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Prehistoric figurine made together after 80 years - News 24

in Germany was remarkable archaeological discovery. Found the head of Paleolithic figurines carved from mammoth tusk. It turned out to be a part of the body excavated in the ground yet l1931 year. Eyes of scientists released a lion.

 Illustration of a replacement. Section through stratified Paleolithic Coudoulous position in France with marked stratigraphic units / Fig. Wikipedia Commons Researchers at the University of Tübingen have unearthed the head of Paleolithic figurines carved from mammoth tusk. It turned out to be the missing element found 80 years ago the body. Thanks to this discovery figurine sculpted by an artist of several decades one thousand years regained its shape. Paleolithic lion is now exhibited in the museum in the castle Hohentuebingen University of Tübingen.

Was discovered during excavations in the cave Vogelherd in south-western Germany. It is especially rich in prehistoric treasures. They are often found here early examples of figurative art. The oldest find dates back to 40 thousand. years. In total, there were dug dozens of similar figures or larger fragments. It was there, in 1931 discovered the body of a prehistoric figurines Gustav Riek.

Recent archaeological excavations in the cave Vogelherd stable in 2005-2012. We are currently working on the development of the results of the excavations. Some of them are presented in the journal “Archaeologische Ausgrabungen”.

Scientists have proven: Cancer in the family increases the risk not only of ... - Gazeta Wyborcza

The fact that the existence of the family such as breast cancer increases the likelihood that a sister, daughter or granddaughter of the patient could ever get sick of this disease, it is known for a long time. Less, however, been told about the situation of the cancer in the family increases the risk of cancer in general – not just this particular, but also others – comment the authors appearing in the latest “Annals of Oncology”.

In a study conducted by researchers from the Institute for Pharmacological them. Mario Negri in Milan was attended by a total of 23 thousand. people from Italy and Switzerland. Of these, twelve thousand passed just, or more than once, one of the 13 commonly occurring cancers. 11 thousand. never suffered from cancer not – they constituted the control group.

In all, researchers gathered a detailed medical history, focusing primarily on the history of disease in the family of cancer. In particular, carefully collected information on the next of kin of study participants – parents, siblings or children (ie, those persons with whom the participants had most of their genes).

“After comparing all the results we found, for example, that in the case of close relatives of a person suffering from cancer of the larynx risk of developing cancer of the mouth and throat was nearly three times higher. The relatives of those who were about to cancers of the mouth and throat, were more – four times – likely to develop cancer of the esophagus “- written by authors .

What are discovered, scientists from Milan?

ponadtrzykrotnie Men were more likely to develop prostate cancer if their close relative suffered from bladder cancer.

Women were more likely to have breast cancer if a family has performed colorectal cancer, and breast cancer alone increased at twice the risk of a relative of ovarian cancer.

authors of the study point out that the results obtained by them should get people in whose family has cancer, a greater care of their health and use of prevention, particularly regular diagnostic tests.

Control Dr. Eva Negri researchers also pointed out that virtually every cancer is a combination of genetic factors, but also environmental and lifestyle we lead.

Google Nexus 7 - what it means for a photographer? -

premiere of the latest tablet with the Google Nexus family, which took place a few days ago did not meet with very strong response in the photographic medium. Nothing indeed surprising, since the tablet for the photographer is still regarded more as a curiosity or, at best, as an indirect accessory. It is worth to take a look at what the new device can offer us. There was no tablet Nexus series are reference designs for the Android operating system and is, to a large extent the development trends of the devices under the sign of the green droid.

