event.

lang=”en”> “Our burger is made of muscle cells taken from cows. does not change them in any way. For this to be successful it needs to look, smell, and I hope that it must taste like the real thing meat. “

lang=”en”> team in Maastricht has collected cells from organic cows and placed in a medium to create muscle tissue. Then it began to grow muscle fibers. For a burger need 20,000 such fibers.

lang=”en”> At this time, the meat is very expensive but the cost of beef farms will fall when you begin to increase production and meat can be available in supermarkets over the next 10 to 20 years.

lang=”en”> Proponents cite the meat of the tube are many reasons why you should support the project because the meat laboratory-developed theory carries no risk of the disease and do not need treatment with antibiotics.

lang=”en”> animal rights group, is funding research in the United States and offered $ US1 million (PLN 3.2 million) prize for the first laboratory to produce and bring to market in vitro meat chicken.

lang=”en”> Dr Neil Stephens, a sociologist at the University of Cardiff, who has studied the test-tube meat, said the project was an attempt to stimulate discussion on issues in which many in this area do not take it very seriously.

lang=”en”> “They want to prove to the world that in-vitro meat is real, it is something that should be taken seriously,” he said.

lang=”en”> “It is still very early stage of the technology,” said Dr. Stephens.

lang=”en”> “This is a fundamentally different way of producing meat,” and raises questions whether it is meat at all? “he said.

lang=”en”> “What will be interesting over the next weeks, observe the reaction of how many people will believe this new technology.”

lang=”en”> For many, this new concept will be a new and challenging.

lang=”en”> He said about 50 people were involved in this type of research around the world, mainly in the Netherlands and North America.


media article uses information from The Telegraph and its source.

Dolphins have the longest memory of animals - PAP

Dolphins have the longest memory of animals

Author PAP – 3 hours. this

07.08. Washington / London (PAP) – U.S. researchers say dolphins, and not, as previously thought, elephants have the best long-term memory of animals. After 20 years they are able to recognize the whistles, the sounds made by other mammals, this species – according to the BBC website on Wednesday News.Naukowcy take into account the relationship between the 56 dolphins butlonosymi that have lived together, and then were placed in six different Zoos and aquariums USA and Bermuda. The researchers placed underwater speakers, from which you could hear the sounds made by dolphins, both of whom lived before, as well as foreign. It was observed that the animals heard a familiar whistle stop for longer at the speaker, while ignoring the unknown sounds – we read in the journal “Proceedings of the Royal Society B”, which published the results of an experiment.

As an example, researchers give a case of two females, Allie and Bailey, who as a young man lived along the coast of Florida, and then were separated. Bailey, who is currently in Bermuda, hearing the sounds made by Allie responded immediately, though she had no contact with another female for over 20 years.

“Dolphins are sociable longest + memory + in the animal kingdom because of their distinctive whistle does not change” with age – says one of the authors of the study Dr. Jason Bruck at the University of Chicago.

With good memory dolphins a few times in a lifetime can change the herd, and then come back to it. Dr. Bruck says that the memory of these incredible mammals enables them to distinguish between individuals with negative social behavior of those with whom you can establish a friendly relationship.

Next, the researchers want to find out if dolphins hear the whistling of his former comrades, they imagine themselves in some way. (PAP)

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

S6600 and L620 - the new compact cameras from Nikon Coolpix (video) -

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Nikon compact camera expands with two new models – Coolpix S6600 and the Coolpix L620.

Nikon Coolpix S6600 is equipped with a CMOS sensor with a resolution of 16 megapixels done in BSI technology, Nikkor lens with 12x optical zoom, rotating LCD display with gesture support function and built-in Wi-Fi module that allows communication with mobile devices.

The “control gestures” allows you to take pictures or shoot, and zoom control by moving your finger across the screen in a self-portrait mode.

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also eliminates camera shake offers vibration reduction in the lens (VR), 18 scene modes, 30 different effects and filters, and modes of “quick impact” and “easy panorama”.

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Nikon Coolpix S6600 will be available in four colors: black, red, purple and white. The sale will go in August this year.

Nikon Coolpix L620 is a compact megazoom camera that offers automatic functions and mode of Full HD movie recording. It has a Nikkor lens with 14x optical zoom, CMOS BSI technology with a resolution of 18 megapixels and an LCD display with 3-inch.

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The camera also features 18 scene modes, Easy Panorama function, reduce camera shake, optical vibration reduction (VR), autofocus and automatic search to select programs in the “easy auto”.

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Nikon Coolpix L620, powered by AAA batteries, will be available in black and red. The stores will be available in August.