Monday, July 22, 2013

Uniform packaging is not the taste of Australian smokers -

introduced in late 2012 in Australia, uniform packaging of cigarettes reduces the pleasure of smoking and motivated smokers to stop smoking – evidence published on Monday in the British journal “BMJ Open,” the results of the Australian study.

telephone survey – the first of its kind – was conducted in November 2012 in the Australian state of Victoria on a group of 536 smokers. It was the country’s transitional period, when the market was still available in standard packages of cigarettes and new, gray-olive parcels larger bear warnings against the harmful effects of smoking on the brand name and without logo.

People who buy cigarettes in single packs, or nearly three-quarters of the survey participants, more often claimed that cigarettes taste them less than a year earlier and evaluate smoking as less satisfying. Smokers buying cigarettes in new, uniform packaging much more are considering quitting smoking.

authors of the study – the researchers from the Centre for Behavioural Research in Cancer in Victoria – stress, however, that the results should be treated with reserve. In their view, the relationship between the type of packaging and the desire to stop smoking may be partly due to the fact that people who want to quit smoking are not averse rather new packaging.

researchers added, however, that the impact of plain packaging on smokers is positive because ” reduce the attractiveness of cigarettes “and” increase the desire to quit smoking. “

issued in late 2012 by the European Commission recommendations related only to zoom placed warnings on packages, but a few European countries are considering the example of Australia and the introduction of plain packaging – are among them United Kingdom and France.

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