First, a few words by way of introduction on what is presented two days before Google. A presented the latest installment of his siedmiocalowego Nexus tablet, a new version of Android (numbered 4.3 and codenamed unchanged, the Jelly Bean), and a little something called Chromecast, which is shaped USB flash drive is connected to a TV or monitor via HDMI and which can be controlled wirelessly from a PC, smartphone or tablet remotely displaying on the screen such as YouTube videos, pictures and other content. Already at this point, some of you will probably see this as a possible use of photography and they are right.

tablet for photographer Google Nexus Android 4.3 7
class=”c28″> New Google Nexus 7 with the addition of Chromecast

most important, however, is the same tablet that in the new version has a smaller thickness and weight, stereo speakers, a better screen, processor, more memory, new camera, and (in a version with a built-in GSM module) 4G LTE modem. Some of these functions has no special meaning for photographers, while others did. Certainly belong to the latter group more memory (2 GB) and a stronger processing unit (Quad Snapdragon S4 Pro) so that processing and displaying images is quick and easy – even for images with very high resolution and RAW files.

most substantial amendment, however the screen. Seven-inch display with IPS technology offers impressive WUXGA, which is 1920 × 1200 pixels (16:10). Yes, I made a mistake quoting specifications – upchni?to are over 320 image points per inch, so the parameters obtained high-quality prints. Only that is not on photo paper, but on a glowing screen. The tablet itself will be available soon (although it officially only in selected countries) in three versions: with 16 GB of internal memory ($ 229), 32 GB of internal memory ($ 269) and finally with 32 GB of internal memory and 4G LTE modem ($ 349). Many photographers fascinating to mobile technologies (to which I include) the place has classified this tablet as a device really attractive to photographers. But this is so? Here, I’ve got some questions – I’ll try to give them as a list of the pros and cons of this reference (and thus to some extent standard) model.

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Size – for many people the seven-inch tablet may seem too small, but for a photographer it is actually the perfect size because it allows you to take it with you everywhere and wear even in your pocket (if the pocket allows). The tablet has a dziesi?ciocalowym screen so you can not. Diagonal seven inches (about 18 cm) gives you more freedom, although not so impressive can use the tablet as an e-portfolio. However, for all other uses photographic ( such equipment is simply better.

Performance – if you want to comfortably edit photos with a digital camera with a tablet, then there are no doubt more memory and more power to work more convenient.

Resolution – but for many people, the screen resolution of 300 dpi or more is an exaggeration, it is a photographer with such a display can only rejoice. You will now be able to watch made by myself and other images in full screen mode with an unknown so far the detail. It also helps with editing.

Battery Life – tablet use in the field and wherever we do not have a computer handy or do not want him to sit down. Whatever the reason, long battery life is essential.

Extensive communications – new Nexus (especially in its most advanced) offers the most opportunities for wireless communication. This applies to both the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular module. And for each photographer finds good use.

Built rear camera with a resolution of 5 megapixels – Although the tablet images will not do that because of this we have a camera, but a good digital camera built into the device has its advantages. First of all, it is suitable to perform high-speed images of a documentary and illustrative sketches. Secondly, some programs act as assistants use the photo embedded in the tablet or smartphone for many different purposes (such as advanced meter or rangefinder). Generally, it is always better to have a camera on your tablet, than to not have it.


limited amount of built-in memory storage – two more powerful versions of the new Nexus come with 32 gigabytes of built-in space for data. For a photographer it can be difficult, especially if he is not able to quickly copy them to external media (it will be about it for a moment). The 16 GB for the photographer who wants to take advantage of the tablet, both in their work and for other uses is practically useless.

No SD memory card slot – at the outset I must admit that as a fan of tablets and mobile technologies do not subscribe to the criticism of my colleagues-in-passion who criticize from top to bottom, each tablet without a microSD card slot (unless of course it has enough memory on its own raw data and applications – you have 16 GB is more than enough). Simply characteristics of the Android operating system is that with the removal and insertion of the card is more trouble than it’s worth. However, with photographers for photographers and tablet case is different. It is necessary to effortless ability to upload images to your device and not via a Wi-Fi connection, but directly. And that is best suited reader, provided that the reader is “large” SD card. Some Chinese tablets any, they have. Google Nexus does not and there is no indication that, in future, have to have it.

