Friday, May 24, 2013

New TVs Sharp. Connect to their keyboard - Official

In May 2013, are sold two new series of TVs Sharp AQUOS 3D LED LE650 and LE750. The new TVs offer viewers great entertainment and excellent image quality, multiple connectivity options and the highest energy efficiency class A +, all in a sleek new design. The new AQUOS models are available in three screen sizes: 39, 50 and 60 inches. Expanding the portfolio of televisions, Sharp in 2013, continues to implement strategies Super Size TV and the introduction of new technology, specifically designed for LED TV on large screens.

introducing two new lines of TVs AQUOS 3D LED – LE750 and LE650 for screen sizes 39, 50, 60 inch, Sharp strengthens its position as market leader in the category of TVs 50 inches and larger. By joining at the same time to its portfolio model 39-inch, the company makes a nod to those who are not ready to buy a TV with a really big screen, or need a second or third receiver to the house: the bedroom, study, kitchen or other room.

TVs AQUOS 3D LED – LE750 and LE650 Full-HD models are equipped with active backlight technology Active Motion 200, which provides excellent image quality. Both the LE750 and LE650 LCD TVs are edge LED backlighting, offering a 3D image. These TVs provide include: connecting to the network via WiFi, streaming media from mobile devices (July), service AQUOS Net + with an open browser and dual-core processor. To provide, the highest quality picture on the largest screens, LE650 and LE750 series TVs in screen size of 60 inches equipped with the latest X-Gen panel and advanced production technology – UV2A. Thanks to the images displayed on the large screen so have the optimal quality – brightness, contrast and color depth.

TVs have a number of other features, they include, among others: the media player provided by the DLNA network or from a USB PVR function to record programs and enable “live pause” (Time Shift) using a USB memory stick, provides easy programming and access to recorded data, as well as HbbTV, making a real interactive TV entertainment center. The new models of Sharp AQUOS 3D LED will be possible from July connect keyboard or mouse, and since June it will be possible to control the TV using a special application on your smartphone.

Both series are distinguished by an elegant and modern design. The narrow borders around the screen gives the impression of lightness. LE750 model comes in a silver colored casing, while the LE650 in black. Additionally LE750 features a design aluminum stand. This is a brand new solution has not offered by Sharp. TV LE650 and LE750 is equipped with a DVB-T tuner capable of receiving digital terrestrial television. On the Polish market are also offered sister LE650 and LE750 series. These are LE652 and LE752 models, which also feature a DVB-S tuner.

Price approx
LC-39LE650 – 3000 z?. LC-39LE652 – 3200 z?.
LC-50LE650 – 4600 z?. LC-50LE652 – 4800 z?.
LC-60LE652 – 7000 z?.

LC-39LE750 – 3200 z?. LC-39LE752 – 3400 z?.
LC-50LE750 – 4900 z?. LC-50LE752 – 5100 z?.
LC-60LE752 – 7500 z?.

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