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GeForce GTX 780M - test leading Nvidia graphics card for laptops -

Nvidia GeForce GTX 780M – Test

Nvidia, presenting Titan, significantly increased the bar in the segment of high-performance graphics cards for desktop PCs. But that was not the last word “green”. What we are witnessing refresh graphics cards using the Kepler architecture, which, together with the new designations bring a little bit better performance, and it’s slightly cheaper than provide the equivalent of GTX 600 This treatment is not limited to desktop systems. If you plan to buy a laptop in the near future will have a choice of more and more deals with mobile GeForce’ami GTX 700M, including the premier Nvidia cards for portable computers, model GTX 780M.


GeForce GTX 680M was so powerful that it comes with the laptop was able to provide a satisfactory liquidity in all the new games, and that’s the image detail settings higher than average. People with Nvidia said, however, that even within the same architecture can be done. That is how the GeForce GTX 780M, which can be considered supercharged mobile sze??setosiemdziesi?tk?. Although it is not entirely true. In fact, we are in fact a souped GeForce GTX 680MX, which until now has been very rare. Signboard “GTX 780M” should, however, translate into higher availability and even better performance.

How does it look from a technical point of view? Until 1536 shaders (about 192 more than the GTX 680M), 256-bit memory interface and core operating frequency up to 850 MHz in Boost mode make the GTX 780M is actually a little slower clocked desktop GTX 680! This means that the expectations of the cards are really big.


Radeon HD 8970M GTX 680M GTX 780M
shader 1280 1344 1536
ROP 32


class=”c5″> 32

Core Clock

850 MHz

900 MHz (Boost)

720 MHz

758 MHz (Boost)

class=”c5″> 771 MHz

850 MHz (Boost)

computing power ~ 2304 gigaflops ~ 1935 gigaflops ~ 2738 gigaflops
Memory Clock 1200 MHz 900 MHz 1250 MHz
Memory Interface 256 b 256 b 256 b
Memory Type GDDR5 GDDR5 GDDR5
Memory Bandwidth 153 GB / s 115.20 GB / s 156 GB / s
Supported API DirectX 11.1 DirectX 11.1 DirectX 11.1
Process Technology 28 nm 28 nm 28 nm


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Desktop Replacement ). Opponents of laptops for gamers also pay attention to their miserable performance.

hundred-meter apartment is a dream for many only dream of. With tight space in the device comes Interior or the IKEA catalog, and sometimes just a little bit of common sense. Today you can easily get rid of at least one piece of furniture: a person who does not need the performance in its purest form, a relatively small amount of money can replace a laptop PC into a versatile, such as Samsung NP550P7C. It is equipped with a screen size of 17 inches, powerful Intel Core i5 or Core i7 and GeForce GT650M graphics card.

Ultrabook attacked the mobile segment, in which the hearts of the users began to gain a slight appearance, light weight, and at the same high performance and a decent duration of action. But this topic has not yet said the last word, and to speak slowly start coming new players, such as Nvidia.

processor is the heart of your computer. When performance is not enough, not only complicated tasks are performed slowly, you can not wait any longer, for example, to open the program. Additionally, the graphics card has a decisive impact on the number of frames per second in games. Today – as the “end of the world” – present a great test of processors from AMD and Intel. Great, I were in the 160 models, each of which has been described 52 results. If added to the measurements in the settings cranked up, the total result is 12000! You will not find a larger test of processors. Which is the best for gaming? Which is the best value for its price? Which one should I buy in different price ranges

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