No USB Host-mode – , the same remark as above applies also (even more so) the lack of USB-mode He-2-Go, thus allowing you to connect to your tablet external card reader or hard drive. To do the same, and it should be noted that this connector is more versatile SD card reader, although less convenient to use. Generally, it is best if the tablet has both USB Host and card reader. Then he can perform the function of the rapid making backup copies of pictures.

So does the Google Nexus 7 in the new version of the tablet is indeed a remarkable photographer? The fact you have to have to decide themselves. In my opinion, not really, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Nexus 10 will also be refreshed? - Virtual Poland

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class=”c3″ id=”podpis” (photo: Press Releases)

Google just unveiled a refreshed version of its tablet Nexus 7 And what about the Nexus 10? Work reportedly already underway.

Nexus 10 is a 10-inch tablet with the latest version of Android, manufactured by Samsung. Sundar Pichai of Google confirmed that his company is already working with the Korean giant in the new version of the device.

But do not expect a revolution. Hardware Specification will be slightly changed, walk a change when it comes to Internet connectivity (3G/LTE). Release date is not known, but October seems to be a realistic date (then passes anniversary of the first version of the tablet on the market). It is possible that the device will debut with the new version of Android, called Key Lime Pie.

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Chromecast - streams revolution Google - BBC News

Already we know what so really will be Google will TV, or at least one connected with this a service. Chromecast a special device in the shape of a USB stick that in a very easy way allows to stream images from your tablet, smartphone or computer directly to your TV screen. Google presented a small revolution!

Chromecast a small TV revolution from Google / AFP

Chromecast is a small a TV revolution from Google


Chromecast has a size of approx of 5 cm – It Pinning it to the TV for means of a joint HDMI and it properly so much. Then, from the level of any device with-in browser Chrome (or separate applications, such as YouTube or Netflix), we can to stream image directly at the screen TV. Simple and fun.

Most importantly, the streams is kind of in the cloud, so the user can continue to work – for example, browse the web, while the TV still will show up before running the video.

The main advantage of Chromecast is its versatility. The gadget co-operates both from computers PC, Mac whether Chromebookami, as well as with portable devices equipped in the Android system or iOS. The requirement to is only one – the on the hardware must be installed browser Chrome or one of the above mentioned applications.

Another nifty function is to synchronization of devices. Streamed we begin eg on the iPhone, after which the we pass to the computer, where we can preview the current the progress of whether also turn on the another episode favorite series. Thanks to streamowaniu in the cloud, Chromecast does not consume your mobile phone battery whether also your tablet, because operates independently. For example, a smartphone, you can switch to sleep mode, and showing on the TV will nevertheless continue.

Chromecast today works with Chrome browser, as well as the application of YouTube and Netflix. In addition to displaying video files you might as well share the browser screen.

And the best of – the price. Chromecast is priced at just $ 35, with a three-month subscription to Netflix. For the time being available is solely in the territory of the United States and it is not known, when will visit to Polish. I hope as soon as possible

The financial results of Apple's below expectations - Virtual Poland

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Apple has achieved excellent results in terms of selling iPhones in the second quarter of this year. Results of the iPad, however, are noticeably weaker.

31.2 million iPhones this about twenty percent more than in the same quarter a year ago. However, comparing to the same period when it comes to tablets, there is a rather low: 17 million iPads were sold years ago and is now only 14.6 million.

Unfortunately, we do not know how many of iPhones sold to high-end devices, such as how many were sold “large” iPads, and how many iPad Mini. However, we know that Apple sold 3.8 million Macs, up 0.2 million less than in the same quarter a year ago. Apple’s revenue amounted to 35.3 billion dollars (0.3 billion more than last year), but the net profit is much smaller (6.9 billion dollars for the second quarter of 2013, 8.8 billion years ago).

On the occasion of the presentation of its results, Apple announced a new and amazing products that appear in both this and next year. Unfortunately, there were not any concrete statements regarding the product class.

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Orange: fewer customers ADSL service, Orange Open with 125 thousand., NJU ... -

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  • new Netflix series broke viewership “House of Cards” and “Rich bankrupts’

  • already 80,000 users

  • Orange: every fourth fault ADSL service from the customer’s fault

  • More matches first football league in Orange Sport

  • gaining customers mainly price

  • Orange customers will pay for the report resulting from their mistakes

  • Supreme Court: millions of dollars in fines for illegal TP. A company spokesman: calculating effect UKE

  • only one game hub for the Europa League in Orange Sport

  • Aflofarm, Unilever, T-Mobile and Orange less on advertising. Heavily up Lidl, Zywiec and USP (Top 22)

  • safe service Orange phone card


Orange Poland reporting decreases in the number of fixed line voice and fixed broadband offered under the brand Neostrada. But the Orange Open in a little over a year earned 125 thousand. customers and within 2 months – 80 thousand.

the end of June. Orange Poland had 14.947 million fixed line customers, up 1.3 percent. more than a year earlier. The number of users has increased pre-paid tariffs at an annual rate of 2 percent. (Up to 7,977 m), and the tariffs paid – by 0.5 percent. (To 6.97 million). However, the operator proceeds in both segments – due to fierce price competition – significantly decreased. Orange customer prepaidowy average pay per month for these services 14.4 z? (about 15.8 per cent. Less than last year), and the client subscription – 61.6 z? (7.6 per cent. Less than a year earlier).

src=”” class=”c17″

Total average customer’s account on Orange mobile phone was 31.1 z?, about 6.9 percent. less than a year earlier. However, the average fee for mobile internet reached 8.4 percent. z?, an increase of 29.2 percent. per year.

>>> Net TP down sharply. “The next three years will require harsh measures”

The number of smartphones sold by Orange has increased over the years as much as 37 percent. – To 3.53 million units.

src=”” class=”c18″

entered at the end of April. tariff within two months attracted 80 thousand. clients, of which 70 percent. chose the offer prepaid and 30 percent. – Subscription. Among the latter, 69 percent. it is the users who had not used before the telephone service in Orange.

>>> Maciej Witucki is no longer president of the TPSA, go to the supervisory board

src=”” class=”c19″

The number of fixed line customers Orange declined by about 8 percent a year. – Up to 4.889 million, while fixed broadband operators – by 1.2 percent. (Up to 2,317 m). But the number of users of television services increased by 3.2 percent. (Up to 699 thousand.) And triple internet services, cable TV and Internet – up to 107.9 per cent. (Up to 314 thousand.).

While the average customer to pay monthly landline z? 44.7, up 3.5 percent. less than a year earlier, whereas the average customer bill-internet-television services increased by 8.5 percent. – To 59.9 z?.

src=”” class=”c21″

introduced in April last year Orange tariff Open – combining fixed and mobile telephony, Internet and TV – at the end of June. was 125 thousand. users, about 123 thousand. more than a year earlier. 60 percent. users benefited from three of the available services, and 23 per cent. – Four.

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Nyu mobile success? See how many of them passed - HotMoney

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Fig. Mat. Press

came time to assess the effects of the introduction of a new strategy for the Orange. Orange Poland today announced financial results for the second quarter of 2013.

The data show that great success resulted in the introduction of new offers no limit under the name nju mobile.

– In the two months we have acquired 80 thousand. customers, and for a short time, since the offer is on the market, I found a very good result. More and better selling converged Orange Open. The products have already decided to 125 thousand. customers, which represents an increase of over 50 thousand. quarter on quarter – “Official Legal Newspaper” quoted spokesman Orange, Wojciech Jabczy?skiego.

also increasing the number of subscribers 3P (Internet, TV and VoIP). The inevitable decline in the number of fixed lines was not as horrible as expected. We managed to limit the drop to less than one hundred thousand.


is also the case of broadband, but it also comes VDSL users – 36 thousand. Orange already has 14.947 million mobile customers.

Orange spokesman concluded that this small increase, but it means that Orange is able to adapt to market expectations and fierce competition.

– should also pay attention to the ever-increasing data ARPU. This, in turn, result more and more popular smartphones. Our customers have their already 3,526 million – explained Jabczy?ski.

Android 4.3, Chromecast and the new Nexus 7 - here's what showed Google -

beginning of what most concerned about Polish – new Android 4.3. Still called Jelly Bean, and it has no features that could be called a revolution. But there is one element that I particularly like, and that was missing for a long time. It’s about the ability to create user profiles for tablets. Finally, someone went to his senses and decided that the tablet does not have to be a personal device, which is the smartphone. We have a crisis, purchasing frenzy is in fashion and vision of Steve Jobs in which each has a separate iPad has not materialized. In many homes, if you have a tablet is often the one treated more like a computer, which of course is divided between users.

profiles the user the option of parental control photo Google

why at Android 4.3 there will be limitations on the powers profiles. Each user can have your desktop and settings. Particularly good idea to restrict specific application functions. If we, for example, a game in which there are three levels, and the extra you can buy, this baby on your profile will be able to see only accessible to the horizontal. No more so the threat of unauthorized purchases and whining about the purchase of additional subsequent pieces.

Google stresses the OpenGL ES 3.0, which will provide new experiences in 3D gaming, support for Bluetooth Smart useful to communicate with devices that have a save electricity and new content management of copyright restrictions. After that – more on that later.

announced a change in the code to speed up the operation of the equipment.

Yes they look like new games on the Nexus 7 photo Google

Android 4.3 As you can see there is going to be a revolution. Today will be available for the Nexus line of devices (both tablets and phones), and soon the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 in versions with a pure Android device. The rest of the equipment, as usual – wait.

Nexus 7

New Android was unveiled at the new (and how) tablet Nexus 7 As before Google did it in collaboration with Asus. Here, too, there is a revolution, but is a very decent update. What we can immediately notice the screen – with a resolution of 1920 by 1200 pixels image is said to die for. And it is precisely in Android 4.3 is expected to support the new DRM. It is a possibility streamowania high-definition movies, which will look beautiful on the new screen.

Inside the tablet is a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro 8064 clocked at 1.5 GHz. This is not the latest processor an American company, but its performance is still very good and the price – not too high. We also have 2 GB of RAM, which will ensure a smoother operation and a rear camera with a resolution of 5 megapixels. The tablet itself is about 50 grams lighter and thinner by 2 mm.

Comparison of old and new Nexus photo Google

prices are also very reasonable – in the U.S. version of wi-fi 16GB will cost $ 229, Wi-Fi 32 GB – $ 269 and 32 GB with support for LTE $ 349. When I will be in Poland – traditionally known.

is worth your while to watch the new ad Nexus 7 It’s great:


And one more thing OK, it’s not the conference, but the famous statement would fit well here. It’s about Chromecast. This tiny little box that looks like a memory stick, which turns on any TV HDMI port. Chromecast connects to the local network, wi-fi and waits for commands. And what can it do? Its mission is streamed directly from the Internet material to the TV. Stress directly from the internet. How does it work? The device you control with your smartphone (Android or iOS-em), tablet or computer. Chromecast working at the moment with only a few services: YouTube, Netflix (American seris VOD), Pandora (U.S. Internet radio) and Google Music. On your phone / tablet / computer choose what we see and hear on TV – for example, a video of YouTube. One touch pass on our request Chromecastowi, and that the mere connects to the network, and it takes what you want.

diagram of Chromecasta - streaming directly from the Internet photo Google

advantage is independence from the power control device. It does not have to retrieve it and send to the TV stuff, so it might as well be the latest HTC One, as well as the old phone a few years ago.

addition to streaming music and video Chromecast also able to show on a TV screen what is displayed in Chrome. So, for example, you can view the photos.

This is the Chromecast photo Google

nice element – the device costs $ 35. Surly – available only in the USA. For the time being unkind – little else can. However, right now the developers have announced that they have adapted to it their applications. Well, the bad news – thanks to him, we will not let go of your downloaded movies on a TV somewhere to the left of the site of the rodent. So in Poland does not accept

Dolphins call each other by name and always react name -

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Dolphins call each other after name and always react name

id=”inContext_disabled”> [Photo: sxc / cc / johnnyberg]

Living in the wild bottlenose dolphins spend with each other to identify the specific whistles. Also have responsibility when other individuals are calling them “by name” – according to a study of dolphins living off the east coast of Scotland, described in the last “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences”.

Earlier, scientists have discovered that dolphins seem to have a few months of each other own distinctive whistles. Often they exercise, swimming along with others. There were also reports according to which the dolphins are following up whistling their relatives. It was not clear why they were doing, and in what circumstances. Because these are very distinctive whistling – the researchers suspected that marine mammals use them to name other individuals or to draw attention to themselves their attention.

whistles means “names” are almost half the noise made by the wild dolphins. The author of a new publication in PNAS, Stephanie King of the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, had already determined that to follow pogwizdywa? other individuals occur in the groups of dolphins very close, such as mothers and young and captive pairs of males.

This time King together with Vincent M. Janik (also from the University of St. Andrews) have explored what happens when a dolphin hears his own whistle performed by another individual, even the most poorly known. Sounds about two hundred dolphins recorded off the coast of Scotland. Then recreated the sounds, one after the other, the flock under test. The sounds recreated in various ways, letting their own dolphin whistles or manipulating the record so that it seemed that the whistling another individual. They placed a whistling control gained in the population of dolphins and foreign populations.

test specimens each time quickly responded only to their own “name.” Very soon it odgwizdywa?y, sometimes several times. On the other whistles did not respond. According to the researchers confirmed that the dolphin whistles are the equivalent of human names, and their imitation may serve making contact.

Earlier researchers have shown that the noise from the surroundings perfectly imitate birds and bats. However, only the dolphins and parrots (even an African Grey Parrot) sounds themselves seem to be used only in relation to specific individuals or objects. It is not entirely clear why the dolphins use such “name” or “name”. According to King may be related to both the high intelligence of these mammals, as well as their rich social structure and their living environment in which better heard than seen, and where the sound can be very helpful in identification. (PAP)

zan / agt /

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Apple is preparing a larger iPhone and iPad? - BBC News

In recent weeks, there is a lot of information about upcoming products, is working on the Cupertino company. What did we learn this time?

What really prepares Apple? / AFP

What really prepares Apple


Test Nokia Lumia 720 - solid ?redniak

Nokia Lumia 720 is a new, solid middle-class. Do you bring something new to the segment of smartphones with Windows Phone 8? read more

Until recently, Apple was considered a manufacturer is long managed to keep secret made news. The fact that new products are learned only during the official presentation. Possible future generations iUrz?dze? specifications were rather speculation and wishful thinking fans of the brand.

some time, began to change. At this point, have been known for major changes in the successor of iPhone 5 We also know that most likely will enter the market with cheap cheaper phone gnawed apple logo, which will be closed in the colored casing made of plastic. More and more it is also said about the smart watch – iWatch. Rumors have appeared today, there are even more interesting.

American newspaper The Wall Street Journal allegedly reached the people closely related to the production of new gadgets Californian. The information shows that Apple is currently testing two prototypes of the iPhone displays with diagonals of 4.7 and 5.7 inches.

This is probably the desire to adapt to the market. The larger screen does not have to mean less comfortable using it, and some users depend on larger smartphones. Such a move would also make sense after the introduction of iWatch. The watch could read text messages or manage other notifications, which would mean less frequent need to use considerable devices.

But this is not the end of the news. Apple reportedly ordered and tested touch display with a diagonal 13 inches. And here comes the wrinkle to what the product will such a solution? The most likely seem to successive generations of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, which would compete with the top ultrabookami of Windows.

sources of leaks suggest, however, that the market will be enlarged version of the iPad. It would be used primarily in the home, in which the size and weight does not constitute an obstacle, and the extra inches would provide greater comfort for watching movies, using the resources of the web, or playing family games. It’s also possible that he will see the light of day pluggable hybrid tablet with keyboard, similar in function to similar solutions with Windows 8/RT on board.

When Apple is ready for the revolution and the larger family of iOS? Unfortunately, I do not know. It is certain, however, that this will not happen before next year. Now, Apple probably only refreshes the current generation of iOS devices, but the future is not enough.

Christopher Sylwerski

Photos of the Earth taken from the perspective of Saturn -

NASA has released images of the Earth that July 19, 2013 made a year before the midnight wandering the Cassini spacecraft orbiting Saturn.

Earth Photos were taken a camera with a focal length 2000 mm (NAC – narrow angle camera), where a bright object in the center of the frame is the Earth and darker than the Moon. At the moment of capture Earth at a distance of 1 billion 433 million 827 thousand. kilometers from the Cassini spacecraft.

do not see in this picture or continents, or people. But this little pale blue dot is a concise summary of who we are and who we were July 19, 2013 a year before midnight. Image from Cassini reminds us how small our planet in the vastness of space, but also shows the ingenuity inhabitants of this small planet, who sent automated spacecraft so far from home to observe Saturn and the “look back” to Earth, taking her picture – said Linda Spilker Cassini working on the project.

Fig.: NASA / JPL-Caltech / Space Science Institute

Fig. NASA / JPL-Caltech / Space Science Institute

Fig.: NASA / JPL-Caltech / Space Science Institute

Fig. NASA / JPL-Caltech / Space Science Institute

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Fig.: NASA / JPL-Caltech / Space Science Institute

Fig. NASA / JPL-Caltech / Space Science Institute

Fig.: NASA / JPL-Caltech / Space Science Institute

Fig. NASA / JPL-Caltech / Space Science Institute

Nokia 625 - entertaining and colorful - Newsweek Poland

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  • 23 July 2013 15:30 | Last updated 16:59

  • id=”article”>
     Nokia Lumia 625 Press Releases

    Nokia Lumia 625 Press Releases

    Nokia announced the introduction of a color model 625, another child of the family Lumii.

    Nokia Lumia 625 to be a guarantee of quick and convenient access to entertainment – it is able to connect to the internet via 4G and 4.7 inch screen – the largest of these, have been placed in Nokia. The smartphone will have a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor and 512 MB of RAM.

    Like any Lumia smartphone will work with Windows Phone and Nokia Lumia Amber update. The model will also have at its disposal a standard package or Xbox Live, and Office applications HERE – free maps and navigation. Efficient surfing the net to ensure Explorer, this time the 10 version.

    basic 8 GB of memory will be in the form of a micro SD card add additional 64 GB. If this is not enough, and Nokia provides even seven gigabytes per virtual disk SkyDrive.

    Lumia 625 has been prepared as a mobile entertainment and media, so taken care of equipment. In cooperation with Nokia has created headphones Coloud BOOM to ensure good sound quality. Lumii color will be chosen – the housing will be available in five colors. Smartphone sales will begin in the third quarter of 2013.

    class=”c5″> Read also: Sell Nokia has halved ?

    Hofman better than Bieber? 100 thousand. Twitter fans in two days - Official

    Although none of the experts does not explicitly recognize that Adam Hofman buy fans – 50 thousand. Followers will cost about $ 300 – it’s not as much of a big jump for them is surprising.

    – Such surges just happen occasionally really – said in an interview with Oscar service Berezovsky, principal analyst NapoleonCat. And he emphasizes that rarely can be shown off so popular celebrities such as Justin Bieber .

    But it turns out well, as reported that between 10 and 22 July spokesperson PiS lost 66 thousand. followers, which in turn may result from the fact that it bought followers are sometimes removed by the administrators Twitter.


    spokesman Law and Justice would buy – if this was done – about 100 thousand. watching him on Twitter

    suggests can go to take a high place in the ranking twittuj?cych Polish politicians. The biggest increase in followers Adam Hofman was in third place (127 amassed 469 followers), for Janusz Palikot (156 226) and Radoslaw Sikorski (130 601).

    Law and Justice spokesman did not take a vote on this issue.